How to Trim a Dog's Paw Pads

15 - 30 Minutes
1 Month


Keeping the fur trimmed between your dog's paw pads not only helps give you a view of any potential injuries your dog may have between these paw pads, but it also gives your dog less fur to chew on when he licks and chews at his paws. Paw injuries are very common, so keeping this area clean and neatly trimmed will aid in keeping your dog's paw pads healthy. Keeping this fur trimmed short can help keep your dog’s paw clean of debris and excessive mud, dirt, and snow stuck in between his paw pads.

Dog's Perspective

This is a tender area. No matter how tough the pads appear, your dog may be wary of you touching the space between his pads, especially with scissors or a trimmer. He may be apprehensive of the sound and feel of clippers, but you can calm him with a soft voice and proper training.

Caution & Considerations

  • Be cautious of the skin around his paw pads.
  • Your dog may have large or small webbed feet underneath all the fur. Pay careful attention to his skin, so you do not nick him.
  • If you do happen to accidentally nick your dog’s tender skin, you can use styptic powder to stop bleeding and control any burning or pain. From your kitchen, corn starch may also help stop the bleeding.
  • You will have to point the tips of scissors into the space between your dog’s paw pads. Be careful to use a steady hand, so your dog is not accidentally poked.
  • Other than the fur between the toes, while using scissors, try to keep them flat and parallel against your dog’s skin and paw pads.
  • If your dog is nervous and won’t stay still, have a friend help you ease his anxieties.
  • If you do not have any help, consider having your dog on a leash or harness and tethered to a solid surface, so he is unable to move.
  • Trust that, over time, your dog will get used to this procedure and will become more relaxed. The more you do it, the easier it will become for you as well. 


Pad your grooming resume with this neat paw pad fur retrieval trick. Learning how to maintain your dog’s paws and the fur growth between his paw pads can help keep him healthy and your house safe from debris and bacteria. You never know when your dog may need to have pretty toes and well-groomed feet. Beside keeping dirt and bacteria away from his paws, he may want to also appear quite fetching.

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