Top Dog Parks in New York, NY

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New York City may be known as the ‘concrete jungle,’ but there are plenty of parks throughout the city that are perfect for pups! New York City’s five boroughs all have tons of parks where your furry best friend can run and play with other city dogs.

Since the majority of New York apartments don’t have backyards, many residents take their city dogs to parks to play. New York City has over 40 fenced off-leash dog runs, and many of the city’s parks also have designated off-leash areas. If you’re spending time in the Big Apple, here are ten pawesome dog parks you’ll want to check out!

#10 McCarren Park

If you want to take your dog to a fun park in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood, McCarren Park is perfect for you! This park has shady paths where you can take your pup for on-leash strolls, and the park also has an off-leash dog run. This fenced dog run has separate large and small dog areas, and the ground is covered in woodchips. 

#9 Chelsea Waterside Dog Park

Chelsea Waterside Dog Park is a fun off-leash dog run located right next to the Hudson River! This dog run features one big fenced area where dogs of all sizes can play together. The dog run has lots of furrific amenities for pups, including a big hill to run up, artificial rocks to climb, and a doggy pool to splash around in. There’s also a seasonal water fountain in the park.

#8 Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park is a beautiful, hilly park in Washington Heights. This park is home to eight miles of trails that offer stunning views of the Hudson River, and scenic gardens to explore. If you want to give your pup some off-leash time, Fort Tryon Park has a large, fenced dog run. This dog run has big dog and small dog sections with separate entrances, and it has fun boulders for your pup to climb on. 

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#7 Williamsbridge Oval Dog Park

The Williamsbridge Oval Dog Park is located in the Bronx’s Norwood neighborhood, and it features separate fenced areas for large and small dogs. Both areas have mature beech trees that keep the park shady and cool on hot days, and there are lots of benches for owners. The park also has a seasonal water fountain, but there are no doggy bags, so it’s a good idea to bring some.

#6 Central Park

This iconic Manhattan park is a favorite of both humans and dogs! The huge 843-acre park is filled with sights to see, including Belvedere Castle, the Conservatory Garden, and the Balto statue. Dogs are always allowed in the park on-leash, and they can go off-leash in 23 areas of the park during designated hours. If your pup gets thirsty, there are 15 doggy water fountains in Central Park. 

#5 Hillside Dog Park

Hillside Dog Park is a pawsitively amazing off-leash dog run in Brooklyn’s Columbia Heights neighborhood. This dog park has separate fenced areas for large and small dogs, and the large dog section features a wooded area for pups to explore. There are also benches for owners to sit at, a water fountain, and doggy bags. If your pup gets messy, the park even provides a hose you can use to wash them off.

#4 Van Cortlandt Park

If you’re looking for a woofderful park to go to with your pup in the Bronx, try Van Cortlandt Park. This 1,146-acre park has 6.8-miles of trails that take you through a forest and past beautiful lakes and brooks. Van Cortlandt Park also has two off-leash dog runs: Woodlawn Dog Run and Van Cortlandt Park Dog Run. Both of these fenced dog runs have separate large and small dog areas, and there’s water in the park. 

#3 Forest Park

Forest Park is a beautiful Queens park that has three trails you can explore with your pup. These trails take you through a forest filled with huge oak trees, and they also go past kettle ponds. If you want to let your pup play off-leash, Forest Park also has a fenced dog run with separate areas for large and small dogs, and an obstacle course. 

#2 Madison Square Dog Park

If you’re looking for a pawtastic place to bring your pup in Manhattan’s Flatiron neighborhood, check out Madison Square Dog Park! This dog park has double-gated entrances and separate large and small dog sections. There are also plenty of trees in the park to keep you and your pup cool on hot days. Water fountains are available in summer, but the water is shut off in winter. 

#1 Tompkins Square Dog Run

Tompkins Square Dog Run is located in the East Village, and it’s filled with amenities that your pup will love! The park has double-gated entries and separate areas for large and small dogs to play in. The ground in the park is covered in decomposed granite sand, which is comfortable for pups’ paws. If your dog loves splashing around, the park has three doggy swimming pools, and hoses for clean up too!