Freedom Bark Park

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Park Rule: Off Leash
Restroom: Unknown
Park Size: Medium
Small Dog Area: Yes
Fee: None
Make some noise for the Freedom Bark Park! A top rated park, this membership-only, fenced-in dog park is five acres of well-landscaped area. This park is the epitome of dog parks and was designed with man's best friend in mind. In 2009, it was even featured in "Dog Fancy," a national magazine, as the best dog park in America. 

It has the typical trees that provide shade and grassy pathways for walking. But it also has a special area just for digging. Not all parks encourage digging, but this one has accommodated this favorite dog behavior into the design. There are also fire hydrants so Fido can leave his mark and tunnels to run through. The park goes the extra mile to be environmentally friendly and offers a solar-powered well for water. 

The park distinguishes small dog areas and large dog areas; the little dogs get half an acre, and the large dogs get the rest. With all of the possibilities for mental stimulation and running, your dog has the chance to tire himself out and have a great time no matter his size.

Dogs must be leashed before they enter the park and all owners must wear their Bark Park membership tags when in the park. To keep all park visitors, human and canine, safe, each person can only bring in a maximum of three dogs, and children under 12 cannot enter the park. Children 13 and older must have an adult present. 

To apply for membership, your dog must be up to date on vaccines, including Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Leptospirosis. They also strongly recommend Bordetella. Unfortunately, Lake County Ordinance #1244F prohibits Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes to enter the park. 

If your dog is bored during the day, lacking playmates or stimulation, and needs exercise, this park sounds like just the place. Take Fido there and see if "Dog Fancy" was right to call it the best dog park in America. 

Wag! does not allow or encourage Pet Care Providers to bring dogs to parks.
17105 Cline Ave
Lowell, IN
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17105 Cline Ave
Lowell, IN