How to Clean a Dog's Ear Infection

10 - 20 Minutes
1 Day


If your poor little guy has an ear infection, you know in order to help him feel better and get rid of the nasty stuff inside, you will need to clean those ears. If you suspect your pup has an ear infection, be sure to see your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and an ear solution which will help kill any bacteria, yeast or particles causing the infection. Be sure to clean your dog's ears on a regular basis during the infection as well as once his ears are nice and healthy again. Regular cleaning will help keep your infections at bay. Natural remedies are easy to give at home. 

Dog's Perspective

Your little guy’s ears hurt. Be very careful while maneuvering him around to get the solution into his ear. Tugging on his ear to open the canal will cause discomfort or pain. Rubbing the back side of his ear to massage solution into the canal will also likely cause pain.

Caution & Considerations

  • Remember to see your veterinarian for medication such as antibiotics as well as an ear cleaning solution that will help the ears heal quickly.
  • You can make ear cleaning solutions at home using apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water. Apple cider vinegar will help kill yeast or bacteria. However, until your dog’s current ear infection is healed, you still may consider using your vet’s solution then an at-home solution once the infection has cleared to keep the ears clean moving forward.
  • If you do get an ear infection solution from your veterinarian, it will have a long pointed tip in a funnel-shaped top on the bottle. Once you are done treating your dog's ears with the solution, thoroughly rinse out the bottle and save this bottle for future at-home rinses.
  • Remember your little guy’s ears are tender and sensitive right now as he's dealing with an ear infection.
  • Try to keep your dog’s paws and claws out of his ear. He will likely dig in his ears with his claws, but doing so may cause additional infection or pain.
  • If your dog shakes his head often, his ears are bothering him. You should notice him doing this less often as his infection heals.


Your pup’s ear infection is causing pain and tender ears. Ear infections can reoccur because of allergies, exposure to yeast and moisture, and bacteria. Take care of your pup’s ears with some tender loving care and regular ear cleaning to rid the ears of infection and keep those ears healthy.

Success Stories and Grooming Questions

Grooming Questions & Answers

Cane Corso Italiano (Italian Mastiff)
3 Years
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Cane Corso Italiano (Italian Mastiff)
3 Years

My dog shakes his head immediately when putting in the ear cleaning solution. How do I get him not to do that, so that solution can work properly?

Darlene Stott
Darlene Stott
Dog Trainer and Groomer
0 Dog owners recommended

Hello, even though this guide is for administering eye drops, there are excellent tips that you can use. Have a helper, put the ear drops in from behind, and try to have Nelson keep his head on your lap after the cleaning solution is put in. Read the entire guide through too see if any of the methods will work for you. I think the cleaning solution will still have some effect, even with the shaking, but try the tips in the article I have mentioned here. You can also ask your vet to give you a demonstration of how they put in the solution; I'm sure they'd be happy to assist. All the best to Nelson!

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Grooming Success Stories

American Bulldog
4 Years

I tried the apple cider vinegar and water solution last night. My dogs ear immediately turned blood red and looked inflammed and he seemed very uncomfortable. This morning I woke up and the infection was 10x worse in his one ear.

7 months, 2 weeks ago
I actually figured out that the vet prescribes you feminine yeast infection cream that you can get at the drugstore. So I am going to get that today it works the best for me.
my dog has a recurring ear infection that’s driving me nuts trying to heal. not sure if you’ll ever see this but i sure would be interested in hearing if your feminine hygiene solution works or not? thanks and good luck!
I just did same with apple cider vinegar and water solution and my dog’s ear got very red and he is shaking his head . What should I do?
8 Years

My poor Ginger has been suffering for over a year w ear infections and paw inflammation. After several and I mean several trips to the vets and thousands of dollars I finally found this information on apple cider vinegar and it works 💯 its only been 6 days but her ears are 99% healed and her paws are 80% healed!! I also removed chicken from her diet. So happy my dog is feeling better and not suffering anymore! Thank you!!

6 months, 3 weeks ago
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