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5 Simple Reasons Golden Retrievers are the Best Family Dogs


Written by Kim Rain

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Published: 02/03/2021, edited: 01/25/2023


With their signature yellow-gold coat and calm nature, the Golden Retriever has been a staple in families for generations. And if you’ve ever met one, it’s easy to see why! Eager to please and playful, these active pups capture our hearts with their silly antics, their sweet demeanors and their love that knows no bounds. 

Originally bred to be a gundog and retriever, Golden Retrievers quickly gained a reputation as great family dogs due to their sunny disposition and affinity for people. Today, these spectacular pooches are the third most popular dog in the U.S., but for families, Golden Retrievers are #1! 

Here are the top 5 reasons why Golden Retrievers make the best family dogs!

Golden Retriever cuddling with a gray cat - 5 Simple Reasons Golden Retrievers are the Best Family Dogs

Goldens are friendly

And when we say friendly, we mean it! Your Golden wants to be your buddy, and the kids’ best friend, and snuggle up with the cat, and befriend the other dogs in the house too. In fact, anyone who comes into this pooch’s orbit will be subjected to lots of love and affection! Want a guard dog? You’ll have no such luck with a Golden Retriever, as they are more likely to lick a robber than chase them out of the house. Often, they view human kids as their siblings, and can play rough, but a bit of training can ensure they restrain from biting during play. With the right upbringing, Goldens will be calm and gentle companions for the entire family.

Golden Retriever running outside

Goldens are active

Bred as working dogs, Goldens are always ready for action, and have the energy and stamina to outlast you in any activity. If you are planning to go hiking or camping, your Golden will be the first one at the door for the adventure. Enjoy swimming? Goldens love to swim, and that double coat of theirs was made for it! Do the kids play sports? Your excitable Retriever would love nothing more than to catch balls, play soccer or even engage in a rousing game of flag football. Goldens were made for active lifestyles, and they’ll love joining you for any activity your family enjoys.

Service Cream Golden Retriever bringing a paper to woman

Goldens are intelligent

Ever wonder why so many service dogs are Golden Retrievers? It’s because these dogs are so incredibly intelligent and easy to train. From sports, to scent tracking, to service and therapy work, this breed can do it all. With their keen sense of smell, problem-solving skills and pawmazing attention to the needs of their humans, Golden Retrievers show their cleverness at work and at home. While you can easily train a Golden to help with chores or new commands, they can also learn to alert you if there’s a problem with the kids, or even help Grandma stand up.

Young boy hugging Golden Retriever

Goldens are loyal

This Retriever seriously loves their family. Goldens always want to be where you are, and do whatever you are doing. Often becoming ‘Velcro’ dogs, Goldens thrive on attention and contact with us. While this can be annoying to some pet pawrents, a Golden’s loyalty can also mean that they will stay close to you in any situation, reducing the risk of getting lost. They will also be the first ones to comfort a family member when they are ill or sad, and will work hard to make them feel better.

Golden Retriever relaxing on cement front porch

Goldens are adaptable

No matter what kind of family you have, a Golden will fit right in. Big kids, little kids, large or small family, it makes no difference to a Golden. Got other pets? They’ll soon be your Golden’s best pals. Do you live in a house with a yard, or a small apartment on the tenth floor? Your Golden can adapt to any living situation, so long as you provide enough exercise to satisfy their active natures. Whatever kind of life you live, and however you live it, your Golden will be happy to be by your side.

With so many woofderful traits, it’s easy to fall in love with a Golden Retriever! And if you share your home with one, show them just how much they mean to your family with these 5 Ways to Spoil them!

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