Dog Safety: Christmas Lights


Setting up Christmas lights and illuminating your home with festive cheer is one of the best parts about Christmas. It's not Christmas until you have untangled a few strands of lights, after all! However, Christmas lights can pose as a safety hazard for your dog. This Christmas, follow these tips to decorating your home safely while maintaining the Christmas spirit that only one thousand lights can create.

Decorate Up High

A rambunctious dog can easily get tangled in Christmas lights if they are left low to the ground. The situation could be worse if your pup is a chewer and thinks gnawing on a light strand would taste good. Canines and Christmas lights don't mix! Keep your furry pal safe by putting your Christmas lights up high, out of their reach.

Turn Them Off

While it is nice to have your lights on 24 hours a day, every day until Christmas, if you are away from home or just going to sleep, turn your lights off. You don't want faulty lights to cause a fire or for your pup to get accidentally tangled up. Turn them off - Santa will still know where to find you!

Low Voltage LED

If you love having lights galore in your home at Christmas time, first, reconsider with your pup's safety in mind. Second, purchase low voltage LED lights. LED lights will pose less of a fire risk and if your frisky pup happens to chew on a wire by accident, they are less likely to be shocked. Still, keep those lights away from them no matter what!
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Outdoor Lights

Do you know where Christmas lights look especially amazing? On the outside of your house. Do you know why outdoor lights are great for your dog? Because they can't reach them! Light up your house with as many Christmas lights as your electrical breaker can handle and admire your work every time you and your dog go out for a nice winter walk.

Spray the Strands

To keep your dog from being enticed by strands of Christmas lights, spray the lights with bitter apple spray before plugging them in. Plastic tube lights are especially easy to spray as the plastic will absorb that bitter taste well. If your dog goes near the lights, they will immediately be turned off and go the other way.