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5 Best Dog Parks in Miami, FL


Written by Leslie Ingraham

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Published: 10/21/2022, edited: 10/21/2022


Miami has a lot to offer pups and their humans, whether residents or visitors. From pawmazing trails featuring various ecosystems and lots of wildlife to spot, to roomy parks that are great for soaking up the Florida sunshine. 

Miamians love their fur babies, and they show it by taking them to the city’s furbulous fenced off-leash and dog-friendly parks. Most are tailored to accommodate small, senior, and shy pups with their own fenced space separate from the large dogs. Others incorporate a beach area where pooches can romp in the sand and splash in the water. And after a great time at the dog park, Miami's pupular dog-friendly bars offer the chance to enjoy burgers and snacks, along with brews, wines, and spirits, with Fido by your side.

While off-leash, enclosed dog parks are certainly canines' furvorites, the pups are also welcome on a leash to all of the city parks with their picnic tables, events, paved walks, and trails. In fact, Miami's premier dog playgrounds are located within larger city parks just waiting for you and Fido to explore. So don't wait – fresh air and play are ready for you and your canine sidekick! Get out there!

Greynolds Park Dog Park

Neighborhood: North Miami

The 2-acre Northeast Regional Dog Park resides within Greynolds Park, which covers almost 250 acres of land set aside for family recreation and relaxation. Your fur baby is welcome in Greynolds Park on leash, and can socialize and play off-leash at the dog park.  

Fully fenced and divided into large and small sections, the woof park affords all the best stuff for doggos, including agility equipment, refreshing water and “spray showers,” and lots of shade under trees and picnic tables. If your pup likes to play fetch, plenty of tennis balls are available, along with new fur friends and besties. 

Grass covers most of the dog park, but puddles can appear after rainy days or from spray showers, so it’s wise to bring along a towel to keep your pup and car clean and dry. Dog park players must display rabies and license tags on their collars, and pup parents need to carry a leash for each dog that comes with them.

Haulover Beach Park

Neighborhood: Sunny Isles

Haulover Beach Park's 99-acre expanse gets high honors for its off-leash beach area adjacent to the dog park. Pups are allowed off-leash on a marked section of Haulover Beach from 8 AM to one hour before dusk every day, and are even welcome on the beach anytime on their leashes. There are restrooms and a cafe kiosk, and Tuesday is Food Truck Day!

If that isn't enough to lure you to Haulover, maybe the fenced dog park will do the job. There are actually two fenced areas, one each for small and large dogs. Water fountains are provided for thirsty doggos and their parents, along with waste bag dispensers and plenty of trash receptacles. Furtastic agility equipment lies in wait for motivated doggos, and shady benches for the humans dot the fenced area. 

For play in the sun, sand, and grass, bring your fur baby to Haulover Park!

Tropical Bark Park

Neighborhood: Southwest Miami

Another of the city’s premier dog parks is Tropical Dog Park. While the family enjoys the many activities available in the larger park, including golf, horseback riding, running and walking trails, and tennis, take the doggo over to the Bark Park in the southern corner for some canine social exposure and a chance to work out their excess energy.

Furbulous amenities keep everyone comfortable and busy! Agility equipment provides structured activity for the pooches and their dog parents. Shade trees and shelters are pawrfect for cooling off, while picnic tables and benches are pawsome spots for the humans to rest and watch their dogs’ antics, or to socialize with the other pup parents.

Dual water fountains keep everyone hydrated, and your pup can enjoy a spray shower to rinse off any dirt or just to cool off. Restrooms are on-site for dog moms and pops, and picking up after the dogs is convenient because waste bags are provided at no charge. 

Bring your fur baby along to Tropical Park for doggy fun, while the rest of the family finds furtastic things to enjoy!

Amelia Earhardt Bark Park

Neighborhood: Hialeah

Set inside the pawsome 515-acre Amelia Earhardt Park is the Amelia Earhardt Bark Park, with its own 5-acre swath of fenced-in grass. The Bark Park is free, along with no-cost weekday parking, normally $7 on weekends and holidays. 

The larger park contains five lakes, with many water-based activities for the family and their leashed Fido. But the off-leash Bark Park is where the action is for your fur baby. Older, small, and shy dogs have their own section so they can feel safe, and it even has a separate entry gate to enhance the security for those little escape artists. 

Fun agility equipment keeps pups active while dog parents relax at picnic tables and benches, enjoying their doggos’ raucous joy. Water fountains and sprays are refreshing on hot Miami days, and plenty of shade trees guard against overheating. Restrooms and provided pooper scoopers round out the furbulous plusses. Visit the Bark Park today for a barkin’ good time!

Blanche Dog Park

Neighborhood: Coconut Grove

Inside Blanche Park in Miami's Coconut Grove is a cozy dog park where socialization and exercise reign supreme! The artificial turf absorbs the almost-daily rain so your fur baby won't get muddy. While this pet playground doesn't offer restrooms, its free parking, shaded seating, and dual-purpose water fountains meet the needs of both humans and doggos. Cleaned weekly, this pooch haven remains pristine and safe for rolling and running. And the park's ample seating promotes new human connections, too. The pet parents who visit this park with their fur babies love to talk about dogs!

For fetching Fidos, tennis balls are replenished during the weekly clean-up, and the turf makes the balls bounce and roll enticingly. Mom and Dad needn't be concerned about having to re-fill holes – artificial turf isn't vulnerable to digging. 

If you haven't visited Blanche Dog Park yet, there's no time like the present! A tired dog is a happy dog!

Three dogs playing at the dog park - 5 Best Dog Parks in Miami, FL

Rules and Petiquette

Like all dog parks, canine good manners keep everyone happy. It's also impawtant for dog parents to be aware of other park users and try their hardest to be polite. In addition, there are a few specific rules that dog park users should know, including:

  • Picking up your pup's poo and discarding it in provided trash barrels.
  • If your fur baby is acting aggressively, it's impawtant to leash them, control their behavior, and if they can't calm down, take them out of the park.
  • In Florida, all dogs using dog parks must wear current rabies and license tags.
  • Puppies less than two months old shouldn't come to a dog park for health and safety reasons.
  • Dogs who aren't spayed or neutered should stay at home.

Experience Miami's top puppy paradises toady! You'll have fun and they'll have a barkin' good time!

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