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5 Ways to Spoil Your Golden on National Golden Retriever Day


Written by Kim Rain

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Published: 02/03/2021, edited: 02/07/2023


Who doesn’t love a Golden Retriever? From Hollywood movies to our own backyards, these playful pups have captured our hearts with their sunny dispositions and gorgeous yellow-gold coats, and forever remind us that dogs really are man’s best furiend!

Bred to hunt waterfowl, Golden Retrievers displayed a calm and gentle nature early in their development, which made them excellent family dogs. Over the last century, Goldens have cemented their place in our homes, becoming one of the most pupular dog breeds in the U.S.!

February 3rd is National Golden Retriever Day, and a pawfect time to show the golden canine pal in your life how pawsome you think they are. Read more on how you can spoil your fur-baby today! 

Golden Retriever running with toy in mouth - 5 Ways to Spoil Your Golden on National Golden Retriever Day

Play a game with your Golden

Playful by nature, these pups have a high-energy level and are ready for action anytime. While they’ll love to retrieve for you all day long, try something new to get your Golden really excited! A fun game of soccer or flag football with the kids is sure to get that tail wagging. Or how about a game with the whole family, such as hide and seek? Your pooch will love spending more time with you, and the mental and physical stimulation can turn this day into something truly memorable!

Golden Retriever getting some training outside

Teach your Golden a new command for fun

Many of us reserve training for behavior or tricks, but some commands can actually be fun for your puptastic pal! Training your dog to “Go Find” can get their sniffer engaged in a scavenger hunt. Teach them to track the kids in the backyard, or even to ride a bike to give them new and exciting outdoor activities. And if your Golden is sporty, you can teach them agility sports and watch them excel! Training reinforces the bond with your pup, and the right commands can open up a new world of fun your dog can enjoy for a lifetime.

Golden Retriever cuddling up in new bed

Buy your Golden a new bed

Goldens are big and energetic dogs who often deal with joint problems later in life. Every time they bound around in fun, they are putting a lot of pressure on those joints and muscles. That’s where a quality bed can make all the difference. Spoil your pup with an orthopedic or memory foam bed that supports those joints and is just the right size for your large pooch to give them the ultimate in rest and relaxation! Not only will you reduce possible joint issues for the future, but your pup will be dreaming in comforted bliss!

Golden Retriever puppy chewing on new toy

Up your Golden's toy game

Goldens are highly intelligent, and since they were bred to be working dogs, they need a lot of activity. While walks and rousing games of fetch work their bodies, they also need mental exercises to keep boredom at bay. Spoil your pup with a puzzle toy that truly engages their problem-solving skills by requiring they move flaps, open doors and figure out how to get the treats hidden inside. Several kinds are available for beginners to experts, and you can even make your own puzzle toys with materials on hand.

cupcakes made for dogs with little bone treats on top

Make your Golden a special treat

Dogs love to eat, and Goldens are no exception! Craft a delicious homemade treat for your loyal pooch with flavors they’ll go nuts over. Got a retriever who’ll do anything for peanut butter? Find a new peanutbuttery treat, ice cream or pupcake they’ll be sure to love. If they prefer other flavors, spoil them with pumpkin, apples, bacon and other scrumptious ingredients with these furbulous cookie recipes! And if cuddle time is on the menu at the end of National Golden Retriever Day, curl up with your pup for a tasty brew of dog-safe Hot “Chocolate” or a Pumpkin Spice Latte.


Show your Golden Retriever how superbly woofderful they are by making this National Golden Retriever Day something to remember! 

Share your favorite moment with your Golden Retriever in our comments section below, and tag #wagwalking or @wag on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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Here are some ways to spoil your Golden on National Golden Retriever Day: Buy your Golden a new toy or treat Take your Golden to a dog-friendly restaurant or cafe Give your Golden a special grooming session or spa day
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