Top 10 Dog Breeds in New York, NY

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There are over half a million dogs in New York City. That's two million paws pounding the city sidewalks when their pet parents take them on walks. That's a fact which will probably make you paws for thought. Just goes to show that those sophisticated city slickers are just great big pup-loving softies at heart. 

New York pups are lucky ones. They've got over forty off-leash parks to run around in, and in Central Park, they've got twenty-three lush, dog fur-endly areas where they can mix and mingle off-leash with other pups. But what breeds are you most likely to see romping through New York City?

#1 Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one great big bundle of pawsome love, but they do need some space. They make a puptastic family addition if you're lucky enough to live near a dog-friendly park or off-leash area. Yep, these pups come complete with a high energy level, and they need regular pup-sercise.

#2 Pitbull

Pitbulls are so super pawsomely affectionate, though they look to be made of nothing more than muscle. They are a puptastic pet if you've got a backyard or are near to NYC's many parks. This puptastic breed requires regular exercising to keep them out of mischief, so plenty of walks and dog parks for this pup!

#3 Chihuahua

The cute and charismatic Chihuahua is among the favorite breeds in New York City. This minuscule mutt has more personality than poundage and knows just how to rule the roost. Chihuahua pups are always in charge. They make the perfect companion for pet parents who live in apartment blocks.
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#4 Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu pups are pawsome pint-sized bundles of furry fun with a know it all, been there, seen it, done it attitude. This puptastic long-haired breed doesn't need much square footage of living space,  preferring to sit or sleep on their pet parents lap than be in their own bed.

#5 Lab Mix

A more faithful pet than one that's a Lab Mix breed would be almost impossible to imagine. Whatever the mix, the Lab characteristics are always dominant, and they make pawsome family additions if you have children. They love long walks, especially hiking, and a swim when they can get one.

#6 Goldendoodle

A cross between the friendly Golden Retriever and intelligent Poodle, Goldendoodles are the pawfect companions for a fun day out in the Big Apple. This affectionate hybrid breed is sure to make friends wherever they go, whether you take them for a walk in Central Park or bring them along for lunch at one of NYC's many dog-friendly restaurants!

#7 French Bulldog

Since the film Men In Black made the French Bulldog mega popular, you'll find when you're taking your doggo on walks through your NYC neighborhood that people will stop to admire your Frenchie. Small and lovable, these pups are perfect for small space living, which is abundant in this bustling city!

#8 Mutt

Who doesn't love a Mutt? Whatever breeds got together to create a mutt, they are some of the most pawsomely adorable dogs you can have. Mutts come in various shapes and sizes, so it's guaranteed you'll find one you love. They are super smart and known to be very loyal too.

#9 Maltese

The Maltese breed is a puptastic choice of fur friend for those who live in smaller premises. They're bouncy, bonnie and not short on intelligence. On average, they weigh less than ten pounds when fully grown, and they shed next to no hair. That's pawsome if you suffer from allergies.

#10 Beagle

Curious and happy-go-lucky, the Beagle is always up for an adventure in the big city! Furtunately, they're just the right size to fit in a carrier, so you can take them on the subway with you. Because they were originally bred to hunt, Beagles have an excellent sense of smell, and will definitely enjoy trips to NYC's dog bakeries!