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Written By Grace Park
Published: 12/08/2020Updated: 12/08/2020
Proviable | Wag!

Proviable is a probiotic given to dogs as an aid to balance the digestive system. Probiotics help to recolonize the normal balance of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Just a few of the species found in this product are E. faecium, B. bifidus, and L.acidophilus.

Both product lines, Proviable and Proviable-Forte, offer billions of microorganisms that return intestinal balance after upset. Proviable for dogs can also be used to relieve acute diarrhea.

Read on for information on the efficacy and side effects of Proviable. You’ll also learn about the dosage recommended for dogs.


Provialble comes in kits and capsules forms. The kits, which contain capsules and a paste, are typically used for relief and resolution of short-term digestive problems. 

The capsules are most often given to help with digestive upset and also as aid after antibiotic therapy which can sometimes upset gut flora. Stressful conditions like traveling can also disturb intestinal balance.

The kits come in two formulations. They are Provialbe and Proviable-Forte. 

Dosage Instructions

When giving the medication, start both the KP paste and the capsules on the same day. Give the medication by mouth as per the veterinarian’s directions. If you are using Proviable-DC or Proviable-Forte capsules only, give the sprinkle capsule daily long term or as your veterinarian prescribes.


When using the KP paste in the Proviable kits, results allowing the stools to form should be seen within 48-72 hours. Some dogs will experience resolution sooner. If your dog is vomiting or refusing to eat, consult the vet as soon as possible. Prolonged use may cause constipation. Capsules can be continued as long as your vet has directed.

One study noted that dogs given Proviable-Forte plus Mycequin (another probiotic) one hour after antibiotics experienced less antibiotic-associated gastrointestinal signs. In some cases, no signs were seen.

Another clinical trial showed that acute gastroenteritis was significantly shorter in dogs given probiotics. Probiotics are also useful for issues like travel stress, exposure to a virus that causes stomach upset, and metabolic disturbances.

Side Effects of Proviable 

When given as prescribed and under the care of a veterinarian, there are no known side effects with Proviable for dogs. 


When discussing the use of Proviable, your veterinarian will most likely talk about the following considerations. 

Drug interactions

If you are giving the KP paste, separate the administration of the paste from other medications by 1 to 2 hours. This is because the ingredients in the paste (kaolin and pectin) could delay the absorption of your dog’s prescribed medication.

Proviable capsules should be given 1 to 2 hours apart from antibiotic medications so that the antibiotics will perform as they should.

Allergic reactions and sensitivity

Dogs with a suppressed immune system, or those that are very ill, vomiting, and severely dehydrated should not be given Proviable.

The KP paste contained in the kits formulation of the drug should not be used longer than 48-72 hours unless prescribed by the veterinarian. The kaolin and pectin found in the KP paste may cause constipation.

Frequently asked questions 

What is in Proviable?

Proviable contains live probiotic microorganisms. Probiotics and prebiotics, along with other ingredients (like kaolin and pectin), work to make the stools firm. The viable bacteria (5 billion colony forming units in a capsule and  0.5 billion per gram in the paste) aid in returning gut flora to normal levels after illnesses like chronic bowel issues, and incidences such as dietary indiscretion.

Can I give my dog yogurt instead of Proviable?

Although yogurt contains probiotic bacteria, the concentrations in yogurt are not often enough to return balance to the digestive system, particularly when the problem is notable. Also, not all strains of bacteria in yogurt are live or beneficial to canines.

Do I need a prescription for Proviable?

It is always recommended to get probiotic products like Proviable from the veterinarian instead of buying on-the-shelf products. Doing so ensures that you are getting probiotics as they are listed on the packaging. Some not-so-reputable brands do not always include in their products exactly what the label may say. This can mean that your dog is not benefitting as they would from a trusted product like Proviable. 

Aren’t the probiotics in my dog’s food enough?

Quality dog food is important. But the probiotics added to food may be changed by the processing of the food when manufactured. The number of probiotics may be too low to provide the necessary benefits. Proviable offers a high concentration of live bacteria.

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© 2024 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.