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Top 20 Corgi Meetup Groups in the US



If there’s a dog breed more adorable than the cute and cuddly Corgi, we’re yet to meet them. These beautiful doggos are as loyal and loving as they are long and low, and these friendly pups simply adore human company.

And we’re not the only ones infatuated with Corgis. Right around the country, groups of like-minded Corgi pet parents host regular events where you and your loveable loaf can socialize, make new friends, and generally raise the woof! 

So in honor of National Corgi Day on June 4, let’s take a closer look at 20 of the best Corgi meetup groups in the United States.

Everyone Loves a Corgi: San Francisco, CA

Have any truer words ever been spoken than the name of this San Francisco Corgi meetup group? Everyone Loves a Corgi holds monthly meetups at locations like Golden Gate Park, Point Isabel, and Crissy Field. The group also participates in the annual San Francisco Pride Parade and even has biweekly Corgi Run Clubs!

Bay Area and Northern California Corgis: Northern CA

Boasting over 6,500 members, this Facebook group dedicated to Corgis and Corgi mixes is one of the biggest and best. It also hosts monthly meetups around the Bay Area and Northern California at the following locations:

Sacramento Corgi Pack: Sacramento, CA

A branch of Bay Area and Northern California Corgis, the Sacramento Corgi Pack is all about organizing meetups, sharing tips and advice about Corgi pet parenthood, and all other Corgi-related posts. Past events have included dog park meetups, Valentine’s Day parties, and birthday celebrations, so why not join some of the group’s 3,000+ members at the next fun social event?

The San Diego Corgi Meetup: San Diego, CA

The San Diego Corgi Meetup is 1,800 members strong and offers a packed calendar of Corgi-friendly events. These include dog park visits, happy hours, Christmas caroling, and good old-fashioned Corgi Struts, so there’s something to suit all tastes.

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City Corgi Collective: New York, NY

City Corgi Collective is a group of NYC Corgi devotees that hosts monthly playdates at the 72nd Street Dog Run. So whether your furry family member is a Corgi or you’re just a fan of this adorable breed, you’ll definitely want to get along to the next NYC Corgi playdate.

WNY Corgis: Buffalo, NY

Western New York Corgi lovers have their own Facebook group dedicated to all things Corgi. WNY Corgis is 2,000 members strong and offers an online community where you can organize meetups for your fur-babies and of course share plenty of cute pics and stories about your four-legged friend(s).

Corgis of NYC: New York, NY

NYC Corgi lovers can check out Corgis of NYC on Instagram for details of upcoming meetups they can enjoy with their fur-babies. With over 2,500 followers, this NYC Corgi meetup group hosts Corgi confabs at venues like Washington Square Park, Bull Moose Dog Run, Madison Square Park, and Hillside Dog Run.

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Boston Corgi Meetup: Boston, MA

With over 2,300 Corgi-loving members, Boston Corgi Meetup hosts regular gatherings at off-leash parks around Boston. Highlight events include a much-loved Halloween costume contest, and the group's playdates regularly attract over 100 attendees. Boston Corgi Meetup has also expanded into southern MA in recent times, so check the list of upcoming events to find a meetup near you. 

Philadelphia Area Corgis: Philadelphia, PA

Corgi fans in Philly will love this popular Facebook group. Boasting over 1,100 members, Philadelphia Area Corgis holds monthly meetups around greater Philadelphia, so check out their next gathering to meet dozens of cute Corgis and their humans.

The Littleton Corgi Meetup: Denver, CO

Denver doggos and their pet parents will find plenty of Corgi capers to enjoy thanks to The Littleton Corgi Meetup. This group has over 1,200 members and hosts multiple Denver Corgi meetups each month in Littleton, Golden, and north and east Denver, providing the "pawfect" chance for your pup to enjoy some off-leash fun.

Capital Corgi Meetup Group: Washington, DC

There are lots of good reasons why over 1,500 members love the Capital Corgi Meetup Group. This DC collection of Corgi connoisseurs and their pups enjoys a diverse range of social events each month, from walks and dog park visits to movie nights and brewery visits. These "pawsome" events are spread throughout the greater Washington metro area, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a meetup that suits you and your pup.

Corgis R Us: Kirkland, WA

Corgis R Us offers a host of Corgi walks, playdates, picnics, and more in the Seattle area. Pretty Magnuson Park is the meeting point for many Corgis R Us social gatherings, with a range of other special events held throughout the year, such as Howl-o-ween and holiday walks.

Portland Corgi Meetup Group: Portland, OR

Founded in 2007, the Portland Corgi Meetup Group brings together over 800 Corgi fanatics in the Portland metro area. It hosts regular monthly meetups at 5 dog parks around Portland and Vancouver:

The group also participates in events that raise money for animal welfare organizations and local shelter and rescue groups. Portland Corgi also organizes a popular Corgi day at Cannon Beach to raise funds for the Oregon Humane Society.

Austin Corgi Lovers and Austin Corgi Meetups: Austin, TX

The name of Austin Corgi Lovers tells you what this 4,000-plus-strong Facebook group is all about. Through its sister group Austin Corgi Meetups, this Corgi collective organizes a range of monthly meetups around the Austin area. Pembroke, Cardigan, and Corgi mixes are all welcome at group meetups, as are prospective Corgi pet parents or anyone who just loves watching a group of cute Corgis cavorting with one another.

North Texas Corgis: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

If you’re a Corgi lover in Dallas, Fort Worth, or further afield in north Texas, North Texas Corgis is the Facebook group for you. This 9,400-strong group is all about sharing some Corgi love, offering tips and advice to other pet parents, and coordinating Corgi meetups. Check the list of upcoming events to find one near you.

Corgis of Houston, Texas: Houston, TX

With over 7,500 members, Corgis of Houston, Texas is a Facebook group devoted to all things Corgi. It also hosts regular monthly Corgi meetups in Houston, providing a chance for you and your pup to do some socializing with other cute canines and their people.

Chicago Area Corgi Owners: Chicago, IL

Chicago Area Corgi Owners is the place to go to find local tips and pics from other Chicago Corgi parents. It’s also a great resource for organizing Corgi-themed social events and meetups, so sign up to find out what’s on for you and your Corgi in Chi-town.

South Florida Corgis: South FL

South Florida Corgis is committed to uniting Corgi families throughout southern Florida through fun meetups and events. The group has over 3,500 members and past events have included beach play sessions at Hollywood Dog Beach, gatherings at Happy Tails Dog Park in Plantation, and Howl-o-ween celebrations.

Georgia Corgis: Atlanta, GA

Looking to meet other Corgi lovers in Georgia? Georgia Corgis is an Atlanta-based group for organizing doggy dates with Corgis and their people. The group has almost 4,000 Facebook members, all of them cuckoo about Corgis, so why not join in the fun?

New Jersey Welsh Corgi Club: NJ

The New Jersey Welsh Corgi Club is better known as the FRAPPack — FRAP, of course, stands for Fun Random Acts of Play, something which every Corgi pet parent will be very familiar with. The group organizes dog-friendly meetups right around New Jersey, from picnics and holiday parties to good old-fashioned dog park romps. Check it out today.

Don’t see your favorite Corgi meetup group listed above? Tell us all about it — and how other Corgi lovers can join in the fun — in the comments. 

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