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2022 Beijing Olympians and Their Adorable Pets



Olympians work tirelessly to "pawfect" their sport, often with a fur-baby by their side. With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics around the corner, there's no better time to discover which snowboarder has a Shih Tzu or which curler has a Collie. Plus, there are plenty of inspiring pet rescue stories featuring Olympians that'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy, even on a ski slope. 

Check out these top Olympians and their adorable pets!

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Chloe Kim

Fresh-faced snowboarder Chloe Kim has quickly become one of the most recognizable faces at the Winter Olympics. At age 17, she became the youngest woman to win gold on the halfpipe. Now 21, Chloe is ready to inspire the next generation of athletes at Beijing 2022. 

She's also the proud pet parent of Reese, the Mini Australian Shepherd. Reese is Chloe's biggest fan, and they even posed together on the cover of Sports Illustrated, wearing Chloe's 2018 gold medal. Reese is now a bit of a celebrity in his own right, with nearly 9,000 Instagram followers and counting!  

Follow Reese on Instagram @reesetheminiaussie.

Gus Kenworthy

Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy is famous for his exploits both on and off the slopes. He won silver at men's slopestyle in Sochi 2014 and is aiming to compete in his third Olympics, this time representing his birth country, Great Britain. He's also an actor, starring as Chet Clancy in American Horror Story 1984

Gus famously helped rescue several stray dogs from the 2014 Sochi Olympics, staying behind for a month to ensure the dogs traveled safely from Russia to the US. He also saved 90 dogs from a South Korean meat farm while preparing for Pyeongchang 2018. 

He kept one of the dogs for himself, named Beemo, who sadly passed away in May 2018. After Beemo's passing, Gus adopted another puppy from the same meat farm named Birdie. 

Keep up with top dog dad Gus and the adorable Birdie on Instagram @guskenworthy!

Lindsey Jacobellis

Seasoned snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis won silver in the women's snowboard cross in 2006 and has featured at every Winter Olympics since. She's also a six-time world champion and has 10 X Games gold medals to her name. 

The four-time Olympian is an avid dog lover and even adopted a stray dog from the Sochi Olympics in 2014 (Gus Kenworthy would approve). Lindsey's the proud pet parent of her senior Yorkshire Terrier, Gidget, who just turned 16! 

Be sure to keep up with Lindsey and Gidget's adventures on her Instagram @lindseyjacobellis!

Shaun White

Snowboarders sure seem to love their doggos, and Olympic legend Shaun White is no exception. The three-time gold medalist is the most decorated snowboarder ever at the Olympics and has even featured in his own line of video games. 

When he's not shredding a halfpipe, Shaun likes to chill with his Yorktese, Leroy. Leroy is usually seen on tour with Shaun, traveling in his own Louis Vuitton bag. With over 43,000 Instagram followers, Leroy might be the most famous Olympic pup ever. 

Follow Leroy and his sidekick Hot Carl on Instagram @leroythegoodboy.

Breezy Johnson

Alpine skier Breezy Johnson has suffered many injuries throughout her career, but she still managed to participate in the super-G and downhill ski events at Pyeongchang 2018. She's competing in the alpine skiing event at Beijing 2022. 

Breezy has her training partner, a Pyrenees/Border Collie mix named Shadow, to help her through physiotherapy. Shadow will even come to the airport and run to meet her when she returns from competitions. Adorable!

Breezy also has two cats called Nugget and Pico. She sometimes uses Nugget as a weight when she does her core workouts. 

Follow Breezy and her rescued fur-babies on Instagram: @breezyjohnsonski.

Alex and Maia Shibutani

Dynamic ice dancing duo Alex and Maia Sibutani won the hearts of spectators worldwide by becoming the first ice dancers of Asian descent to win an Olympic medal. They're also only the second siblings ever to earn an ice dancing Olympic medal.

The Shibsibs aren't only inseparable on the ice but share brother and sister Maltese mutts. Lily and Po are the "ultimutt" mascots, often watching the Shibsibs train rinkside. They even have their own Instagram, with over 12,000 followers!

Follow Lily and Po's furry friendship on their Instagram @lilyandpo.

2022 Beijing Olympics - tune into this show with your family and pets

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