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8 Super Cute Famous Pugs to Brighten Your Day


Written by Jasmine Sawatzky

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Published: 10/14/2022, edited: 10/24/2023


Did you know a group of three or more Pugs is called a grumble? With their big brown eyes and wrinkled brow, scrolling through this grumble of internet famous Pugs is sure to bring a smile to your face when life gets ruff. 

The Pug breed originated back in 400 B.C. and they have a long “tail” of making people happy. Throughout history they’ve been the lapdogs of Chinese Emperors, house pets in Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries, lovable little family dogs, and these days, even online influencers. They’re mischievous, loving, and eager to please, so it's no surprise that they've gained a somewhat cult following from pet parents around the world. 

We’ve assembled a grumble of 8 super cute insta-famous Pugs that let their quirky personality traits shine through. They may inspire you to adopt a Pug or try some new activities with your Pug, but either way they’ll brighten your day.

Loulou the Princess

Loulou is a Pug with style from the Netherlands. This petite little Pug loves pink, wearing big bows on her head and showing off for the camera. With a whopping 415k followers on Instagram, she spreads her cute, carefree vibes far and wide. Careful! A scan through Loulou's Instagram posts will leaving you saying, "Awwwww!"

Homer Pugalicious

Homer Pugalicious is an Australian foodie with an impressive amount of wrinkles. Homer's Instagram enraptures 117k followers who enjoy carefully curated pictures of him posing with his favorite snacks in debonair outfits and lounging on the couch. Just like you probably shouldn't feed Garfield lasagna, Homer probably doesn't indulge much in the human food he poses with, but it adds to his charm anyways. Homer’s owner, Mei Chandra, sometimes takes requests for his next pugalicious ensembles.

Batman the Batpug

For Batman the Batpug, it’s more than a costume, it’s a lifestyle. He strives to keep Gotham (or actually London) safe, and make people smile with his antics. You may on occasion find him performing a snack heist dressed as his favorite superhero. When he isn't trying to save the innocents, he may catch a nap- a superhero's gotta sleep! Keep up with all the Batpug's adventures on Instagram!

Boogie the World Traveler

Boogie is a rescue who loves to travel. He’s a senior now, but that doesn’t hold him back. While he shares his home in New York City with his pawrifipet parents, a cat and a Chihuahua, you can find him traveling all over the world in planes, trains, automobiles, and even backpacks! Check out Boogie's Instagram to see where he goes next!

Ozzy the Mean Mug Pug

Ozzy the Mean Mug Pug has a face only a mother -and 91k instagram followers - could love! The Grumpy Cat of the dog world, she has a face built for memes. The tagline is "a girl pug with a mean mug". She was rescued in April of 2015 and is currently living her best life in Los Angeles posing for pics with that furbulous grimace. 

Brandy the Most Versatile Pug

Pugs usually have a reputation of being low-energy lap dogs, but not this bundle of fur! Known as the world’s most versatile Pug, Brandy likes to spend her free time surfing, snowboarding, and hiking. She’s even won awards in dog surfing competitions. Check out Brandy’s Youtube channel for some GoPro footage of her pawsome sporting adventures. It might inspire you to train your own doggo to surf. 

Molly the Queen of Naps

Molly fits right in in NYC, as a Pug fashionista and entrepreneur. She’s the CEO of her mom’s Etsy shop, where they sell adorable bow ties, caps, totes, and more. It’s a wonder that she gets so much done, seeing as she’s the self-proclaimed Queen of Naps.

Noodle the Wise

Some people use horoscopes, other people look to Noodle, the wise and squishy Pug. At 13 years young, his morning routine went viral on the internet. His owner would gently rouse him in the morning, and if Noodle flopped back down, it’s a “no bones” day, or a day to treat yourself. If he remains standing, it’s a “bones day”, a day to take some action. Perhaps we could all use a lesson from Noodle in listening to what our body is telling us.

Need more Pugs? 

Do you follow a famous Pug on Instagram not listed here? Share your fave accounts in our comments below and tag #wagwalking or @wag on Instagram!

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