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The Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Dads


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 11/07/2022, edited: 12/13/2023


With the holiday season quickly approaching, it's time to start searching for the "ultimutt" gift for the dog dad in your life! After all, there's no better gift for a dog dad than something that reminds him of his barking best buddy. We've compiled a list of 10 of the best holiday gifts for dog dads to make picking the "pawfect" present a little easier.

Custom PokéPet cards

Getting a dog dad a custom Pokémon card of his canine compadre is fun and unique gift that's sure to be a home run. Just upload a pic of his pup, customize everything from the card's color to the attack description, and you'll get a hand-drawn, custom metal PokéPet Card to give as the "pawfect" nerdy gift for the holidays.

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A stylish and durable dog leash

For the practical pet parent in your life, consider "pawchasing" a stylish yet durable leash as a present. A durable leash is a great present for any dog dad whose pup is a budding escape artist with a habit of getting loose from their leash. It can also be a fitting present for anyone with a dog walking side hustle. Maxbone offers the ultimutt in style for your favorite canine pal.

A state park pass

An annual state park pass is an excellent gift for the dog dad who loves nothing more than to go on adventures with his fur-baby. While most state parks are free to enter, you'll need to pay for parking. State park passes cover all expenses so dog dads and their woofers can take every opportunity to explore their stunning state.

A doggy DNA test

Ever wondered whether your dog is part Chihuahua? Or maybe you want to learn more about your pedigree lineage? With a doggy DNA test, you can find out everything about Fido's ancestry. Depending on the kit, you can even determine if a dog is prone to hereditary health conditions, like hip dysplasia. Many people consider Embark DNA kits to be among the best kits on the market.

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brown and white dog standing next to christmas present wrapped in brown paper and a red ribbon

A dog subscription box

Please pup and parent with a dog hamper subscription. Many pet care companies sell customizable subscription boxes, letting you choose from treats, toys, walking supplies, and more to send a dad and his doggo. Set it up so the first box comes in time for the holidays, and let the dog dad know the delivery schedule for future boxes. It's the gift that keeps giving!

A cheesy dog t-shirt

Another simple gift idea that is sure to get a giggle is a cheesy dog t-shirt. There's no shortage of options online, and it'll be something fun for the dog dad to wear on walks or around the house. Our personal favorite slogans include "sit happens" and "feliz navidog".

Smart collar with GPS

A gift for a dog dad whose pup thinks they're in The Great Escape is a smart collar. Smart collars come fitted with GPS trackers that'll alert your phone if your dog strays too far from home. Some smart collars even have Bluetooth beacons so you can set the limits of where your pup can roam.

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GoPro dog harness

Get the GoPro dog harness if the dog dad in your life loves to post his hiking adventures on social media. The GoPro dog harness is a great companion gift to the state park pass. Now, everyone can experience trekking along trails from the perspective of their pup. It's a fun piece of tech that's sure to please any dog dad who loves photographing his fur-baby. 

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Homemade holiday treats

Nothing says you care quite like homemade gifts, so rustle up some pup-friendly holiday treats. Bonus points if your favorite dog dad can also enjoy them with his fur-baby!

Just ensure you speak to the pet parents first to ensure their pup doesn't have any allergies. You'll also want to check if all the ingredients are safe for dogs.

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When there's no time to bake, shop pre-made Christmas cookies on Petco

A Wag! gift card

Looking for a gift every pet parent will find helpful? Wag! gift cards are redeemable for walks, overnight care, drop-ins, training, Wag! Vet Chat, and more! A Wag! gift card helps keep the dog dad in your life prepared for whatever life throws at him and his pooch.

Just head to the gift card page, enter the dog dad's details, hit "submit", and the gift card will be sent to their email for a quick and easy present.

What gift are you giving your favorite dog dad this year? Share your ideas and stories with us in the comments, and tag #wagwalking or @wag on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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