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Written by a Labrador Retriever lover Tim Falk

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Published: 05/03/2023, edited: 02/26/2024

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Sundays Food for Dogs is a pet food brand that aims to combine the nutritional benefits of fresh food with the convenience and practicality of dry dog food.

Prepared using human-grade ingredients, Sundays' dog food recipes are air-dried to preserve nutrients and flavor. This approach is also designed to make Sundays Food for Dogs more affordable than fresh food subscriptions, and also means its products have a longer shelf life.

If you’re thinking of feeding this food to your pet, keep reading for our full Sundays dog food review, including pros, cons, customer reviews, brand history, and more. 

Sundays Food for Dogs Beef Recipe

Sundays Food for Dogs Beef Recipe

Sundays Food for Dogs flavors

There are 3 recipes to choose from in the Sundays Food for Dogs range. All recipes feature over 90% fresh meat, organs, and bones as well as other essential nutrients, and all are formulated to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles.

USDA Beef Recipe

Sundays Food for Dogs USDA Beef Recipe features a minimum of 35% protein and meets the nutritional levels set out by AAFCO’s dog food nutrient profiles for all life stages. The first 5 ingredients in this recipe are USDA beef, beef heart, beef liver, beef bone, and quinoa.

Chicken Recipe

This air-dried Chicken Recipe has a minimum protein content of 38% and meets AAFCO’s nutrient profile for adult maintenance. The first 5 ingredients in this recipe are chicken, chicken liver, egg, millet, and oat.

Turkey Recipe

In May 2023, Sundays released its Turkey Recipe, with a minimum protein content of 38%. The first 5 ingredients in this recipe are turkey, turkey heart, turkey liver, egg yolk, and millet.

Why Wag! likes Sundays Food for Dogs

There are plenty of pawsome reasons why you should consider feeding Sundays Food for Dogs to your fur-baby.

More convenient than fresh food

Unlike fresh food, Sundays Food for Dogs doesn’t need to be shipped frozen or require any preparation. It also keeps for approximately 12 months before being opened, and the company says its food should stay fresh for 6 to 8 weeks after opening.

Cheaper than fresh food

Sundays Food for Dogs claims its food is 36% more affordable than fresh food. So, if you’re looking for a slightly more wallet-friendly alternative to a fresh pet food subscription, this may be the answer.

Human-grade ingredients

Sundays Food for Dogs uses 100% human-grade ingredients that satisfy the FDA safety standard of being fit for human consumption. Recipes are prepared in a USDA-monitored kitchen.

Created by a veterinarian

Tory Waxman, one of the founders of Sundays Food for Dogs, is a practicing small-animal veterinarian. Sundays' recipes have been developed by animal nutritionists, food scientists, and board-certified veterinary nutritionists.

Dr. Georgia Jeremiah, a member of Wag!'s licensed veterinary team, also recommends this brand to her own clients: “Sundays for Dogs is a convenient and affordable kibble alternative composed of 90% meat, human-grade ingredients, and has no synthetic additives,” she says.

No unnecessary extras

Sundays Food for Dogs doesn’t feature any wheat, soy, corn, artificial flavors or preservatives, or synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Free nationwide shipping

Your pet’s food can be delivered to your door, with free shipping available to all 50 states.

Sundays Food for Dogs Chicken Recipe

Sundays Food for Dogs Chicken Recipe

Concerns & considerations

There are also a few issues you should be aware of before deciding whether Sundays Food for Dogs is the best choice for your pet.

Only 3 recipes to choose from

There are only 3 recipes in the Sundays range, so there’s limited choice available if you want to include more variety in your dog’s diet.

Only 1 alternative protein source

If your pup is sensitive to popular proteins like beef or chicken, the only alternative protein source available in the Sundays Food for Dogs range is the Turkey Recipe.

More expensive than other kibble brands

While it’s more affordable than fresh food, Sundays Food for Dogs is still quite pricey when compared to many kibble brands. Check the Sundays website to find out how much it will cost to feed your dog.

Some dogs may prefer fresh

If your pup is a picky eater, they may find fresh food more palatable than air-dried food.

Sundays Food for Dogs reviews

Sundays Food for Dogs reviews

What pet parents say about Sundays Food for Dogs

While Sundays Food for Dogs has an average rating of 4.75/5 from over 2,000 customer reviews on its website, there are limited reviews available on independent websites. For example, this pet food company has an average rating of 2.9/5 on Trustpilot, but that’s from just 2 reviews.

Positive reviewers praise Sundays Food for Dogs for its high-quality ingredients, palatability to dogs, and the nutritional benefits it provides. Negative reviewers mention factors such as a confusing ordering process and the cost of the food. Some pet parents of small breeds also mentioned that their dogs would prefer smaller kibble. 

Here are a few sample reviews from the Sundays Food for Dogs website:

“I didn't think I could be convinced that a dog food would make such a difference, but I was definitely wrong. I (and the pups!) are so happy to have found this amazing product that makes them both happier and healthier.”

“Toby used to barely touch his old food, and if he did, it wasn’t till late at night. Now that we switched to Sundays, I can barely put the bowl down before he’s going at it. It’s such a relief that he’s excited to eat now. It also seems like he’s more energetic (in a good way!) and I swear he’s been shedding less since the switch. On top of all of that, the customer experience and service has been top-notch. Can not recommend enough. Dogs deserve to love their food, too!”

“Sundays is easy to serve, no prep involved. Tito is always running around in circles with excitement while I'm putting it in his bowl. He is usually the pickiest when it comes to food and stops eating it after a few months — I've tried so many brands before landing on Sundays. He can't get enough! Happy pup, happy life :)” 

Read more reviews on Sundays Food for Dogs.

Sundays Food for Dogs brand history

Sundays Food for Dogs was launched by wife-and-husband team Tory and Michael Waxman in 2020. But the Sundays story actually started a couple of years earlier than that when the couple’s adopted dog, a mixed-breed terrier named Mabel, developed some stomach issues. 

With Tory a practicing small-animal veterinarian, the Waxmans started searching for the perfect dog food for their fur-baby. Their aim was to find a food that offered better nutrition than kibble, but that was more convenient than home-cooked meals at the same time. And when they couldn’t find what they were looking for on the market, the couple decided to create their own pet food brand. 

Sundays Food for Dogs recall history

Sundays Food for Dogs has never issued a recall for any of its products.

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