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Wag! makes living on the go possible for busy dog owners like you by connecting you with our community of certified dog walkers and dog sitters in Queens, New York you can hire for dog walking, dog sitting, or dog boarding services whenever you need them. Book with confidence knowing your pup is guaranteed to be in the care of a loving, experienced pet care professional. All dog walking and dog sitting services on Wag! are fully insured, bonded and come with fur-tastic customer support.

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Book a walk on Wag!, and for every dog walked, Wag! will make a donation to feed a shelter dog.

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Wag! Has Certified Dog Walkers & Dog Sitters Like These Living Right Here in Queens, New York

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Play Wag Video 1 Brooklyn, Greenpoint Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 1
Hi, I'm Paul Minigiello and I'm excited to start walking your dog. Growing up my family owned and operated a dog kennel in upstate NY, which most of my free time was dedicated to working there. I also have been working as a professional dog walker in Brooklyn for the past 2 years. When I'm not walking dogs I perform improv comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade and many other theaters
Financial District
Play Wag Video 2 Manhattan, Financial District Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 2
Hi! My name is Connor and I’m a dog walker based in Manhattan with Wag. I have always lived with animals and volunteered at various animal shelters in Arizona, which is where I’m originally from. I grew up with a Golden Retriever and a Vizsla who both loved to run around and play in the Arizona sun. I’m currently in New York studying musical theatre at Pace University. I have a great compassion for animals and would love to get to know your dog and walk them whenever you need. I know your dog is important and you can absolutely trust me to care for your special friend.
Hamilton Heights
Play Wag Video 3 Manhattan, Hamilton Heights Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 3
I am a dog lover and have owned dogs my entire life. I am an experienced dog walker and have professionally walked a colleague's dog for two years, as well as have walked and sat for friend's and family's dogs on several occasions. I work well with all types of dogs. Additionally, I am a vegan and passionate about animal welfare.
Lenox Hill
Play Wag Video 4 Manhattan, Lenox Hill Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 4
Hi, my name is Sean and I'm the dog walker for you! I like long walks on the beach... with my pug Molly, but would love to take your dog for a stroll as well (we're currently seeing other dogs). I'm originally from Rhode Island and have been in New York for the past two and a half years, currently in the Upper East Side. I often go for walks through Central Park and runs along the East River, both perfect locations for giving your dog some fresh air. Growing up we always had dogs in my household and I am comfortable with all kinds, big and small. So allow me to introduce myself to your pooch and we'll become fast friends.
Play Wag Video 5 Manhattan, UWS Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 5
Hello fellow dog owners! My name is Devin and I would absolutely LOVE the chance to hang out with your dog! I have grown up always having dogs in my life, and now that I’m living on my own in NYC, I have come to find that I really miss having dogs around me all the time. I have been the go-to neighborhood dog walker/sitter in just about every place I’ve ever lived. I have experience with all kinds of dogs- I grew up with German Shepherds, and currently have a Shepherd-Boxer mix and a Basset Hound mix back home in DC. My Shepherd-Boxer is a little complicated, doesn’t really like people or other dogs very much. So don’t worry if your dog is a little shy or leash-aggressive- I’m sure it’s nothing I haven’t seen before!
Alphabet City
Play Wag Video 6 Manhattan, Alphabet City Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 6
Hey! My name is Madison, I’m originally from San Diego and have been living in New York City for 2 years. Dogs have always been a huge part of my life! Some of my favorite childhood memories involve my golden retriever Rocky. In college I volunteered at the Humane Society as well as got my own dog, Julian. Last year I was a professional dog walker in Brooklyn Heights and am familiar with handling dogs in the crowded NYC streets. Cant wait to meet your pet!
Play Wag Video 7 Brooklyn, Bedford-Stuyvesant Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 7
Hi, my name is Emma and I live in Brooklyn with my 2 rescue pups named Oliver and Thatcher. I have spent lots of time with dogs with a variety of personalities, having grown up with Gordon Setters, spent time handling dogs for show, adopting my 2 mixed-breed dogs, and fostering an anxious-aggressive dog who was abandoned during Hurricane Sandy. I'm a professional, friendly and caring dog walker, ready to help out with your pup. I am comfortable with dogs of all sizes, going for walks and/or runs, and administering medication. Just let me know your pup needs!
Play Wag Video 8 Manhattan, Yorkville Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 8
My name is Makyra and I'm so excited to walk your dog. Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by dogs. I think they are such beautiful and amazing creatures. I have been a dog walker for over a year now, and owned dogs all my life. I even volunteered at animal shelters. Your best friend will always be safe and loved under my care!
Play Wag Video 9 Brooklyn, Bushwick Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 9
Hey, my name's Finn. I'm an Art student studying Illustration at the School of Visual arts in NYC. I grew up in Northern Virginia, and back home I have two wonderful dogs - Marina, a foxhound mix, and Rigby, an American Eskimo Dog mix. I've volunteered at animal shelters in the past, and have significant experience as a professional dog walker/pet sitter (for both dogs and cats!). I've been trained in dog and cat first aid and CPR, and have experience handling dogs of all shapes, sizes, temperaments, and special needs. I can't wait to meet your dog!
Play Wag Video 10 Queens, Astoria Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 10
My name is Jamie and I am 27 years old. I am looking forward to help take care of your dogs in the Queens area. I have the experience of caring for my own dog, Jack, a four year old black Labrador and my brother's two dogs as well. In addition, I have volunteered with the Guide Dog Foundation helping to raise and foster assistance dogs. Working with them is a great joy of mine and I am excited to meet your special pup! Please book me now so I can help care for your furry friend!
St. George
Play Wag Video 11 Staten Island, St. George Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 11
Hi! My name is Nicole, I'm 19 years old and I currently live in the north shore of Staten Island. I've been a professional dog walker for the past year. I've also lived with many different animals my entire life - from reptiles to rodents to dogs & cats! I currently have 2 Yorkshire terriers at home, a 2 year old and a 9 year old, and a 1 year old chinchilla. Animals hold a very special place in my heart, and I'd love to meet you and yours!
Hell's Kitchen
Play Wag Video 12 Manhattan, Hell's Kitchen Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 12
My name is Carolina and I live in Williamsburg. I currently work at an emergency animal hospital in Queens and Manhattan and would love to walk your dog in any of the 3 boroughs. I have experience with all types of dogs, including ones with special needs, and am trained with handling and administering medication if needed. I am very energetic and promise you that your dog will get the exercise he/she needs. Hope to meet your beautiful baby!!

Wag! Queens, New York Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters Give You the Flexibility to Live On The Go!

Finding a dog walker, or dog sitter in Queens, New York can be hard, especially at times you need them most, like when you're at work, stuck in traffic, or want to take a much deserved last minute vacation. Wag! makes living on the go possible for busy dog owners like you by connecting you with reliable and trustworthy dog lovers with pet care experience living in your local community you can hire on-demand for dog walking, dog boarding, or dog sitting. Wag! is like having a dog loving neighbor in Queens, New York at your beck and call to look after your dog whenever you need!

Dog owners regularly using Wag! dog walkers and dog sitters in Queens, New York have left over37107 reviews, giving our certfied pet care professionals an impressive average customer rating of 4.94/5 stars!

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