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Wag! makes living on the go possible for busy dog owners like you by connecting you with our community of certified dog walkers and dog sitters in Manhattan, New York you can hire for dog walking, dog sitting, or dog boarding services whenever you need them. Book with confidence knowing your pup is guaranteed to be in the care of a loving, experienced pet care professional. All dog walking and dog sitting services on Wag! are fully insured, bonded and come with fur-tastic customer support.

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Book a walk on Wag!, and for every dog walked, Wag! will make a donation to feed a shelter dog.

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Wag! Has Certified Dog Walkers & Dog Sitters Like These Living Right Here in Manhattan, New York

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Kips Bay
Play Wag Video 1 Manhattan, Kips Bay Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 1
Hi, My name is Chris Barclay and I live in Murray Hill Manhattan. I have grown up caring for dogs since as long as I can remember. I always had a huge passion for animals. Dogs tend to really love me so I thought it was only right love them back. I have volunteered at animal shelters and caring for dogs in my neighborhood. It puts a huge smile on my face when I see a dog wag its tail at me! I have a huge passion for technology and Wag really puts technology to use making a dog walking service seamlessly easy.
Financial District
Play Wag Video 2 Manhattan, Financial District Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 2
Hi, my name is Thomas Hanna! I live in the Financial District of Manhattan and I walk dogs there too! I grew up on a farm and had five dogs so that's where I got most of my experience from! I've had big dogs and small dogs from terriers to German Sheppards so whatever type of breed your dog is I know how to handle it! Book me for you dog walking needs!
Play Wag Video 3 Manhattan, Chelsea Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 3
Hi, my name is Samantha Jenkins, I have had four years of dog walking and dog sitting experience. I started out when I was a freshman in high school by pet sitting for neighbors in the community. Eventually, I grew clientele and started doing dog walks and pet sitting over night at client's houses. I have two dogs of my own, a King Charles Spaniel and a Beagle. I cannot wait to meet your furry friends and go on fun walks with them!
Financial District
Play Wag Video 4 Manhattan, Financial District Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 4
Hi there, I'm Kristyn! Originally from Connecticut, now living and going to school in FiDi. I have plenty of experience in caring for animals and walking dogs, starting from the age of 8 when I used my entrepreneurial expertise and posted ads for my dog walking services on every telephone pole in my neighborhood. A couple years later my family finally gave in and adopted our own rescue. Since then, aside from caring for my own pup, I've been dog sitting and walking for family and friends and have had the chance to foster displaced dogs and help them find their forever home. Looking forward to meeting you and yours!
Play Wag Video 5 Manhattan, Nolita Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 5
Hello! My name is Danielle and I am a senior at NYU studying communications. I grew up with dogs (two cocker spaniels and a lab), have volunteered at animal shelters and have 2+ years of dog walking experience. I can't wait to walk, pet and hang out with your pup someday soon!
Play Wag Video 6 Brooklyn, Bedford-Stuyvesant Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 6
My name is Braylen and I am an energetic, fun-loving person. My main goal as a Wag walker, is to ensure your dog's needs are attended to and that your dog is happy, comfortable and always first. I'm eager to share my passion and excitement of dog walking with the next adorable pup!
Play Wag Video 7 Brooklyn, Bushwick Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 7
I grew up in a rural farming community in East Texas surrounded by dogs, horses, cats, birds, and everything in-between! Since I was very young, my family has rescued and adopted least a dozen dogs of various breeds and personalities, so there's nothing I can't handle. I moved to NYC in 2013 to pursue more opportunities in the art world and dog walking has made that possible for me. It's a wonderful job that brings me joy, furry friends to play with, and a little slice of home!
Kips Bay
Play Wag Video 8 Manhattan, Kips Bay Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 8
Hi, I’m Hannah and I want to be your dog walker! I just moved to New York to do neuroscience research at Mount Sinai Hospital and still needed my puppy fix. I live on the Upper East Side and am willing to walk dogs anywhere in Manhattan. I have cared for animals my entire life but dogs are by far my favorite. I have walked dogs of all sizes and with all kinds of temperaments. I have had experience with dogs that have separation anxiety and know how to make them feel more comfortable with strangers. I look forward to getting to know your dog and being a reliable dog walker for your family!
Midtown East
Play Wag Video 9 Manhattan, Midtown East Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 9
Hi, my name is Tommy and I currently live in Midtown Manhattan. I have lived in the NYC area for the majority of my life, and owned dogs for all of my life. I currently am an owner of a three year old husky, so I know the hardships of owning a dog in the city and the importance of finding a reliable dog walker. I have past professional walking experience and plan on treating your dog in the same why I would want my dog to be treated. I hope to hear from you soon and have the opportunity to meet and take care of your dog!
Ukrainian Village
Play Wag Video 10 Manhattan, Ukrainian Village Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 10
Hello! My name is Kristian Wilken, and I'm super excited to be joining the Wag team! I currently live in the East Village and go to school in Midtown East. I'm attending Marymount Manhattan College for acting and creative writing, and I'm living in my school's dorms in the East Village so I'm available to walk all over Manhattan! I've grown up with dogs in my family, one being a Bichon Frise and the other a Jack Russell Terrier, but my experience goes beyond ownership. I've taken care of dogs since I was a child into my adolescence; whether it was merely just taking them out to pee to even staying overnight for weeks at a time. No matter the size or breed, I've always been loving towards dogs. I look forward to meeting you and your special friend!
Crown Heights
Play Wag Video 11 Brooklyn, Crown Heights Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 11
With over 15 years of experience caring for dogs, I would love to be your on-demand dog walker. Although I currently live in Brooklyn, I spend a lot of time in Manhattan, so I am very flexible. My experience includes raising dogs with my family, working as a sitter and walker, as well as caring for my friends' dogs. I have cared for many dogs of all sizes ranging from Labradors to New Foundlands to Siberian Huskies. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you!
Washington Heights
Play Wag Video 12 Manhattan, Washington Heights Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 12
Hello, New York! My name is Sam, I'm living in Washington Heights and I'm currently available to walk dogs all over Manhattan. Growing up in rural New Hampshire, dogs were and still are an extremely important part of my family. As the oldest in my neighborhood, I was the resident dog walker/sitter! The newest addition to my family's household is our two-year old black Labrador, Reuben. He is so playful, loving, and very full of energy! So please, sit back, relax, and know that your canine companion is in good hands. I'm so looking forward to meeting you and your dog! Book me now!

Wag! Manhattan, New York Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters Give You the Flexibility to Live On The Go!

Finding a dog walker, or dog sitter in Manhattan, New York can be hard, especially at times you need them most, like when you're at work, stuck in traffic, or want to take a much deserved last minute vacation. Wag! makes living on the go possible for busy dog owners like you by connecting you with reliable and trustworthy dog lovers with pet care experience living in your local community you can hire on-demand for dog walking, dog boarding, or dog sitting. Wag! is like having a dog loving neighbor in Manhattan, New York at your beck and call to look after your dog whenever you need!

Dog owners regularly using Wag! dog walkers and dog sitters in Manhattan, New York have left over37109 reviews, giving our certfied pet care professionals an impressive average customer rating of 4.94/5 stars!

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