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How to Keep a Dog Warm at Night


By Tim Falk

Published: 06/01/2021, edited: 11/18/2021

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Published: 6/1/2021

When summer becomes a distant memory and the temperature starts to drop, you need to turn your attention to keeping yourself and your fur-baby warm. Keeping warm will help your pet keep illness at bay, relieve joint pain in arthritic dogs, and generally help them stay happy and healthy all winter long. 

Of course, beating the winter chill can be particularly challenging on those long, cold nights. So what can you do to keep your dog warm at night? Keep reading to find out.

Bring them inside

The easiest way to keep your dog warm on those cold winter nights is to bring them inside with you. Some breeds are simply unable to cope with the chilly conditions and it’s not safe to leave them outside, with hypothermia a very real risk. But even if your pooch is equipped to deal with the cold stuff, they’ll still feel a whole lot more comfortable inside with you.

So find a spot for your pooch in your climate-controlled home — not only will they love being toasty warm, but they’ll also develop a stronger bond with the rest of the family.

Protect them against the elements (if they’re outside)

Some dogs, for various reasons, have to sleep outside. So if your pup isn’t going to be bedding down for the night under your roof, what can you do to help keep them snug while outside?

The key thing every dog needs is shelter. Whether that’s a kennel, a special doghouse, or even some other type of outbuilding, your dog needs somewhere warm and dry where they can get out of the elements. Protection from the wind and rain are musts, but there are a few other things in this list that can also help your dog stave off the winter chill.

Get a heated pet bed

If you really want to take your dog’s winter warmth to the next level, why not invest in a heated bed? They provide the “pawfect” spot for dogs that want somewhere warm and toasty to snuggle up on those cold winter’s nights. There are heated and self-warming options available, and they can make such a difference when the mercury drops that their bed will become your pup’s favorite spot in the whole house.

Raise their bed up off the ground

Another simple but effective way to stop the winter chill from setting in is to raise your dog’s bed off the ground. Trampoline-style beds are a great way to get your dog up and away from the cold tiles, not to mention away from any drafts that may be blowing into the room. They can be a particularly good choice for older dogs that suffer from arthritis, preventing the stiffness that can make it difficult (and painful) for arthritic pooches to get going in the morning.

Provide warm bedding

If you’ve got a puppy or your dog is just an enthusiastic chewer, be wary of giving them things like soft toys or blankets. Anything that can be easily chewed up (and could potentially cause a blockage or be a choking hazard) is off-limits until your pup has learned to only munch on appropriate items like their favorite chew toy.

But if they can be trusted not to chow down on something they shouldn’t, a snuggly and cozy blanket is a great addition to your pet’s bed. No matter whether you have two legs or four, there’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself up like a burrito and settling in for the night.

Consider some doggy pajamas

Not every dog is thrilled at the prospect of donning their winter woolies, but if your dog is happy getting all dressed up in their best cold-weather gear, why not consider getting them a cozy winter jacket to wear to bed? This will provide an extra layer of warmth for your dog on those particularly frosty nights and is an essential consideration for any pooch that sleeps outside. 

Best of all, your pup will look oh so adorable modeling their new sleepwear!

Stop drafts

If you’ve ever spent a night trying to sleep in a room where there’s a cold wind blowing under the door, you’ll know just how much warmer a room can be without drafts. And these cold gusts of air are especially noticeable for dogs who sleep down at ground level.

So shop around for a draft protector you can place at the bottom of the door, or maybe even consider making one yourself. It’s a simple touch that can make a big difference to your dog’s overall comfort levels.

Consider indoor bathroom breaks

If you live in an extremely cold climate, the idea of heading outside to answer the call of nature can be extremely unappealing for any dog. That’s why some pet parents like to give their dog the option of an indoor toileting area with a specially designed indoor doggy potty pad. They’re not for everyone and will need regular cleaning to prevent them becoming too stinky, but some dogs really do appreciate not having to brave the freezing conditions when they need to take care of business.

Heat up with a hot water bottle

A staple in beds all around the country for many a winter, hot water bottles can also be a very welcome addition to pet beds. Make sure to use warm rather than hot water, choose a product that’s nice and durable, and only give it to a dog that isn’t going to chew on their bottle in the middle of the night. The same goes for doggy toys that can be heated up in the microwave before being placed in bed — they can be a great winter warmer for a dog, but only if your pup isn’t going to try and tear them open and feast on their insides.

Cuddle up!

Of course, what better way is there to keep your pooch warm at night than to snuggle up beside them? Whether you’re on the couch or they’re climbing into bed beside you, nothing beats cuddle time with your furry friend. 

So when the mercury starts to drop this winter, we certainly won’t blame you if you resort to a little cuddle time to help your dog stay warm. In fact, we encourage it!

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