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Published: 08/09/2023, edited: 03/13/2024

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Finding a durable dog toy that strikes the perfect balance between durability, excitability, and affordability is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

As the mother of a heavy chewer myself, even if I find a toy that holds my dog's attention, it rarely lasts for long — then I end up picking up chunks of rubber all over my floor (or worse, wrestling him down to dig them out of his mouth).

To help struggling dog parents everywhere, we've sniffed out the best virtually indestructible dog toys, including balls and frisbees for fetch, squeaky toys, nearly indestructible dog chew toys, and even puzzles for your little velociraptor…er…dog. We've even included recommendations from the pet parents on Wag!'s own team!

If you're on the prowl for dog toys that can take a beating, read on, because these won't disappoint!


Kong Extreme

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Most durable stuffed toy

Kong has been a favorite for pet families, shelters, and vets for decades. But for chew-happy fur children, we recommend the Kong Extreme, which is the brand's most hardy line yet! 

Kong toys may seem simple, but their sturdy exterior and thoughtful design can keep dogs occupied for hours, licking and chewing to get the goodies inside.

These stuffable and virtually indestructible dog toys can be loaded with your dog's favorite things, and the Kong website even has recipes for tasty fillings to keep things interesting.

Kaitie Edel, Wag!'s Head of Partnerships & CSR, also personally recommends "anything Kong" — check out what she has to say about this furrific brand:

"We love using Kong toys to stuff treats into, slather in natural (xylitol-free) peanut butter, and even freeze in a bowl of water/low-sodium broth mix as stimulation or as a high value reward! They’re basically indestructible so great for outdoors, too!"

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Why Wag! loves Kong Extreme

  • Durable, but also bounceable.
  • Can be stuffed with all sorts of of tasty treat combinations, from peanut butter or cheese to yummy meats or kibble.
  • Available in 5 sizes, offering fun for all breeds.

Considerations & concerns 

  • Due to the Kong's shape, food can get trapped inside, and bacteria or mold could grow if not cleaned properly. It needs to be cleaned after every use with hot soapy water and a small bottle brush or toothbrush.
  • While this product is dishwasher-safe, the drying cycle may damage it. Make sure to switch that off before washing (or just play it safe and wash by hand).
  • Avoid this toy if anyone in your household (including pets!) has a latex allergy since it contains natural rubber. 

What pet parents say about Kong Extreme

"i just recently had to finally replace a 20 year old extreme kong as it was finally showing wear after multiple dogs enjoyed playing with it over the years. my current puppy recently got to chew and play with it as he outgrew his puppy kong and he loves his new extreme Kong. great product."

My family has been thrilled with this Kong. Leo is a darling and has a history of destroying toys and then ending up at the vet with Stomach trouble. This Kong has held up. The only negative is that dog teeth on the toy can sound like nails on a chalkboard when he gets going with the chew.

"Like all the Kong toys we've had before these, they're great. My dogs know that 4pm every day is "Kong Time!" when I give them their Kongs with the inside smeared with some peanut butter and a dog biskit stuffed in. My only complaint, and it's only my own fault, is that I meant to get the Large size. The size I accidentally bought is the XL, one size up from what I really wanted. Buying Kong toys is confusing because the measurement doesn't say whether it's the height of the toy or the width of the base. I do wish that was clearer - because then I would have known to buy L and not XL. The Large size works with both my Sheltie and Rottweiler. The XL is a little too big for my Sheltie, but she thinks she's a "big dog," so she likes it anyway."

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Product image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Kong Company.

Chuckit! Ultra Balls

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Best durable fetch toy

Ball fanatics, look no further for a more durable alternative to the traditional tennis ball — the Chuckit! Ultra Ball! For just a few dollars more than a pack of tennis balls that will be destroyed in 2 minutes, you can invest in these rubber balls, which can stand up to rough play. Not to mention these don't get soggy and gross like the felt-covered tennis balls of yesteryear. 

My neighbor's dog, Lily, has earned a reputation as a ball destroyer, but she's yet to shred one of these!

Chuckit! Ultra Balls (pack of 2)

Chuckit! Ultra Balls (pack of 2)

Why Wag! loves the Chuckit! Ultra Ball

  • Brightly colored, which can make them much easier to spot than your average tennis ball.
  • Comes in 5 different sizes, making them just as suitable for Chihuahuas as Mastiffs!
  • Compatible with the Chuckit! launcher for maximum fetchability.
  • Available in multi-packs for pups that like to hide their treasures (or lose balls under the sofa!).

Considerations & concerns

  • Get the appropriate size for your dog since smaller balls can be a choking hazard for larger dogs.
  • This product is for fetch, not to be used exclusively as a chewy, so make sure to put it away after your game of fetch is over!

What pet parents say about Chuckit! Ultra Balls

"I bought the launcher that came with a tennis ball. We have Australian Cattle dogs, with jaws of steel, so the tennis ball didn't last but a day and a half. So I ordered these and they are great! Our boy Storm has the strongest jaws, and 2 weeks later, none of these have been destroyed yet. We will, but these again, hopefully not too soon, and would highly recommend them!"

"Our girls destroyed any and every ball we have EVER bought them, but not these!!! They have lasted months and we have and still use them continuously. Highly, HIGHLY recommend!!! (We let them chew on them occasionally and while they have had holes poked in them, it doesn't effect the bounce or use.)"

"I found/adopted a 10 month old pit bull puppy. [I should] have named him "Destroyer" because he has chewed up, pulled apart, and shredded every chew product and toy I have given him - except these balls! He loves them. He can chase and chew all he wants and it's still in one piece. This is one toy I will never be without as long as I have this pup!"

"These are about the size of a regular tennis ball but so much bouncier, easier to see, and with none of the fuzz for a puppy to try to shred and eat or absorb water and get soggy. Easy to clean when they get muddy/slobbery. We keep one in the backyard for fetch and the other in the house for chewing (and for tossing down the hallway-- he goes crazy for how much it bounces off the walls!). Great fun. Tempted to get a stash just to keep several handy when they inevitably roll under the couch."

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Product image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Petmate.

Monster K9 Dog Toys Ultra-Durable Chew Ring Dog Toy

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Most durable chew toy

If your dog shreds toys at the speed of light, this ultra-durable chew ring might be for you! 

This rubber ring by Monster K9 Toys is the most indestructible of all the toys on our round-up. Pet parents with dogs who have shredded actual tires say this toy passes the test!

This simple black ring may look unexciting to us, but to canines whose sole goal is to destroy toys, this is a challenge that they'll have a hard time conquering. 

Monster K9 Dog Toys Ultra-Durable Chew Ring Dog Toy

Monster K9 Dog Toys Ultra-Durable Chew Ring Dog Toy

Why Wag! loves Monster K9 Dog Toys Ultra-Durable Chew Ring Dog Toy

  • Tough enough for the most aggressive chewers 
  • Third-party tested for durability!
  • Non-toxic and free of BPA, phthalates, and other controversial ingredients.
  • The natural rubber will help prevent chipped chompers (a common problem in chew-happy dogs).
  • Monster K9's lifetime replacement guarantee ensures even if your dog is able to shred their toy, Monster K9 will replace it for free!

Considerations & concerns 

  • Do not use this toy if you or your pet has a latex allergy since it contains natural rubber.
  • This toy is pretty large, so it might not be a good option for small breeds or puppies.
  • A bit pricey for a chew toy.

What pet parents say about Monster K9 Dog Toys Ultra-Durable Chew Ring Dog Toy

"My 1.5 year old American pit bull LOVES this toy. He the definition of an aggressive chewer. He can bust through all toys in 10 minutes or less but not this one. It has taken almost a year of super chewing and tug-of-war for it to start a tear in it. I would buy this any day of the week! He'll be getting a new one for Christmas!" 

"Fun ring toy for my energetic dog. She mostly sees it as a fetch or tug toy, rather than just a self-entertaining chew toy as I was hoping, but it seems fun and durable."

"We have a 1-yr old mixed breed 60-lb super-chewer and couldn't find a tire toy that lasted. We even bought an actual tire, for a wheelbarrow, and he shredded it in days. This toy is still in one piece! And it's big enough that his sissy or one of us can grab the other side for tugging. A++"

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Product image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Monster K9 Dog Toys.

Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer Disc Dog Toy

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Best durable frisbee toy

A game of frisbee never lasts long if your dog is equipped with jaws of steel. But the Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer isn't your typical dollar-store frisbee. 

This super flexible disk is easy on your pet's teeth without sacrificing durability. The best part about this toy is that it encourages bonding and interaction with pups and their people.

Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer Disc Dog Toy

Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer Disc Dog Toy

Why Wag! loves Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer Disc Dog Toy

  • Gentle on your woofer's teeth.
  • The flexible material offers many ways to play.
  • It comes in 2 sizes for the little and big fellas.
  • Made in the USA.

Considerations & concerns

  • While this is super durable as far as frisbees are concerned, it's not going to withstand heavy chewing.
  • Some pet parents warn not to use this toy in open water since it sinks and may get lost.
  • Contains rubber, which can cause reactions in those sensitive to latex.

What pet parents say about Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer Disc Dog Toy

"This disc gets everything RIGHT - 1) Made in the USA; 2) durable - our super chewer golden retrievers and lab have proven that; 3) flies great; 4) soft and flexible - easy on an active dog's mouth whether catching it in the air or getting it picked up like a taco off the pavement. Four paws up!!"

"These rubber frisbees are amazing! Our dog couldn't figure out how to pick up a frisbee, so he'd get frustrated and quit trying. these can be picked up by "pinching" the center, which also hilariously makes the dog look like they're carrying a taco. Top rack dishwasher has kept this clean despite constant use. Snaps back pretty well after tug sessions, even though it's not really meant for that. My only complaint is that it doesn't float (which I forgot once and lost it in the ocean. Oops!)."

"I read the reviews and am just shocked that everyone hasn't found this toy to be THE PERFECT FRISBEE! I have an Australian Cattle Dog who would like to do nothing all day but tote this frisbee around with her begging anyone she encounters to throw it for her. We found that it is SO incredibly responsive that we can throw it straight up, and guide the dog not to jump, so as not to hurt her feet & knees. The weight of this rubber frisbee is just right, weighty enough for lovely long throws, but not too heavy that when it hits the dog's mouth, even from 50' that it will hurt her. IF you humans are not very adept at frisbee throwing, you will look like a star in no time...please, please practice with your dog. The dog only wants your time and will forgive you when you are inept! I have bought 5 of these frisbees in the 3 years we have had Piper; not because they wore out, but because they got looking a little dingy. I wash them all the time with dish soap and a paper towel. Some color comes off, but who cares? Not even something to talk about."

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Product image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Jefferson Rubberworks, Inc.

Starmark Bob-A-Lot

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Best durable puzzle toy

We LOVE a boredom buster, and this product is just that. The Starmark Bob-A-Lot is truly in a category of its own — it rolls, it bobs, and it spits out treats. While it's technically a puzzle toy, it's so much more than that and offers many ways for pets to play.

It'll keep your little rascal busy so they won't revert to destructive hobbies. Plus, it's compatible with a variety of small training treats, so you can switch it up to keep things exciting.

Starmark Bob-A-Lot

Starmark Bob-A-Lot

Why Wag! loves Starmark Bob-A-Lot

  • A challenging toy that promotes mental stimulation (and may even help with destructive behaviors).
  • Has a unique wobbling movement that can simulate pray and keeps dogs entertained.
  • A fun way to make your dog work for their food.
  • Works with a variety of training treats.
  • Great for dogs who love puzzles.

Considerations & concerns

  • Durable, but impatient dogs could potentially chew it open if left unattended.
  • May not be suitable for extremely heavy chewers.

What pet parents say about Starmark Bob-A-Lot

"We've got a husky/gsd mix that is equal parts smart and impatient. We've tried at least half a dozen busy toys with her and this is the first one we've gotten that a) keeps her attention, b) can't be busted open by brute force, and c) is actually challenging for her. Finding a toy she doesn't lose interest in or break open after 5 minutes feels like a miracle. Being able to adjust the difficulty is a great benefit, especially for using different treats or food."

"My Aussie loves food and loves this toy. She learned pretty quickly how to nose it around to get the treats and so I keep the openings only large enough for one kibble to slip through at a time. (Can adjust to fit bigger/smaller kibble and training treats) my Rottweiler puppy did not get it and will try to eat through the top, it is made for my Aussie. If you help them and watch train them to move it and not chew it they do figure it out and you can leave them with it without supervision. I fill it up to the top and it'll keep her at it for 30-45 min and if you keep in mind how this kind of interaction with scent and coordination.. it actually does a great job of keeping them entertained and mentally at it enough that they just want to relax afterwards. I love this toy though, but nothing compared to my Aussie. Her eyes get SO WIDE and her wiggle butt comes out with this. Even after her leg amputation—so much wiggle. Couldn't recommend more..."

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Product image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Starmark Pet Products.


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