Top 10 Funny Dog Names

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If you are video game fanatic, you may want to name your dog Nintendo or Mario, or if you are a computer nerd you may try Pixel or Siri, but if you are a fan of laughing and jokes, why not name your dog something funny? Of course, you can still match it up to something you are really fond of such as a movie or television show, old superhero, or food you really like. Some names can be outright outrageous and obvious, while others you may need some inside information to know why it is funny. It’s nice when you and your pooch share a secret like why their name is so funny. 

But, what if you want everyone to laugh when they hear your dog’s name whether they know you or not? Then you have to give your canine kid a humorous name that everyone will understand right away. Try a punny name like Woofie Goldberg, 50 Scent, or Snoop Dog. Whether you have an itty-bitty Chihuahua or a humongous Great Dane, there are some pawesomely funny names to choose from. We have listed the top 10 for you here.  

Hairy Pawter

If you are a Dogwarts fan and you have a boy pupster, Hairy Pawter could be the furfect name for your boy. Just don’t let him try any magic.


Many people see their dogs and immediately think they look like a certain character or cartoon. If you see a wookie in your pup, this is a great way to spell it.

Santa Paws

Even when it is not Christmas season, your dog is just full of holiday cheer. So, Santa Paws is the furfect name for him.
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Mary Puppins

If your little fur baby loves to sing and dance, or just looks like this famous nanny, why not? Your canine kid does not have to be from London to be Mary Puppins.

Drooliest Caesar

Okay, maybe your furry friend is not a Roman politician. But, he does drool a lot, so Drooliest Caesar it is!

Jabba the Mutt

This giant slug-like alien may not seem cute to some, but this moniker will definitely get attention! Pawfect for a big dog, or just a bossy one.

Muttley Crue

Does your four-legged furball get excited when he hears heavy metal music, or maybe he looks like Nikki Sixx? Then Muttley Crue could be the pawsitively perfect name.

Artoo Dogtoo

Of course, your poochie doesn’t look like a robot, but maybe he reminds you of him in the way he moves or acts. Or maybe you just like Star Wars and Artoo Dogtoo really makes you LOL.

Bark Twain

Everyone knows the story of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, and the name Bark Twain has the classic humor everyone can understand.

Bob Barker

If you have been a fan of The Price is Right for many years, then you know who Bob Barker is. This one will certainly get laughs at the dog park.