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Published: 04/24/2024, edited: 04/24/2024

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Some dogs are so obedient that they can trot by their parents’ sides without a leash, but the vast majority need attachment of some sort — this means they’ll need a collar as well.

You might think shopping for a dog collar is as simple as finding one that fits around your pet’s neck, but there’s more to consider than you might think. Dog collars have a variety of purposes these days — some have GPS tracking capabilities, others can be used for training and there are even some that can have a calming effect on anxious dogs.

At the same time, it’s important for a dog collar to look the part, too. It’s possible to find dog collars made from a wide range of materials and an equally vast variety of colors, as well.

To make your life a little easier, we’ve picked out some of the best dog collars available to put on your loved ones today.


Blazin LED Dog Collar

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Best dog collars for nighttime walks

LED dog collars serve two main purposes. Not only can parents keep track of their dogs during nighttime wonders, but crucially, they also make a pet visible to others — drivers, in particular. To say that an LED dog collar could be life-saving isn’t an exaggeration.

The battery life can extend up to eight hours and it’s recharged with a USB cable. Better yet, they’re completely waterproof, so a little rain won’t have to stop play.

All these features make us more than happy to include it in our list of best dog collars.

This example from Blazin is hard to ignore — quite literally. With bright LED lights running the whole length of the collar, it can make dogs visible from up to 1,000 feet away.

There’s a choice of 10 colors and these can be strobing or blinking as well if you prefer.

Blazin LED Dog Collar

Blazin LED Dog Collar

Why Wag! Likes It

  • The LED lights running the length of the collar makes dogs highly visible during nighttime hours
  • The fact it’s charged with a USB cable means there are no batteries to deal with
  • The $25 price-tag is more than reasonable for a potentially life-saving bit of kit
  • The collar is available in four different sizes to fit an array of different breeds

Considerations and Concerns

  • The battery life of eight hours will be good enough for most parents, but might be too short for those on long adventures
  • The inflexibility when it comes to adjusting the size of the collar has been mentioned by several reviewers

What Pet Parents Say About Blazin

“We use this collar for at least 1-2 hours a day, seven days a week, charging it about once every three weeks. When it is fully charged, it’s almost too bright for walks, but it slowly dims over time until you charge it again.

Our original collar survived about a year of heavy use before the light stopped working. It had gotten wet a few times, which we are avoiding with our new collar in hopes that it will extend its lifespan.

The collar itself is strong enough to attach a leash, if needed, even on my large, strong dog. I like that the light wraps all the way around the collar, so it’s visible in all directions. Truly the best light up collar I’ve used!”

“I live in an apt complex with 2 dogs who must be walked several times a day. Winter brings with it some major safety issues walking my pets in the dark and I am overjoyed to have found this [is definitely] BRIGHT and has several settings to choose from.

It is very sturdy but does not have much room for adjustment (maybe a half inch smaller than the fullest size indicated). Otherwise, I am a HUGE fan…”

Read more reviews at Chewy.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Blazin.

Patpet P680 Training Collar

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Best training dog collar

There’s lively discussion to be had about the ethics of using training collars, but they can be an effective tool for stubborn dogs — and not necessarily a cruel one, either.

Patpet’s lightweight training collar has three ways of disencouraging dogs’ bad behavior, either through beeps, vibrations or shocks.

The beeps and vibrations are fixed, but the shocks range from 1-16 in strength — these can be used for training or to prevent vocalization, making it one of the best bark collars for dogs.

The remote control works from up to 300 meters away and it’s also possible to use it to train two dogs at once. It’s recharged with a USB cable, but it’s still waterproof, too.

Despite the tech, the price-point is reasonable and will be within a lot of parents’ budgets.

All these features make it one of the best shock collars for dogs (even if you don’t actually use the shock feature).

Patpet P680 Training Dog Collar

Patpet P680 Training Dog Collar

Why Wag! Likes It

  • The collar can help with training or prevent barking if used effectively
  • The different options — beeps, vibrations or shocks — makes it versatile
  • The remote control works from up to 300 meters away
  • The two channels means that it’s possible to train two dogs at the same time from the same remote

Considerations and Concerns

  • The collar could cause confusion or distress in dogs if used incorrectly
  • The absence of a buckle for a leash means that dogs will have to wear another collar if you’re training them on walks
  • The collar only comes in one adjustable size

What Pet Parents Say About PatPet

“I bought this after I returned one I was unhappy with (another brand) and I have been MORE than happy with this product! Came out of the box with a slight charge but still ended up charging fully once I read [through] everything. I love that BOTH the collar and remote have an on/off switch so I can save battery life when not in use. Buttons are large and easy to maneuver.

Also love the simplicity that there are only 16 levels of stimulation, I feel you really shouldn't need more than that. Tone sounds loudly and my dog has been responding just with the tone and SOME vibration. Love that this also comes with two collars, not that I've needed the second one but nice to have.

Excellent product and responds when I need it to, which I've had problems in the past with other brands. Highly recommend this for anyone wanting to train their dog to be "free" while outside.”

“Our 50-pound rescue doodle is extremely reactive to rabbits and other dogs when we’re walking. He also barks like a maniac when he’s in the house and hears a noise. So far, this collar has been extremely helpful.

He’s probably 65% less reactive on walks and about 80% quiet in the house. We can’t use the shock function because he has too much fur around his neck. But the tone and vibrate mostly keep him in check.”

Read more reviews at Chewy.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Patpet.

Garmin Alpha TT25

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Best tracking collar for dogs

When it comes to GPS devices, Garmin has one for almost every purpose, from car navigation systems to sport watches. Dog parents can make the most of the company’s wide-ranging expertise by getting their pet an Alpha TT25 dog collar.

When used with a compatible tracking handheld, this piece of tech can help you accurately track your dog from up to nine miles away.

This location is updated as often as every 2.5 seconds, so you’ll always know where they’ve headed.

Not only is it designed to be slimmer than other similar collars while still being able to withstand extreme weather conditions, but there’s also a training mode that allows parents to use the collar to send stimulation, tones or vibrations to the wearer.

It might be a little overkill for the bulk of parents who simply take their pet to the local park, but this collar could prove to be vital and even life-saving for working dogs or companions on off-road adventures.

Garmin Alpha TT25 Tracking Dog Collar

Garmin Alpha TT25 Tracking Dog Collar

Why Wag! Loves It

  • The ability to track dogs accurately from up to nine miles away acts as peace of mind
  • The collar is universally sized and designed to withstand extreme conditions
  • The training mode adds another useful purpose for parents
  • The LED lights can be remotely activated from the handheld device

Considerations and Concerns

  • The price is very expensive, especially when the cost of the required handheld device is taken into consideration
  • The collar may be less bulkier than previous versions, but they’re still slightly cumbersome

What Pet Parents Say About Garmin

“Replaced a TT15 with this collar. The TT25 is a nice upgrade. More manageable size and lighter weight. Tech upgrades aside, this is a better platform than the tt15 and 15x. I agree with other posters that you should buy an extra charging clip. The new ones are smaller and an extra one won’t take up much space.”

“As with all Garmin products this is a great collar. You really need to order a second charging clip right away. If you misplace the clip, you cannot charge the collar. Different collars have different clips that don’t connect the same way.”

Read more reviews at Amazon.

Image sourced from Amazon. Copyright Garmin, Ltd.

Maxbone Hazel Collar

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There’s something quite simple yet sophisticated about this rubber-coated dog collar from Maxbone. A lot of that is down to the choice of four pastel colors, which are a lot more tasteful than some of the garishly bright tones available elsewhere.

However, this isn’t a case of style over substance. The dog collar in question is lightweight, waterproof and easy to clean, making it ideal for active parents. There are four sizes available, plus matching leashes available to buy, too.

It’s not the most eye-catching or impressive on our list of best dog collars, but this option will be perfect for lots of parents.

Maxbone Hazel Dog Collar

Maxbone Hazel Dog Collar

Why Wag! Likes It

  • The design is unshowy and uncomplicated, with four colors to choose from
  • The rubber-coating is waterproof and easy to clean
  • The collar is lightweight and soft-to-the-touch
  • The company also has matching leashes to buy

Considerations and Concerns

  • The price might be off putting to some given the simplicity
  • The range of four colors might be too small for some parents

What Pet Parents Say About Maxbone Hazel Collar

“This collar is sooo beautiful in person! It's very simple, but chic and noticeable at the same time. The material is very soft and flexible, so it's comfy for your pup! The peach color is beautiful - very subtle and not over the top at all.”

“It fits my dog very well, and the quality is good.”

Read more reviews at Maxbone.

Image sourced from Maxbone. Copyright Maxbone.

CollarDirect Martingale Collar

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Best dog collars for pullers

Dogs pulling on their leashes is a common problem for parents and there are several types of collars designed to prevent this that unfortunately verge on cruel, like chokers.

A martingale collar, such as this one from CollarDirect, is a much gentler solution. This tightens when a dog pulls, but not to the extent that it chokes the dog. 

This also works to stop dogs with slim necks — think sighthounds, like Whippets or Greyhounds — from accidentally slipping out of their collars.

The collar comes in three different aztec patterns, which will certainly make your dog easy to spot in a pack. 

The nylon is both lightweight and easy to clean with a damp cloth if it ever gets dirty. Plus, we haven’t even mentioned the very agreeable price.

All-in-all, this is right up there with the best dog collars for pullers, but it can still do a decent job for more obedient dogs.

CollarDirect Martingale Dog Collar

CollarDirect Martingale Dog Collar

Why Wag! Likes It

  • The martingale design is a humane way to stop dogs pulling on their leashes
  • The trio of aztec prints are bursting with character
  • The nylon material is practical and easy to maintain
  • The price at the time of writing is the cheapest on our list

Considerations and Concerns

  • The collar only comes in three sizes — medium, large and extra-large
  • The absence of a buckle means parents might not be able to take the collar off quickly if required

What Pet Parents Say About CollarDirect 

“Immediately when opening the packaging[,] I was impressed by the collar’s quality. After using it for about a week now. It’s the best martingale I’ve used and I’ve tried a half dozen in the last 10 or so years.

It doesn’t have a buckle, but that’s not a deal breaker. In reality, How often am I removing the collar?...”

“This collar is of very good quality. Nice material, big enough and wide enough for my Great Pyrenees. The one drawback is there is no clip to put it on or take it off.

You have to loosen it slightly and pull it over the [dog’s] head to take it off. I just leave it on. I really do like this collar.”

Read more reviews at Chewy.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright CollarDirect.

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

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Best Flea Collar for Dogs

Getting fleas is an unpleasant, but ultimately common, occurrence in a dog’s life. There are various treatments available, but flea collars are often effective in banishing the pests from their fur.

Seresto’s solution gets to work as soon as you place it over your dog’s head. The active ingredients — flumethrin and imidacloprid — kill existing fleas, ticks and lice, as well as repel others from joining them.

These last for eight months and can stop your pet from suffering from painful bites.

Many parents see an immediate difference, which is why this is our pick of the best flea collars for dogs.

Seresto Flea and Tick Dog Collar

Seresto Flea and Tick Dog Collar

Why Wag! Likes It

  • The treatment was found to reduce flea count by 95% in a clinical study
  • The collar has no odor and is non-greasy, too
  • The active ingredients work for up to eight months at a time, so parents won’t constantly have to replace it
  • The product doesn’t require a prescription to buy, which can speed up the fight against pests

Considerations and Concerns

  • The collar doesn’t have a hook on which to attach a leash, but it’s possible to buy protectors or to just put another collar over the top
  • The absence of a buckle makes it less convenient to take on and off quickly
  • The efficacy is reduced if dogs regularly go swimming or are bathed frequently

What Pet Parents Say About Seresto

“I have owned dogs for over 50 years. I have struggled with flea, tick and heartworm issues in the past. Most drops and flea shampoos have left my dogs with flaking, irritated skin. The old flea collars did not ever seem to work.

Several years ago I found [Seresto] collars, via my veterinarian. I have been very pleased with it. I like the fact that my dogs don't have to get bit by the bug for the stuff to work, like oral meds do. Plus, I have giant dogs[,] 100+ pounds each and the over 18 pounds collars fit and work well.”

“Have been using [Seresto] collar for 5 years. It does its job. Keeps fleas and ticks off my dog. Every once in a while I'll find a tick on my dog[,] usually after walking in the woods in spring time.

Nothing compared to before she wore this collar. Collar is easier to apply than using the liquid applications especially if [your] dog has thick fur.”

Read more reviews at Chewy.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Elanco Animal Health.


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