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7 Tips to Take a Nice Back-to-School Photoshoot with Fido



It's back-to-school time for kiddos across the country, and there's no better time to plan a photoshoot. Most parents can't resist taking an adorable snap of their kids heading off for their first day at new school, so why not let Fido in on the fun? 

A back-to-school-themed photoshoot with Baxter is sure to be memorable. Here are a few tips to take your shoot to the top of the class!

When choosing outfits, less is more

Dressing up your doggo for a photoshoot may seem like a no-brainer, but it's worth considering whether your Collie likes wearing clothes. If your dog feels anxious or the clothes are very restrictive, dressing up your pup may be a bad idea. 

Your mutt is likely to act up or lash out if they're feeling overwhelmed by constant costume changes. When dressing your dog up for a back-to-school photo shoot, less is more. 

Instead of dressing your pup up in a whole outfit, consider less restricting garments to keep your hound happy. A mortarboard is a great idea, and you could even attach a rolled-up degree to your canine's collar. By dressing up your dog less, you and your fur-baby will have a more successful and enjoyable back-to-school photoshoot.

Make sure your shoot is fun and relaxed for the best results

The most important thing to remember when doing a photoshoot of any kind is to make it as enjoyable and laid-back as possible. Keeping the photoshoot fun for your furry friend is sure to bring out their best side. 

Their body language will be more relaxed, they'll look happier in their expression, and you won't have as much difficulty getting your pupper to pose. Choosing a location they're familiar with, whether it's their favorite park or in your backyard, will go a long way toward ensuring your canine is comfy. 

When trying to keep a doggo happy, consider the time of day. All dogs have a certain time of day they're most active, so try to pick a time when Scoob is more sedated for the most relaxed atmosphere possible.

Natural lighting will bring out your pup's best side

When taking pup pictures, it's essential to consider the lighting. Natural light is always best when planning a photoshoot for Fido. Studio lighting is more likely to cause red-eye in your pictures. 

Bright sunshine can also make it more difficult to take the "pawfect" pictures, as you may get light reflecting off your dog's coat. Often, the best days to take pup pics are when it's overcast, as this type of weather is usually not too bright and not too dark.

Brush up on your dog's training to make your shoot go smoother

If you have an unruly Springer Spaniel that won't sit still for 10 seconds, you might need to brush up on their training. Teaching your fur-baby a few basic commands will make your back-to-school photoshoot go a lot smoother. It'll make it easier to plan each shot, as you'll know what your pup is capable of doing.  

Commands like "sit", "stay", "lie down", and "give paw" will all come in useful when trying to capture your doggo's best side. Getting your pup into a sitting or lying down position (and getting them to stay in those positions for an extended period) will make your back-to-school shoot stress-free.

Consider your camera's shutter speed

Whether your pup is hyperactive and won't stay still or you just fancy capturing some action shots, your camera's shutter speed will be key. Many standard cameras aren't configured to snap pics quickly enough, leaving you with blurry photos of your barking buddy. 

Luckily, you can adjust the shutter speed on many modern cameras. Some of the best cameras even have a special "pet mode" that automatically configures your camera to take pictures of energetic fur-babies. If yours doesn't have a pet mode, you'll have to go into your camera's settings and change the shutter speed manually.

Hire a pro pet photographer

Confused about shutter speeds, diffused lighting, and all other photography-related jargon? Then it might be easier to hire a pet photographer to take back-to-school pics with your dog. Pet photographers can cost a couple of hundred dollars, but the investment will be worth it.

For a start, you won't have to rent your own equipment, including cameras and studio lights, which will set you back a few bucks anyway. Plus, you'll also undoubtedly get better results. Your photographer may have ideas for the shoot to make it an even more memorable experience. Hiring a photographer will also take a lot of stress out of the photoshoot.

Bring lots of treats and toys

Of course, the best way to ensure your pup listens to commands and has lots of fun is to provide lots of treats! Your mutt is more likely to sit pretty and feel relaxed if they know there's a tasty morsel waiting. Treats are also a superb way of getting your dog's attention and getting them to look in a particular direction for a photo. 

Make sure you pick a treat that isn't too rich or calorific, as you'll likely have to feed your doggo quite a few throughout the shoot. If your pooch has a sensitive stomach or you're worried about giving them lots of treats, their favorite squeaky toy is sure to keep them entertained and get their attention.

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