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Dog Walking 101: Get More Walks by Picking Up Dogs Anywhere


Written by Mel Lee-Smith

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Published: 06/14/2022, edited: 06/14/2022

The third week of June is Take Your Pet to Work Week, which means pet parents across the country are bringing their canine coworkers along for a day at the office.

If you’re a dog walker who lives in an area where workplaces are especially dog-friendly, you might notice a dip in requests this week. Summer can be a slow period for some dog walkers as pet parents take time off for vacations and sun-soaked adventures with their fur-babies.

But that doesn’t mean your dog walking business has to come to a standstill. After all, what’s a Pet Parent to do if they’re in a heads-down meeting and their pup needs a potty break? Book a Pet Caregiver, of course!

Did you know that, when you walk dogs with Wag!, you can pick up dogs from anywhere (like the Pet Parent’s workplace) and not just the Pet Parent’s home? We’ll share some etiquette tips for picking up walks outside the home, plus a few ways you can get more walks during slow periods.

Etiquette tips for picking up dogs outside the Pet Parent’s home

Picking up a dog outside of the Pet Parent’s home? Follow these 3 simple etiquette tips.

Ask the Pet Parent about parking and building access codes

If you’re picking up a dog from the Pet Parent’s workplace, make sure you’ve got the lowdown on parking and building access. Here are a few questions you might like to ask the Pet Parent:

  • Is on-site parking available?
  • Is parking free, or will I need to pay?
  • What floor of the building are you located on?
  • Will security allow non-authorized people to access your office/building? If so, what do I need to do to gain access? If not, where should we meet?

Know how to keep a dog calm in an unfamiliar place

If the dog you’re picking up is spending the day at their human’s office, chances are they’re already well behaved. But getting into an elevator with a stranger can put even the best-trained dogs on edge.

One of the best ways to keep a dog calm in these situations is to reward positive behaviors with treats or praise. Always ask the Pet Parent first before giving a dog a treat — you never know if a dog has food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Another method is to distract the dog with a game or activity. A quick play session with their favorite toy can help take their mind off the scary elevator or busy lobby.

Talk to the Pet Parent about keeping their pup safe in extreme temperatures

As a Pet Caregiver, you’ve likely seen walks scheduled for the hottest part of the day. If that’s the case for the dog you’re planning to pick up, chat with the Pet Parent about the dangers of extreme weather, especially heat. Here are a few questions you might like to ask:

  • Do you have your dog’s water bowl on hand?
  • Should I bring water for your dog, or will you supply it?
  • Can you supply booties to protect your dog’s paws from hot pavement?
  • Would it be possible to reschedule the walk for a cooler part of the day?

How to get more walks during slow periods

Boarders and sitters usually have their paws full with bookings in the summer, but walkers might have the opposite experience. If you’re struggling to pick up walks, try these 3 methods for boosting your pet care biz.

  • Update your Pet Caregiver profile. Make sure your profile is as complete as possible. Double-check that your availability is set to “Looking for Walks” to ensure you’re notified of walk requests in your area.

  • Advertise your services. Putting up fliers and posting on neighborhood apps like NextDoor are “grrreat” ways to advertise your dog walking services.

  • Attend local dog-friendly events. Good ol’ fashioned word of mouth is one of the best ways to put yourself out there as a dog walker. Hit up a local dog-friendly event, like a “pup” crawl or breed meetup, and let people know you’re available if they ever need a walker or other pet care services.

Need more guidance on optimizing your Pet Caregiver profile and promoting your biz? Check out these helpful guides:

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