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It's National Black Dog Day! Here's 5 Things We Love About Black Dogs!


Written by Kim Rain

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Published: 10/05/2021, edited: 08/30/2023


If you’ve got a furbulous black-coated best furiend, you know just how great these pups can be! Black dogs are fun-loving, playful and sweet, and certainly brighten up our lives, despite their dark looks. However, some black dogs get a bad rap.

National Black Dog Day was started in 2011 by pet expert Colleen Paige to spread the word about Black Dog Syndrome, a phenomenon that occurs in adoption centers and rescues where adopters overlook black dogs in favor of lighter colored ones. Whether due to superstitions about their color or the fact that their dark fur tends to hide their kind and happy facial expressions, black dogs are less likely to be adopted and more likely to be euthanized than any other color around.

On this October 1st, we are celebrating National Black Dog Day by listing 5 things we adore about black dogs to help get the word out about this underappreciated group of canines. Read on for more!

Black dogs are gorgeous

Black Newfoundland dog relaxing on a pier

There’s no denying the sleek, shiny fur of a black Great Dane, the elegance of a black Italian Greyhound, or the fuzzy, cuddly look of a Newfoundland. While some cite the fact that black dogs are hard to photograph as being a contributing factor of Black Dog Syndrome, they are actually quite photogenic with the right know-how, and make furbulous models.

In fact, many black dog breeds are so flawless, they often win big at dog shows. Scottish Terriers have won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show a whopping 8 times! Most recently, a Toy Affenpinscher named Banana Joe won Best in Show in 2013, a Portuguese Water Dog named Bernie won Best in Breed in 2019, and the stunning black Poodle named Sheba took the Best in Show ribbon in 2020.

Black dogs are some of the smartest pooches around

Black Labrador Retriever - Here's 5 Things We Love About Black Dogs

Looking for an intelligent pal? In the search for the smartest dog breeds, black dogs fill the list! Poodles are considered one of the top intelligent dogs in the world, and fit right in with German Shepherds, Saint Bernards, and Schipperkes. There’s a reason why Labrador Retrievers and Border Collies are often used for service, military and police work. These working breeds thrive on having a job to do, and are widely known to be highly trainable. 

Black dogs can keep you safe

Black Cane Corso relaxing in the grass

Speaking of working dogs, black dogs make some of the best and iconic guard dogs in the canine kingdom. From Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Pit Bulls to the lesser-known Cane Corsos, Briards and Black Russian Terriers, these dogs are hard-wired to keep their pack safe. With a bit of training, you can get a sweet, cuddly pal, and a tough and loyal guardian all in one!

Black dogs always look good

Black Pug puppy in a large pink teacup

Genetically dressed to the nines, black dogs are always in style, go with everything in your wardrobe, match any home décor, and hardly ever show their dirty spots. That’s right, with a black-coated Pug or Belgian Sheepdog by your side, you’ll always look fabulous, no matter what colors or styles you are donning. Black fur also tends to blend into dark work clothes, unlike its white counterpart, and can often mask the dirt and grime attracted during the many antics dogs get into.

Black dogs are super fun to name

Black Labradoodle paying in autumn leaves

Names can be tough for new pup parents to come up with as they juggle looks, personality and their own preferences. But with black dogs, there’s so many pawtastic names to choose from! Forget boring Blacky, and enter the world of Galaxies, Espressos, Pearls, Cinders and Guinesses! Each black pup brings their own brand of pep, and there’s definitely a name out there that can showcase their looks and individuality. There’s truly no end to the creativity when a dark-coated pooch enters your heart!

Black dogs are just as loving, sweet and loyal as any other color pup, and are sure to bring happiness into any home.

If you haven’t welcomed a pawrific black pooch into your life yet, consider rescuing one from your local shelter or rescue group. When you adopt a black dog, you not only gift them with a loving home, but also help to end Black Dog Syndrome. 

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