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Benefits of Owning a Cat



There’s nothing quite as rewarding as loving a cat. From their hilarious antics to their unique personalities, cats are nothing if not entertaining. These wild beauties have cuddled and purred their way into our hearts. And the amount of love they shower us with can, at times, be truly astounding. 

If you are already besties with a cat, you know how pawmazing sharing your home with a feline can be. However, if you are thinking about adding one into your life, you may be weighing the pros and cons of kitty ownership. Yes, they use litter boxes that need cleaning. And yes, they can sometimes have some serious cattitude! But the benefits of opening your heart to a cat can surpass any challenge, and bring joy to your family.

Inviting these majestic critters into your home could very well be the best decision you ever make. But if you are still checking those boxes, we’ve gathered together some of the most pawsome benefits a furry feline can bring, and show you why being a cat pawrent is good for you! So, without further adieu, let's see why cats rock!

Cats give unconditional love

There’s nothing quite as amazing as having a furry critter shower you with affection after a long day at work. When your heart is broken, your kitty is there to remind you how loved you are. From cuddling, to playing, and even staring at you from across the room, your cat is telling you they love you.

Cats can manage pests

Throughout history, the cat and human relationship has been symbiotic. Humans fed cats to keep them around, and cats got rid of the mice or rats that plagued their homes and businesses. While there are certainly some lazy cats out there who resemble a certain orange cartoon character, most cats retain these predatory instincts. That means your little hunter will likely love the challenge of catching any mice or rodents in your home. Or flies, spiders, or mosquitoes. 

Woman curled up with a cat - Benefits of Owning a Cat

Cats can relieve loneliness, depression and anxiety

Apparently the crazy cat lady is on to something, as its been proven that cats can help you feel better. Whether you live alone, or are elderly and have lost those closest to you, having a cuddly cat in your life can help you through the tough times. Several studies have shown that owning a cat can help you feel less lonely and secluded, and overall happier. In fact, many cat owners are actually more confident and social!

Cats can create happier and more responsible kids

A Scottish survey found that kids who formed strong bonds with cats were happier, had more energy, and were more attentive than those who didn’t. These cat kids also better communicated with their parents, something any parent of a teen could be jealous of! In addition, kids who grew up with pets often feel more confident in social relationships, and learn responsibility at a young age, which helps them become responsible adults.  

Cats can create fewer allergies

For kids, that is! A study supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases found that infants exposed to two or more cats within their first year of life were less likely to develop common allergies later in life, such as those to animals, dust mites, or pollen. This may even lessen childhood asthma too!

Woman petting large orange cat

Petting a cat can make you healthier

While your cat may love when you pet them, the benefits certainly go both ways. Spending time petting a cat lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn lowers your stress and anxiety levels. But it doesn’t stop there. Having a cat in your life can help you reduce your chance of a heart attack by 40%! Sharing your home with a cat can lessen your risk of death by other heart diseases by 30% too!

Purring cats can heal you

If your cat sits next to you when you’re sick, they aren’t just comforting you. Many studies have discovered that cats may purr to heal themselves. How? A kitty purr vibrates at a range between 2 Hz to 100 Hz. Medically, bones can begin to repair themselves when subjected to vibrations between 25Hz to 50Hz, while soft tissues and skin repair around 100Hz. These frequencies can also help decrease pain and dysponea, or a difficulty breathing. Those purr vibrations will directly affect you when your cat lays on or near you, so be sure to thank them for the help!

Cats can save your life

Besides keeping heart attacks and strokes at bay, cats have also been known to warn their owners of impending doom. From Tara, the cat who saved her 4-year old boy from a dog attack, to Baby who saved her pregnant pawrents from a fire, cats have shown they truly value us in their lives. Heroic cat stories abound online, such as the cat who summoned help to save their cat mom from a diabetic seizure, to another who woke their pawrents to discover a lethal gas leak. It’s clear that cats are loyal to the end. 

Cats are obviously good for us in many ways, so show your kitty how much you appreciate their uncompromising affection like its National Cat Day. If you are looking for the pawfect feline to spoil, check out our Top 10 Cat Breeds with the Best Personalities, or look to your local animal shelter for a furbulous rescue. 

Be sure to do your part to keep the kitty in your life as healthy as they keep you by insuring your cat as soon as “pawssible.” Start comparing insurance plans from leading insurers like Healthy Paws and Embrace and save over $270 a year.

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