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Can Dogs Feel Commitment?



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Can Dogs Feel Commitment?


Once you look into those sweet, puppy eyes, thoughts of future vet and food bills are lost in their cute whimpering sounds and soft, smiley face. You’ve always wanted a dog and this little guy has you mesmerized. It's love at first sight! As you pay for the privilege of taking this fur-baby home, you silently promise them a good life. 

The bubble might gently (or not so gently) burst when you realize how much these little tykes can cost, but a few extra hours overtime could guarantee you years of happiness. If your heart says yes but your bank balance is of concern, take a while to sift through the pros and cons as it’s important to know the highs and lows of dog guardianship.

But does it all pay off? Let's find out if dogs can feel the commitment we give them.


Signs You are a Committed Dog Owner

Taking on a puppy or rescue pooch is a commitment for life, so evaluate the amount of time and resources you have. You’ll also need to consider how much space they might need. Dog owners know the joy of being a pet-parent, but they also know the responsibilities that go with it.

Watching your new puppy romp around the living room without a care in the world is a delightful sight. Their tail is wagging as they try to play-bow and fall over sideways. They bark as if trying to get your attention, then pace back and force practicing their doggy moves.

If you’ve been a saint and taken home a rescue dog, the early days could be a testing time. Depending on their past, this magical mutt may show signs of anxiety and howl in despair. It takes a person with compassion to help this pooch, as they leave puddles on your hardwood floors. It's journey of patience when they chew your favorite shoes. 

A puppy can be shaped into a good citizen pooch, but a rescue dog needs understanding for the life previously they have lived. Whichever dog you bring home, life will never be the same again. This can be positive, especially with a list of stuff you need to know. Nutritional food is essential for a growing pup and a pet bed to call their own, gives them a place to sleep and retreat. You’ll need collars and leashes, plus cash to have your puppy spayed or neutered when the time comes.

Vaccinations, dog license fees, and pet health insurance all add up, so it’s clever to open a doggy bank account where you put so much in weekly to help with yearly costs. Once you have a dog, its daily walk, grooming, playtime, training, and love become a part of life.

Body Language

Signs a dog feels your commitment include:<br/>

  • Barking
  • Head Tilting
  • Chewing
  • Wag Tail
  • Head Bobbing
  • Play Bowing

Other Signs

Signs you are willing to commit to a dog are:<br/>

  • Accepting The Costs Associated
  • Devoting Time To Training And Caring
  • Relatively Secure Future Plans
  • Having A Safe Place To Live

History of Canine Commitment


A new theory brought to light by the Readers Digest throws water on the fire that humans were the instigators in the wolf-man tie-up. If wolves were that smart, it makes sense why our woofers are good as service pooches and sniffer-dogs.

Evolution worked at the kinship by making wolves friendly and changing their scary, predator appearance. Their ears got floppy, while their tails started a familiar wag. The beginning of the dog was a lesson in the gene pool at play as doggy-looking wolves learned how to fetch the ball and go for fun walks on a leash.

They also looked after us, sending alarm barks if someone wished us harm. Their commitment was unconditional, with the desire only to be man’s best friend. Dogs are an insatiable companion that sees us through the good times and bad. It’s incredible to think they were once wolves hunting for mammoths in the wild.

Now, we are committed to protecting them from humans that don’t see their worth. Rescue centers and shelters are motivated to help the abandoned, mistreated, and lost. They are committed to teaching all humans that it’s not cool to hurt the sons of the wolf.

Statista tells us in the USA, there around 89 million mutts. That’s a whole lot of dog lovin' - and a promise to give them a great life. The laws are still very fragmented and cruelty dishonors our pups. Never before has a species aligned the way man has with a dog. It’s a beautiful conception marred by ignorance and greed.

Dogs have become a commodity for some folk to make a buck. Mankind forgets its own history and how it has shaped who we are. Once upon a time in the wilderness, wolves gave us an unexpected gift. Most of us have gratitude and implore governments to toughen up dog laws.

The Science of Dogs Feeling Commitment


With such a strong tie between owners and their dogs, the men and women of science began studying canines to find unsolved mysteries. Science tends to leave emotion at the laboratory door, so when studies started revealing how connected they are to us, we wanted to know more.

All across the world, dogs are going under the microscope and the results are fascinating! According to Fortune, a guy put dogs inside an MRI machine to discover how much they love us. Neuroscientist Gregory Berns is dog mad and has rocked a pooch-loving nation with news they recognize our faces and think more of us than their food bowl. Our pooches are intuitive and can read our emotions and facial expressions

Looking inside the canine brain has opened kennel doors and asked for a wake-up call in their treatment. The offspring of wolves are committed to mankind and even go to war with us. They can detect cancer, low blood sugar levels, and perhaps tells if we are pregnant. They are the ultimate givers and walk miles along gas lines and slow down the trafficking of drugs. They can’t talk like a human, but their talents are pretty impressive.

Dogs have also been known to randomly save lives. NTD tells the story of a German Shepherd K-9, named Finn, who was stabbed and leaped in front of his handler to avoid him being hurt. All the training in the world can’t predict what a dog will do to save the life of a human friend.

Helping Your Dog to Feel Your Commitment


Dogs selected for K-9 training need a motivated work ethic, willingness to serve, and to be highly driven. That’s the word from Police Mag, who inform us police dogs need to be committed to the job. The same applies to pooches in the military and drug detection dogs.

Have a conversation with a dog owner and it’s generally more emotive. The mutual love-affair of dogs makes us passionate about our beliefs. Perhaps they are here to remind us how to get on with different people. According to Psychology Today, some experts believe we domesticated dogs and, in the process, they returned the favor.

Training your dog to live an orderly life among other dogs and humans is a commitment all owners should undertake. Basic obedience is an absolute must to protect your dog from a busy world. You want them to "come" if there’s a bully dog at the park and "leave it" if they pick up something that could do them harm. Training is also a way to magnify a bond and have fun teaching new tricks.  

Look for a dog trainer committed to your core beliefs. Positive reinforcing strengthens ties with your dog, while punishment tactics could destroy trust. The debate is forever going on, but there are tales of dogs who changed in personality after being disciplined with physical cues.

Once you make the decision to bring home a pooch, it's a commitment for their lifetime and a promise to give them your best!

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Written by a Japanese Chin lover Linda Cole

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Published: 06/05/2018, edited: 04/06/2020

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