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5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Black Dog



In the market for a new cuddly, best furiend? Looking over pictures and scanning the local shelters can offer lots of choices of dogs young and old, big and small. Did you want a lap dog, or an adventure hound? A snuggle bug or a guardian?

A lot goes into choosing the right dog to bring into your home, and while size and pawsonality are usually the top criteria, a lot of new pup parents also take color into consideration. If you cruised right by that shy black dog in the corner in favor of the spunky crème colored one, you’re not alone. Black dogs often get overlooked at shelters and rescues, but they are just as sweet, playful and lovable as any other dog, and would be over the moon to be your new best pal.

Don’t let that dark face and bad lighting stop you from considering a black canine- check out these 5 reasons why black dogs are simply furbulous!

Black dogs are loyal

Black Labrador Retriever looking over paws on table

Want a best furiend to the end? Many black dogs are some of the most loyal pups around! Known for their intense attachment to their people, a Labrador Retriever never wants to be too far from you. Border Collies and Australian Shepherds are hard-wired to take care of the pack, and will want to be in your business 24/7. There’s nothing quite as cuddly as an Italian Greyhound, especially when this tiny pooch won’t get out of your lap!

Black dogs can be easier to train

Black Poodle running an agility course - 5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Black Dog

Many black dog breeds are among the smartest dogs in the world, and are often used for service, military and police work. These pawtastic pups are notoriously easy to train, and seem to be predisposed to help us in many ways. Whether a stylish black Poodle, an energetic Lab, or a lumbering Saint Bernard, you are sure to be able to communicate. And for your feisty little Papillon? These intelligent minis excel at agility and sports training.

Black dogs make great Instagram subjects

Black Papillon posing on a pink fluffy pillow

Remember that pic of that pawdorable midnight Pug smiling online? Black pups make furbulous models, and can create dramatic images when set against bright colors. Try a Halloween shoot for fall with your Scottish Terrier or tiny Pom in a pumpkin patch. The sleek, shiny fur of a Great Dane stands out majestically against a clear, blue sky, while your stylish Puli is sure to get some looks when they flaunt those dreads in a field of wildflowers.

Black dogs will protect you

Black German Shepherd protecting sheep

Some of the most famous guard dogs are of the darker variety, and we don’t just mean Sirius Black! Iconic breeds like German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers are some of the most loyal and fierce protectors around, but can also be absolutely lovable when snuggled up at home with you too. Muscular Cane Corsos and Pit Bulls certainly look scarier than Giant Schnauzers, but they will all defend you, body and soul- or at least look like they will! 

Adopting a black dog helps stop Black Dog Syndrome

Black Labrador Retriever laying in a crate waiting to be adopted

Black Dog Syndrome is a phenomenon seen in shelters and rescues where potential adopters overlook black dogs in favor of any other color. Some think it may be due to superstitions about black dogs being evil, while others think their dark fur hides their playful and fun expressions, thereby masking their personality to the humans walking by or looking at pics. In consequence, black dogs typically wait longer to be adopted, and have a higher euthanasia rate than other pups.

National Black Dog Day was started to help educate the public about Black Dog Syndrome and gain support for pawrific and misunderstood black dogs everywhere. When you adopt a black dog, you help end Black Dog Syndrome by giving a dark-coated furry furiend a loving and safe home. The more black dogs that find their furever home, the more others will see just how sweet, loving and special these pups really are!

This October 1st, celebrate National Black Dog Day by spreading the word about how furbulous and wonderful black dogs are, and consider supporting or adopting one! We are sure you’ll be rewarded with lots of licks and tail wags!

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julie richman


Thank you for this article. I believed in black dog syndrome but getting over it (!) as there is a beautiful black British Staffordshire terrier puppy available for adoption & I plan on bringing her home.💜🐶💜🐶



I won't own anything but a black dog....

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