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Dog Walking 101: Do Dogs Get Bored of the Same Walk?



Most dogs look forward to their daily walk with tail-wagging enthusiasm. After all, they get to study the local scenery, meet other walkers, and investigate all the exciting smells.

Walks are meant to stimulate a dog’s mind and body and help them decompress. But repeating the same routine over and over can make walks lose their luster and become less fulfilling for both the dog and the walker.

If your furry client has begun showing signs of boredom, don’t pack up the leash just yet. We’re going to share some ways to spice up your daily dog walks and explain why dogs get bored with walks in the first place.

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Do dogs get bored of the same walk?

Yes. Like humans, dogs need the mental stimulation that new sights and experiences bring. Repeating the same walking routine tends to get boring after a while, and as a dog walker, you probably feel the same way. It doesn't help that dogs often mimic their handler's energy and can sense when their daily walk has become a chore. 

Bored dogs may be less preoccupied with sniffing, exploring, and socializing with others along their route. Likewise, when a dog grows tired of the same route, they'll show less interest or excitement for walking in general.

Some dogs may even plant their feet and refuse to walk at all. Boredom from the dog's walking routine may spill over into their home life, causing the dog to become destructive or exhibit compulsive behaviors like excessive grooming.

Should you walk your dog on the same route?

Walking the same route is kind of like watching reruns of your favorite show — it's comforting, but it can get a little stale after a while. That's not to say your regular route loses its spark — it's just not as mentally stimulating as trying somewhere new. We aren't telling you to abandon your regular route altogether, but it might be a good idea to switch things up from time to time.

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How to make your pup's walk fun again

There are many ways you can bring the excitement back to your daily walks, even if you stick to the same route. Let's explore some simple things you can do to make your daily stroll more fun for Fido (and you too!).

Let Fido lead for a change

Being dragged along the same boring route and never having the chance to explore can be, well, a drag. Instead of sticking to the same beaten path, why not let Fido guide you for a while?

A dog's nose can show you places and things you've never noticed before. Let Fido check out those unusual flowers they always want to smell or have an up-close look at the ducks they're so fascinated by. Your furry client appreciate the chance to stop and sniff their surroundings!

Try a change of scenery

Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to put the magic back in your daily walk. Research local trails for you and Fido to try, particularly those with notable features like waterfalls, beaches, or interesting rock formations. Who knows? You might just find a new go-to!

Practice some scent work

Dogs are fascinated by smells, especially scenthounds like Beagles. Scent games are a great way to hone a dog's olfactory talents in a way that's healthy and mentally stimulating.

Before your walk, toss some treats in the grass along your intended route. Then take your furry client along your "scent trail" and encourage them to find the surprises you hid for them.

If that sounds too advanced for your companion, try mixing a handful of treats into a pile of leaves. Fido will have a blast rooting in the leaf litter — the treats are just a bonus!

Have a friend tag along

Having another human tag along is a simple way to liven up Fido’s daily stroll. Bringing another person will allow Fido to socialize and give you someone to chat with too. It’s a win-win!     

Try some doggy parkour

If your dog is athletic, doggy parkour might be the key to booting boredom from your walks for good. Parkour has many benefits — it stimulates a dog's mind and body and allows them to practice training commands in a fun new way. 

Like human parkour, this sport encourages dogs to perform agility stunts using nothing but their surroundings. You can practice doggy parkour anywhere: the park, on trails, or even in your client's backyard. With some creativity and a pocket full of training treats, you can transform benches, stairs, tables, and logs into exciting agility equipment. Encouraging your dog to balance on logs, jump off benches, and weave around handrails are just a few ways you can incorporate parkour into your walking routine.

Have a conversation with Fluffy

Talking is a simple way to keep dogs upbeat and excited during walks, and they understand more than most people think! According to Dr. Stanley Coren, author of The Intelligence of Dogs, the "average trained dogs know about 165 words," but exceptionally bright dogs can comprehend as many as 250!

So, how do you start a conversation with your furry friend? Talk about your surroundings and offer lots of praise. Point out the scurrying squirrels and the rustling leaves, and never forget to remind them of what a good dog they are! 

Have an impromptu photoshoot

What better way to surprise your clients than with some cute pictures of their fur-baby's outing? Strap on your Nikon and take some candid shots of your walking buddy enjoying their scenic stroll. Fido will love feeling like the center of attention, and their parents will treasure their keepsake photos forever!

Bring some toys along

Lastly, don't forget to bring some fun toys to occupy your pal. Playing with fetch and tug toys is a "furrific" way to keep your canine client engaged on walks. Be sure to bring a long leash so Fido has room to fetch while still safely secured.

Now that you're armed with fun new walking techniques, we're sure your regulars will be looking forward to their appointments more than ever! Remember to follow dog walking etiquette and these best walking practices to ensure your woofer stays as safe as "pawssible".

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Helen Graham


Interesting comment about dogs getting bored. I have never experienced a dog getting bored of the same route as they are always off lead. The key to a happy dog I feel is to let it be off lead and free to truly explore to the as a dog

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