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Wag! makes living on the go possible for busy dog owners like you by connecting you with our community of certified dog walkers and dog sitters in Sunnyside, Queens you can hire for dog walking, dog sitting, or dog boarding services whenever you need them. Book with confidence knowing your pup is guaranteed to be in the care of a loving, experienced pet care professional. All dog walking and dog sitting services on Wag! are fully insured, bonded and come with fur-tastic customer support.

Book a scheduled, recurring, or an on-demand dog walking, dog boarding, or dog sitting service from a certified Wag! pet care professional directly from your phone, or desktop!

Book a walk on Wag!, and for every dog walked, Wag! will make a donation to feed a shelter dog.

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Wag! Has Certified Dog Walkers & Dog Sitters Like These Living Right Here in Sunnyside, Queens

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Hi Guys! My name is Jeff and there’s a pretty good chance I’m already in love with your dog. I haven’t met a pup I haven’t been obsessed with and sometimes I even like my K9 friends more than humans (sorry Mom). I have two dogs of my own and have dog sat and cared for dogs for over 10 years. Help me meet my new best friend!
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Growing up dog-less, Lindsay quickly learned pet sitting was the closest she could come to having her own beloved pooch. She started watching neighborhood pets, which eventually spiraled into full blown puppy and kitty fever. In college she volunteered for PAWS Ohio, fostering seven kitties over her senior year, all while running her own dogsitting business. Here in NYC, Lindsay continues her career as a professional animal lover while enjoying all the goodies living in the city has to offer. She loves working out, fashion, and being the world's laziest chef. Oh, and animals. Did we mention that already?
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Hey I'm Zach! I moved to the city two years ago from Houston, TX where I worked at a pet salon for three years while simultaneously volunteering at the local animal shelter. I grew up with a Boarder Collie named "Bo" and a Pit Bull named "Gracie," and I miss them so much! I am really looking forward to spending some time with NYC pooches! Book me to walk your pup(s) today!
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My name is Louisa, and I would love to be your walker! I've lived on the Upper West Side for six years, with my seven year old Boston Terrier, "Easy", so I know all the good walking routes up here. I grew up in Burlington, Vermont, and raised/trained five puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. I've volunteered at humane societies, dog-sat for neighbors and friends, and have had dogs in all shapes and sizes my whole life. I am available for "Meet and Greets", thirty minute walks, one hour "deluxe" walks, and on-demand. I am also available for arrangement of reoccurring walks. Book me now!
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Hi, my name is Ellie and I am from San Diego, California! I have three dogs named Buddy, Lucky, and Frankie Valli, a chinchilla named Evita, and a fish named Al Capone. I'm currently living in the financial district and studying to get a degree in biology so I can go to veterinary school in the future. I've grown up with dogs, so I have a lot of experience with them, but I have also volunteered at shelters where I was taught proper dog handling. I love all breeds of dogs and am available for all types of walks you might need.
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I am a student at Pace University, originally from San Francisco CA. I have worked at animal shelters in the past, and I always help family and friends out with pet sitting back home. I love dogs and I want to make sure I provide a great time for your furry friend!
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Hey, My name is Joelle! I'm living in the Financial District and attend Pace University. I am originally from New Jersey and have 3 dogs of my own at my home in NJ (a beagle and 2 yorkies) that I miss terribly. For the last 4 years I have walked and dog sat around my hometown and would love to help you and your little friend out, so book with me today! :)
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I have lifelong experience caring for dogs, cats, horses and almost every other domestic animal! Formerly a professional horse trainer, I am comfortable with all sizes of dogs and am very easy going and have lots of experience reading doggy and other animal languages. I will make sure your pup is well taken care of based on his or her needs and we will have a fabulous time!
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My name is Carly Ameling, and I study musical theatre at AMDA in NYC. Along with my love for the performing arts, my second love is animals! Growing up with cats, dogs and a horse, I have a lot of experience caring for/walking dogs of my own and for family members, friends and neighbors. Back home, I was the first one to be called if anyone needed help with their pet for a day or a long vacation. I understand the importance of trusting someone when it comes to caring for your “fur buddy”. They are part of the family, and you need someone trustworthy, kind, caring and responsible – that’s me!

Wag! Sunnyside, Queens Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters Give You the Flexibility to Live On The Go!

Finding a dog walker, or dog sitter in Sunnyside, Queens can be hard, especially at times you need them most, like when you're at work, stuck in traffic, or want to take a much deserved last minute vacation. Wag! makes living on the go possible for busy dog owners like you by connecting you with reliable and trustworthy dog lovers with pet care experience living in your local community you can hire on-demand for dog walking, dog boarding, or dog sitting. Wag! is like having a dog loving neighbor in Sunnyside, Queens at your beck and call to look after your dog whenever you need!

Dog owners regularly using Wag! dog walkers and dog sitters in Sunnyside, Queens have left over32037 reviews, giving our certfied pet care professionals an impressive average customer rating of 4.94/5 stars!

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