Top 10 Quirky Dog Names

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You're not going to find a "Fifi" or "Spot" on this list. If you want your typical dog names, look away. This list rounds up some fun, unique, and truly unusual dog names. What was the criteria for this list? 

First, the name couldn't be gibberish. Naming your dog "Asjbafbawlb" sure would be quirky, but it's also unpronounceable. That's just being strange for strange's sake. 

Secondly, the name couldn't just be from another language. There are probably areas in the world where those names are common, and thus are common dog names. 

Thirdly, names from mythology had to be limited. It would be so easy to fill a list with only names of fantastic beasts of yore! It would be a great list, but not show the breadth of possibility out there. 

This list should at least get you thinking about the kind of names that are going to stand out. Do you want your pup to be the third "Lucky" at the doggie day care center? Do you want to avoid calling over a whole pack of mutts when you tell your pup it's time to leave the dog park? Read this list and follow the themes to come up with the pawfect, unusual name for your puppy. 


This gender-neutral name is pawfect for any dog. The more energy they have, the better!


Helix is a cool name for a cool pup. It's unusual enough to stand out, and is made famous by the "double helix" structure of DNA.


Harpies are creatures of Greek Myth that have the bodies of birds with the heads of women. While not the most pleasant mythological creatures, their strong personalities and fame will help your dog's name stand out!
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While the singer Elton John might be the most famous Elton, this sophisticated name is primed for pup use. It originally meant "Ella's Town", and has the perfect blend of modern and classic.


Poppy is a bright, cheery name just like the flower. It's a close rhyme with "puppy" as well!


Cola is a sweet and refreshing break from stale dog names. For a more health conscious choice, try Seltzer!


Who better to represent the most powerful wizard of all time (according to his myths) than the most adorable dog of all time?


Tornado is an adorable name for a high energy pup. For the dog who is one whirling ball of crazy, there's no better!


This unisex name is perfect for boy and girl dogs. Meaning "safe place," this is pawfect for the pup that makes you feel right at home.


You can adjust for your favorite sweets, but we should be honest. No candy name is cuter than Jellybean!