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Dog Areas in Bradenton

2 Parks
1 Trail
2 Shops
26 Groomers

Originally spelled as “Bradentown”, Bradenton is an old city established in 1842 though it was discovered as early as 1539. The city is almost landlocked and only sharing around 20 miles of the famous Florida beach. Despite not having so much of the Florida beach, still, there are tons of attractions in the pet-friendly city that you and your furry baby can enjoy.

If you are in Florida, then might as well drop by and enjoy their famous beaches. Lucky for your pet, the De Soto National Memorial Beach is absolutely pet-friendly! How sad would it be if Max can’t enjoy the beach with you? Chasing on the beach with Max is just priceless! On top of that, both of you will also learn about local Florida history. To help maintain cleanliness, mutt mitts are available as well as water fountains for your thirsty pup. Physical activities are just so important for our pets no matter what they are. You don’t really want to bore out your dog in the confines of your homes, do you? A sweaty run on weekends with your furry baby at Happy Tails Dog Park should do the trick. It is a 3-acre fenced doff leash dog park that has a drinking fountain and a private area for small, delicate and senior dogs. Free waste bags are also made available by the park.

Another site to check is Robinson Preserve. It’s something that will give you and your dog a good feel of nature and a stunning view of Tampa Bay through their observation tower. This coastal preserve is a go-to place that features hiking and biking trails as well as picnic and camping areas. For safety reasons, your four-legged friends should be leashed There’s just so much advantage of experiencing the outdoors sometimes. It keeps your Max happy and yourself healthy.

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Bradenton

  1. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 4,603/sq mi

    #1 West Bradenton

    If you live in West Bradenton, you have access to one of the best dog parks in the area, Creekwood Dog Park. This park separates dogs by size; one side is for big dogs while the other side is for small dogs. The park itself is also very well-maintained with plenty of lush green grass. Unlike other parks, Creekwood Park has big boxes of toys. Because the park has so many amenities, your visit will be seamless and perfect. Prepare yourself to have plenty of fun. Your dog will love you forever! And remember, you can leave the leash at home.
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  2. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 2,648/sq mi

    #2 East Bradenton

    East Bradenton is home to Happy Tails Dog Park, a dog park that is just as its name describes: full of happy dogs with wagging tails! The park has a sprawling 6 acres of land just for large dogs and half an acre for small dogs. There is also plenty of shade for dog owners as well as water for dogs and their owners. All you need is a few treats, doggie toys and a good book to keep yourself occupied. And don’t forget, you can leave the leash at home! You and your dog will have a pawsome day at the Happy Tails Park!
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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 742/sq mi

    #3 Palmetto

    What’s better than a dog park? A state preserve of course! If you drive only two miles from your home in Bradenton, you can go to the Emerson Point Preserve. This park is not an off-leash dog park but it is extremely dog-friendly. You’re sure to see many dog owners at the beach with their beloved pooches! You are guaranteed to have a great time! Just make sure you do not furrrget the leash at home. Furthermore, if you are active and want your dog to get exercise, there is plenty of space to bike and run at the park.
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  4. Dog Parks 2
    Population Density 4,603/sq mi

    #4 North Bradenton

    Although there are no dog parks in North Bradenton, the Bradenton Riverwalk is enough to keep you entertained. The riverwalk has everything you could ever ask for, except for grass. The paved pathways will lead you and your dog through a skate park so you can see beautiful ocean views. Since it is not an off-leash park, you will have to take a leash with you. However, the stroll is definitely worth it. Consider going early in the day or at sunset you can see the boardwalk in its ultimate glory. In addition, you can always check out the shops and restaurants around the boardwalk when the sun sets
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  5. Dog Parks 2
    Population Density 205/sq mi

    #5 Sarasota

    If you drive a mere 12 miles from Bradenton to Sarasota, you will have access to not one but two dog parks! The 17th Street Paw Park is a local favorite as it is always full of families and their dogs. The park is pretty large, so many dogs are able to run around freely and enjoy themselves. The other park you have to check out is the Lakeview Paw Park. This park is an off-leash dog park full of lush green grass and trees! You will even see plenty of people picnicking at the park while their docs play and socialize with other dogs.
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