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Best LED Collars for Nighttime Walks


Written by Leslie Ingraham

Veterinary reviewed by:

Published: 10/13/2022, edited: 10/27/2022


Night walks can be a pawfect time for busy pet parents to give their dogs some needed exercise, and with less people out and about, they are also great for shy, fearful or aggressive pups. However, motor vehicles, wild animals and other potential hazards can pop up unexpectedly during a nighttime walk which could put your furbaby in danger. Sometimes, all it takes is one noise to scare a dog into running off, hiding under something, or even getting lost. 

Being proactive by ensuring your pup can be seen by cars, other people and you can make all the different between an accident, injury or separation and a safe walk home. Reflective leashes, collars and harnesses can go a long way, but will only work if light is shone on them. 

LED lit collars are better than reflective materials because they don’t need an external light source to be visible. But are they safe? The answer is Yes! While there may be some concern about a dog chewing through the collar to get to the batteries, using LED collars solely for nighttime walks, keeping an eye on your pup while wearing them and removing them when the walk is over can prevent this from happening. When managed properly, lighted collars are the best way to see your dog in low light conditions, making them a furbulous addition to night walks, camping, RV travel or evening get togethers. 

Finding the right LED collar that fits your dog and their lifestyle doesn't need to be complicated. We've gathered together our top choices for LED collars that are sure to illuminate your pup and keep them in sight. But first, let’s take a look at some of the factors that can impact an LED collar’s effectiveness.

Rows of multi-colored LED lights

LED collar considerations

Whenever buying any new product for your pup, there are several things to consider- and we aren't talking about the color! But first, know that an LED collar is not a replacement for a regular collar with tags. Not all LED collars have a ring for tags to attach to, and the collars shouldn't be worn all the time, only when needed.

Here are several factors that went into our ratings while choosing the best LED collars.


LED (light-emitting diode) collars are safe for most dogs. In fact, they are safer than heat-producing lighting because they’re cool and durable. Most, however, emit pulsing light as an option, which can cause seizures in epileptic dogs. Chewers who ingest any part of the collar’s batteries may suffer burns and serious GI injury, so like any new accessory, you will need to ensure your dog doesn't have the ability to do so. 


Prices for LED collars will depend on the manufacturer, the size of your dog, and where you purchase them. Various outlets may charge more or less, so it’s important to compare them and look for discounts and free shipping. Collars can cost on average around $20 to $50, or sometimes even more. Price does not always mean quality, so you'll want to compare other specs before buying. 


As might be expected, lighted collars can be seen from varying distances depending on factors like cost and manufacturer. Visibility can range from approximately 200 to 1,000 yards or more. Many are waterproof or water-resistant and can be visible at night even in the water. 

Ease of use

Some LED collars use fasteners like buckles or clips to secure them on a dog’s neck. Others can simply be put on over the head and are equally easy to remove. This feature is especially useful for pet parents with diminished hand flexibility, eyesight, or strength, and can also be easier for senior dogs.


High-quality LED collars are usually more durable than some less expensive ones. To get a better feeling about how long your new collar will last, check the purchaser reviews. Some are even waterproof for dogs that like to swim or roll in puddles!

Battery life

Some collars use AAA or disc batteries, and others are charged via a USB connection. The average USB charge lasts from one to two hours, or up to seven or more. If you intend to only use the collar during walks, a USB charged collar should last. But if you plan on using your collar for a longer time without having to charge it, one that run on batteries can last a considerably longer time. 

To help you choose the absolute best LED collar for your doggo’s after-dark strolls, we’ve done the research and found 5 woofderful choices that are among the top candidates. Take a look!

Leuchtie LED collars

Average cost: $51.52

Average consumer rating: 5/5 stars

Previously sold under the brand name Glowdoggie in the U.S. and Canada, Leuchtie LED dog collars are manufactured in Germany and will ship to the U.S. for about $12. The collars are available in four models: the Mini for small dogs; the Plus; the Premium; and the Senior. All of the models are durable and waterproof, come with a five-year warranty, and are available in an assortment of colors to help distinguish your pack. All versions are easy to use and will turn off automatically when hung upside down on a hook. Leuchtie LED collars have been used by Rescue K-9 units in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Illumiseen LED dog collar

Average cost: $18.00

Average consumer rating: 4.2/ 5 stars

The Illumiseen LED dog collar is equipped with a USB rechargeable battery with one-hour charging and a five-hour life. It fastens with a clip and can be purchased in several colors and sizes. The lifetime guarantee is the industry's best, and the light output can easily be changed from a steady glow to slow or fast pulsing. A matching leash is available as well. This collar is wider than some others, making it more visible and great, and while it’s not waterproof, it is weatherproof in fog, rain, snow, and mud. 

Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar

Average cost: $20.00

Average consumer rating: 4.5/5 stars 

This waterproof Blazin' Safety LED Dog Collar is pawfect for dog parents that love taking their fur baby to the beach, lake, or sailing out on the bay. Equipped with a very slim bulb strip and an unobtrusive on/off box, the collar is available in assorted colors and three modes, including steady light, slow blink, and fast blink. Seven to eight hours of use from one hour of recharging make it ideal for a hike or an overnight camping trip. 

BSEEN LED Dog Collar

Average cost: $14.00

Average customer ratings: 4.3/ 5 stars

The BSEEN LED Dog Collar is a one-size-fits-all, glowing necklace collar that can be cut to fit any pooch. The LED lights inside lightweight plastic tubing will stay lit for eight to ten hours on the slow flash setting with a two-hour charge. An easy-to-use hand control quickly changes glow speed with the touch of a button. Its relatively low price makes it possible for even the most budget-minded dog parents to keep their pups safe.


Average cost: $16.99

Average customer rating: 4.6/5 stars

The MASBRILL LED Glow Collar uses flat optical fibers that can make this collar 50% brighter than some others. An on/off button allows it to be used as a regular collar in the daytime without draining its battery. A plastic breakaway clip makes putting it on and removing it easy, and the strong D-ring leash attachment prevents runaway mishaps. The collar will remain lit for about ten hours once fully charged. This collar is waterproof and available in adjustable lengths that run from .98” to 23.62” for the big and little pooches in your life. 

These are just a few examples of LED collars to choose from that can keep your doggo safe at night. Reflective and LED leashes, clip-on tags, and harnesses can allow you to choose what works best for your fur baby and you!

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