Top 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

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Everyone’s idea of beauty is different. Some beauty lies in a pup’s looks from the outside, and some endearing qualities of their personality put them on top of the beauty chart. Whatever your idea of attractive is, the pup you pick will probably fit into that mold. However, just looking from the outside, many dogs have certain qualities that make you take a second or third glance. Fur, eyes, movement and grace all combine to move them to the top of the chart. These Top Most Beautiful Dog Breeds have that certain advantage in the prettiest category.


Topping the charts is the Samoyed with their thick, white coat that reminds you of a polar bear! Huggability is this pup’s gift to their owner. And to give back to this pup, a cold climate is much appreciated to keep them happy. Their medium size makes them a great choice for any lifestyle, and their pretty faces are just a bonus!

Australian Shepherd

This striking dog has longer fur, that shines and flies in the wind, making for a picture-perfect pup! The Australian Shepherd is the sweetest of breeds, and their medium compact size will suit most families. Good with children, these pups will steal the limelight at the dog park, and matched with their friendly attitude, they will most likely charm the on-lookers as well.


If a small beauty is what you want, the Pomeranian might be the pawtastic pup for you! Portable and playful, these pups have a thick dense coat in a beautiful mix of colors that will make others take a second look! Brushing is a must, but this smart little pup is otherwise easy to groom. They love their families, but strangers won’t feel welcomed.

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Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a unique beauty of thick, dark fur that surrounds them and shields their skin from harm.  Black bodies and a black/purple tongue make this pup one to watch. They are strong-willed and prefer to do their own thing, but their loving attitude makes them a great family protector. Exercise is appreciated, and a daily brush is mandatory.


Poodle dogs have long been a fan favorite at the dog shows because of their exquisite movement and coats that are flawlessly groomed. Their small, medium and large sizes make for quite a choice among pet owners, and their friendliness is top-notch. Wash, rinse and fluff are what these beauties need. Almost non-shedders, these pawtastically-pretty pups are perfect for allergy sufferers.


Long hair and a lean physique are a great combination to put this pup high on the list of beautiful dogs. The Saluki's medium, slender build fits into any lifestyle, and their intelligent, happy disposition makes for a great companion. Running is their favorite pastime, so lots of trips to the pup park is much appreciated! You won’t be able to take your eyes off them.


Small, sweet and stunning are this breed’s attributes! The Maltese has a long, white coat that stands out in a crowd. Heads will turn when this one walks down the sidewalk. They make great family pets who are always willing to entertain the children or cuddle on the couch.

Afghan Hound

Distinction is the mark of honor for this pup. They will charm you with their looks and wow you with their skills. They are a tall and lean machine of speed and elegance. Their quiet nature is perfect for all families, but they are ready to roll when you are. Enjoy brushing their coat as it feels more like human hair than fur.

Irish Setter

This long-haired pup is stunning and smart all wrapped up in one package. The Irish Setter pup comes in a red coat that never stops.  Easy to care for and easy to please are this pup’s endearing qualities. They are great family pets with enough love to go around to everyone, and they love to take all that energy and share it with you!

Pharaoh Hound

The noble and elegant Pharaoh Hound is a distinctive dog, unmatched by others. Bred to run, the Pharaoh Hound is just as happy sitting proudly by their owner’s side than chasing down game. Their large ears help them pick up the slightest sound, and their rare looks will illicit many questions from onlookers. Take this beautiful pup anywhere!