Top 8 Healthiest Dog Breeds

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When you are looking for a dog, you have to think of many different things such as how easy to train they are, whether they like kids, and how big they are going to get. But, you also need to consider how healthy the breed is. You don’t want to get a breed that is susceptible to many different serious health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and Cushing’s Disease. Just like with humans, chronic health conditions can be costly, and in the case of a canine, it can cut their lifespan drastically. So, we have found the top eight healthiest dog breeds for you to consider if health is a concern when choosing a pup!

Mutt (Mixed Breed)

A mutt is a dog made up of more than three breeds and is usually from two mixed breed dogs. In fact, of all the dog breeds, the most-healthy are the mixed breeds. Studies have shown that a mixed breed dog is much less susceptible to the top 10 genetic diseases like hyperthyroidism, heart disease, and skeletal issues.


The Huskimo is a mix of the American Eskimo and Siberian Husky. These beautiful dogs are extremely smart, gentle, and fun family dogs. Your Huskimo is one of the most reliable and furiendly breeds according to their owners, and experts say they will outlive most other breeds, so plan on having your poochie around for many years.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd are known for evading many of the bone, skin, and fur complications that affect many breeds. They are an all-purpose farm dog, and are active, intelligent, obedient, and agile. They require exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy, and suit families with active lifestyles or outdoor space.
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The Havanese is a cheerful little dog native to Cuba. They are great apartment dogs, and often have a spring in their step. Compared to other dogs their size, they are known for being healthy and living up to 16 years under proper care. They can be prone to getting overweight, so be sure they get enough exercise and watch what they eat.

Border Collie

Smart as a whip and high energy, the Border Collie can flourish in both cold and hot climates. They are easy to train and loyal, so they are excellent for first-time dog owners. There are no big health issues to worry about with this breed, so you should be fine with one visit to the vet annually.

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is a hardy breed that was bred to be a working dog, so they like to stay in shape. They are excellent agility dogs and have no history of any significant hereditary illnesses. In fact, if you take your pup out for a walk every day, they'll be around for at least a dozen years.

Shiba Inu

This breed is predisposed to good health. In fact, the Shiba Inu is not just healthy, but is also easy to train and loves to play. This pup would also be happy to hang out with you at home. They are known to live a good and healthy long life.

Siberian Husky

Fun-loving and furry, the Siberian Husky is one of the top hardy breeds with little to worry about. In fact, husky means healthy, solid, and robust. The beautiful coat of the Husky makes them hard to resist, and this makes their hardiness even better because they will be there for you for the long haul.