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How to Find the Perfect Dog Walker


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 12/15/2020, edited: 03/05/2024


Finding the perfect dog walker isn't necessarily a walk in the park. Pet parents always want the best care possible for their fur-babies, whether they're just on a 20-minute stroll with a dog walker or being watched for the weekend.

So how do you find the right dog walker for your pupper? Here are a few tips and tricks for finding the right dog walker through Wag!. 

What should you look for in a dog walker?

How do you find a good dog walker? Here are some characteristics to look for when choosing your woofer's walker:

  • Responsiveness: Your walker should send you updates during walks and respond promptly when contacted. Ensure you set expectations about response times so there's no confusion.¬†

  • Cooperation: Your walker should be happy to cooperate with you and eager to please. When booking through Wag!, check other customer reviews and look for badges like "Extra Caring," which show a dog walker is great at following instructions.¬†

  • Respectfulness: Respect and cooperation go hand in hand. Your dog walker should be respectful of your requests and preferences. This rule applies not just to your dog, but also your home.¬†

  • Knowledge: Keeping your dog safe should be the top priority of any dog walker. Your walker should be knowledgeable about everything from harnesses to leash training to keep your pup safe while on a walk. All dog walkers on the Wag! platform must take a walking proficiency test to prove they know the best dog walking practices.

  • Passion: Your dog walker should love what they do ‚ÄĒ being passionate goes a long way toward top-quality care. Keep an eye out for pet care certifications, like a Fear Free Pet Sitter Certification, which show your dog walker will go the extra mile to provide the best care.

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5 questions to ask your dog walker

When searching for the perfect dog walker through Wag!, you'll have the opportunity to chat and ask plenty of questions. Here are a few questions to help you choose the right dog walker for your pup.

What's your availability?

Knowing a dog walker's availability is essential. There's no point hiring a dog walker if they're unavailable when you need to book walks for your fur-baby! With on-demand walks, you can find a dog walker who's flexible and available when you need them. Or, if you know you need recurring walks, make sure your preferred dog walker can accommodate your schedule on a regular basis.

How long have you been on the Wag! app?

Asking how long your Pet Caregiver has been on the Wag! platform can help you better understand their pet care experience. You can also check to see how many reviews they have from other Pet Parents. You can always ask follow-up questions like, "Did you have any experience walking dogs before joining Wag!?"

Where will you walk my dog?

As mentioned, communication and cooperation are important. It's vital you find out where your dog walker will walk your dog. If you'd like your dog walker to follow a specific route, let them know before the walk. Picking a familiar route you and your canine compadre usually take is also a good idea, especially when starting out. 

Do you have experience caring for my dog's breed?

Find out if your dog walker has any experience working with your dog's breed, as it may affect your decision. For example, Huskies are best kept on a leash at all times unless they're well trained, as they can be disobedient. Likewise, a walker who only has experience walking small dogs may not be the best choice for walking large dogs who like to pull.

Working with a Pet Caregiver who's educated about breed-specific behaviors will go a long way toward helping you choose the right dog walker for your needs.

How do you handle an emergency?

Emergencies happen, and your dog walker needs to be prepared for every eventuality. Asking your dog walker if they know pet CPR or if they carry a pet first aid kit will help you determine if they're right for your dog. 

You shouldn't worry about your dog walker's qualifications ‚ÄĒ all dog walkers on the Wag! platform are vetted with an enhanced background check to ensure they're right for the job. If you think of any other questions, you can contact your walker round the clock on Wag! Chat, or contact our 24/7 Customer Success team via the Wag! app.

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Check your dog walker's reviews

Wag! makes finding the perfect dog walker a little easier. With 400,000+ Pet Caregivers operating in 5,300+ cities the country, you're sure to find the "pawfect" match. Features like reviews and badges will help you make the right decision for your fur-child.

99% of all pet care services through Wag! end in a 5-star review, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a top-rated dog walker near you!

Review your dog walker's achievements

As well as verified reviews from other Pet Parents, dog walkers on the Wag! platform can earn achievements, making it easy to check out their previous experience. Examples of achievement badges include:

  • How many walks they've completed
  • How many times they've walked a specific breed (Collies,¬†Corgis, etc.)
  • If they have an "ultimate endorsement" from a previous client
  • How many zip codes they operate in

To learn more about badges, check out our Support Center.

Find the best dog walker for your fur-baby with Wag!

There are many ways you can ensure your new dog walker through Wag! is the "pawfect" match:

  • Know what character traits to look for
  • Ask the right questions
  • Check out their profile, reviews, and badges
  • Find out whether your walker has experience working with your dog's breed

Ready to sniff out your ideal dog walker? Download the Wag! app today and find the "pawfect" dog walker to keep your doggo's tail wagging!

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