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5 Best Dog Parks in Denver, CO


Written by Leslie Ingraham

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Published: 05/20/2022, edited: 06/03/2022


With around 158,000 dogs living in Denver, about 18,000 more than the number of children, it's clear that this mountain town loves its pups! With access to on-leash parks, furbulous campgrounds and dog-friendly trails for you and your fur kid to enjoy, including the convenient Washington Park Loop that features paths pawrfect for easy walks, runs, and bike rides with your fur baby, doggos in this muttropolis have it made. And with several dog parks, and more in the works, Denver is a pup-friendly city waiting to be explored!

Dog parks are impawtant resources for the Denver neighborhoods they’re in, providing safe places for pooches to run, play and socialize with their canine peers. Let’s take a look at our top picks for the 5 Best Dog Parks in Denver to help you and your dog find your new pupperdise!

Kennedy Dog Park

Neighborhood: Kennedy

Kennedy Dog Park is located in southeast Denver and boasts a large, fully-fenced doggy oasis for puppers who need to burn off some energy. If your furry friend loves to play but isn’t especially high energy, there’s a separate area for them, too. With all the essentials, such as bottled water and bowls, and clean-up bags, fencing and double gates to guard their safety, this is a furvorite amongst pup parents. 

For the dogs, though, it's all about exploring, and this park has a lot for your pooch to sniff. Shade trees and boulders to climb on dot the expansive three-acre park, which is covered in a sandy dirt surface that can become muddy. Runners won't run out of space, and doggos who need a moment away from the crowd can also find a spot to relax. Kennedy Park also features a small shelter with some seating for dog parents to get out of the sun on warm days. A little sunscreen for cavorting pooches on their ears, nose, and other exposed areas can help avert sunburn. Surrounded by countryside, Kennedy Dog Park is sure to get out the wiggles and give you both a breather from the busy city. 

Railyard Dog Park

Neighborhood: Union Station

Denverites who talk about Railyard Dog Park often gush about its convenient location in the heart of downtown. They also like its size which allows dogs to run at full speed, and the artistic pavilion set up on the patio inside the park. The pavilion provides shade as well as a couple of tables and benches for people comfort. Railyard Dog Park is also the only dog park in the city that’s lighted for evening visits.

Another plus for this off-leash park is the availability of 2-hour free parking on adjacent streets. Its separate high- and low-energy sections allow pup parents to tailor their doggo’s play experience to their style. An interesting feature of this park is the actual railyard right next to the fence. The sound of an approaching train can stop every dog in their tracks, but soon they can go back to their romp. Railyard Dog Park is the pawrfect spot in the city for fun, safe doggy exercise and socialization. Bark on over today!

two dogs running in a dog park - 5 Best Dog Parks in Denver, CO

Carla Madison Park Dog Park

Neighborhood: City Park

The Carla Madison Dog Park is another downtown park that calls to neighborhood pups to come and play. With free parking on local streets, this medium-sized playground hits the spot at any time of the day. Creature comforts include benches near the fence and under the shade trees, along with waste bag stations and a dual water fountain. Double entry gates ensure your pup is safe from traffic and the high fence discourages any jumpers looking to attempt an escape.

Large boulders placed here and there are pawrfect spots to sit on when Fido’s had enough zooming and rolling on the paw-furiendly pebbled sand surface. The rocks also provide a super vantage point for checking out the action. The wide-open space makes for a furtastic training area, especially for lessons about ignoring distractions and coming when called! 

If your pup still has some kick left when you’re ready to depart, take advantage of the serene walks and green spaces in City Park just across the street. Fido must be leashed in this park, where city sounds are replaced by bird chirps along the grass and walking paths.

Berkeley Dog Park

Neighborhood: Berkeley

Looking for a lovely spot to play in the heart of the city? Nestled in a corner of the lovely Berkely Lake Park is where you’ll find Berkely Dog Park. Covering two acres of fenced land, this puppy playground is where fur kids in the Berkeley neighborhood want to gather for boisterous play and socializing with their furry pals. If your smaller or shy pup brings you to this park, consider giving them access to the lower energy section where they can play at their own pace.

The pea gravel surface under-paw provides grrreat traction, and pooches' paws won’t get muddy if there’s a rainstorm. With views of the Berkely Lake, there's plenty of space to cavort and let off some steam. Volunteer caretakers of this park bring furrific tennis balls and water, but dog parents can bring their own if they choose. The same applies to the clean-up bags they provide. For a lively, tail-wagging good time, bring your pup to Berkely Dog Park today!

Lowry Dog Park

Neighborhood: Lowry Field

A doggy paradise located near Lowry Airforce Base, Lowry Dog Park’s huge area is a ¼-mile leashed walk from the pawking lot. Once you and Fido arrive, you’ll understand why the short walk was well worth it. This park fulfills every pupper’s dream: lots of room to run on a grass and sand surface that treats their paws kindly. If Mom or Dad remembers to bring some toys to fetch, you’ll be sure to keep them busy, too!

Waste bags and water aren’t provided so pup parents will have to bring those. While the pooches play, why not relax on one of the benches scattered around the park, while you keep a sharp eye on Fido and monitor how well everyone’s getting along? Before you go to this park, consider whether your shy or small pup will get along playing around with bigger, more energetic doggos, as there’s no special small/low energy section.

big chocolate brown dog sitting near mountains in Denver

Rules and Petiquette

The city of Denver has made all of their dog park rules and etiquette reminders consistent across all 12 parks. This makes it easy to remember them no mutter which play haven you choose. Included in those rules are:

  • Check for “condition status” signs that indicate how well the park is being maintained by users. Parks with unfilled holes and piles of doggy doo may be closed indefinitely.
  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered, except dogs with a Denver Intact Permit.
  • A current Denver dog license tag must be attached to the dog’s collar.
  • A current rabies vaccination is required. 
  • Dogs who furget their manners and are aggressive or persistently harass other dogs should be removed from the park.
  • Female dogs in heat aren’t permitted.
  • Children under the age of 10 must stay outside the fence.
  • Waste must be picked up and discarded immediately.
  • Human food is not welcome inside the park, but dog treats are!

Be sure to check entrance signs for a current list of regulations, or visit the Denver Parks and Recreation website for more information.

If your pup needs to learn some dog park petiquette, book an in-home dog training session with Wag! before you visit.

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