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5 Ways to Spoil Your Weiner Dog on National Dachshund Day


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 06/21/2022, edited: 06/21/2022


Dachshunds certainly have one of the most distinctive figures of all dog breeds. With their long bodies, one-of-a-kind bark, and endless bravery, it's easy to see how these diminutive doggos stole our hearts. 

For decades, Dachshunds have been hugely popular with people. Originally bred to hunt badgers, Dachshunds have taken plenty of "world's firsts" for woofers. A Dachshund was the first-ever Olympic mascot and the first dog breed to be cloned!

June 21 is National Dachshund Day, so there's no better time to show your Weiner Dog they're wonderful. Check out these 5 brilliant ways to spoil a Dachshund!

Build your Dachshund a digging pit

Any Dachshund pet parent with a garden will know how much Dachshunds love to dig. This instinctual behavior stems from your Doxie wanting to dig up badger burrows. 

While this may be instinctual behavior, you probably don't want your doggo ruining your flower beds or digging under your fence. So what can you do to let your Dachshund have a dig? 

The answer's simple — build a digging pit in your backyard! Fill a hole with loose soil or sand and mark it with bricks so your Doxie knows where to dig. You can even bury toys in their digging pit so your Doxie can go on a treasure hunt!

Just make sure your pup knows where they're supposed to dig. This is a great way to spoil your Dachshund as they'll be able to dig all day long. Plus, they won't wreck your garden. Win-win!

Train your Dachshund to speak with buttons

It's no secret that Dachshunds are very vocal and have one of the loudest barks of any small dog breeds — that's why they make great guard dogs! You'd be easily fooled into thinking a Dachshund was a pup several times their size based on their bark.

Try button training if you're searching for a way to get your Dachshund to stop barking. Do a quick search on the web, and you'll come across adorable videos of pups using buttons with recorded messages to talk to their pet parents. 

Dachshunds are stubborn yet intelligent, so your pup will pick how to use these buttons with a little persistence. Once trained, your Dachshund will love using these buttons to communicate, and it should (hopefully) cut back on their loud barking!

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black dachshund dog with long stick in their mouth | national spoil your dachshund day

Host a longest Dachshund competition

National Dachshund Day is right at the start of summer, so why not plan a unique Doxie-themed party? If you know other pet parents with Dachshunds, or you're part of a local Dachshund group, invite some other pups over for a "Longest Dachshund" competition. 

You can set out some dog treats and even let your pups cool off in a dog-friendly paddling pool. While the pups play, you can take advantage of the weather and enjoy a barbecue with the pet parents. 

Then, when you're ready, gather up your pups and break out the measuring tape to see whose Doxie is the longest. You can even prepare a tiny trophy or award for the longest Dachshund!

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Bake homemade tasty treats for your Dachshund

Dachshunds are super food motivated, so nothing says "I love you" like some tasty homemade treats for your fur-baby. There are tons of creative canine-friendly treat recipes that your Dachshund will enjoy, from simple peanut butter snacks to mutt-friendly muffins.

As National Dachshund Day is in the summer, you could even consider making frozen treats for your dog to help them cool off. These recipes are usually simple and usually involve freezing some dog-safe yogurt and fruit in an ice cube tray. (Try to opt for an all-natural yogurt with no added sugar.)

Your Doxie is sure to enjoy chowing down on whatever you make, and these treats will be super helpful for softening up your stubborn pup during training sessions.

brown dachshund dog lying on a pink blanket

Curl up with your Dachshund for a Doxie-themed movie marathon

Dachshunds are very social fur-babies who get upset when they don't get to spend much time with their favorite people. So, there's no better way to spoil your Dachshund than gathering the family, turning on your favorite movie, and cuddling up with your canine compadre.

You could even pick out a selection of films starring Weiner Dogs. There are plenty of cartoon capers out there starring Dachshunds, like the Toy Story series and The Secret Life of Pets. Or, stick to a genre and round up some side-splitting comedies or heart-warming romance flicks. 

Whatever movies you choose, your Dachshund will feel spoiled just cuddling and spending time with their pet parents!

Do you have an adorable Doxie you love to spoil? Share pics with us in the comments or on social media @wag!

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