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How to Create a Bucket List with Your Dog in 2022


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 01/07/2022, edited: 01/07/2022


A bucket list is the "pawfect" way to make the most of the final years of your fur-baby's life. A bucket list not only ensures you can enjoy a range of memorable experiences with your dog, but it can also help you cope with the grief of losing your beloved canine companion.

Every year offers plenty of opportunities to spoil your fur-baby rotten, and 2022 is no exception. From trip ideas to considerations, here's how to create a bucket list with your dog in 2022.

Check Covid-19 restrictions before traveling

Unfortunately, Covid-19 variants are still causing disruptions worldwide, so pet parents must consider possible restrictions before traveling. Restrictions may differ from state to state and even city to city, so check with your local government before traveling.

Even if there aren't any restrictions stopping you from traveling, there may be limits on flying with dogs, so check with your airline. If you're worried about the government placing restrictions while you're away, consider staying locally instead. There's undoubtedly plenty to see and do in your home state that your doggo will love!

Check with your vet first

Check with your vet before making a bucket list if your pup is terminally ill and in poor health. Some serious diseases like cancer can be very painful and cause extreme lethargy. As a result, your pooch may not be up to going on long hikes or traveling long distances. 

Your vet will be able to tell you what activities Scoob can do. You’ll also want to consider your dog's dietary needs. Some dietary restrictions caused by medical conditions mean your dog won't be able to enjoy a swanky steak at their favorite restaurant.

dog sitting in a chair with their paws on an outdoor table - how to create a bucket list with your dog

Consider your dog's energy levels and breed

The chances are your doggy bucket list includes a long hike through a beautiful landscape. Before planning your outdoor adventure, consider your dog's energy levels. For example, an elderly Shi Tzu isn't going to manage (or enjoy) a long walk through a state park. 

You'll also want to check weather conditions beforehand. Some dogs deal with hot and cold weather better than others. So, you might want to avoid walking your Whippet through a winter wonderland or your Shar-Pei on a scorching summer day.

Think about your dog's favorite activities

This tip may seem straightforward, but it's easy to get caught up in making a bucket list you think your dog will enjoy rather than one they actually love. Look back at your dog's life to discover which moments they seemed to enjoy the most. 

If your dog is a prolific digger, then a long day at the beach might be the "ultimutt" bucket list item. Or, if your hound is a social butterfly, then a visit to doggy daycare might be just what the doctor ordered.

Make sure you bring a camera!

Make sure you don't get too caught up in planning your doggy bucket list that you forget to document each event! Be sure to snap some pics so you can fondly remember your doggy bucket list in the years to come. 

One of the best ways to remember your dog's bucket list is to create a scrapbook. You could use each scrapbook page for a different bucket list item, and then tick off and fill in each page with pics from your adventures!

small dog with pink towel wrapped around their head - bucket list ideas for dogs

Ideas for your doggy bucket list

  • Plan a hike at your favorite state park
  • Take your dog for a meal at a dog-friendly restaurant
  • Buy your dog a "puppucino" coffee
  • Take a nap together
  • Reconnect with your dog's littermates 
  • Let your dog swim in your pool
  • Plan a barbecue and invite all your pup's furry friends

A bucket list helps make the final years of a dog's life as enjoyable as "pawssible". Do you have more bucket list ideas? Share them with us in the comments below!

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