Insurance: Tips For Covering Multiple Pets

As animal lovers we adore our pets, and we know that it is often hard to stop at just one furry friend. Maybe someone you know has a cat that just gave birth, or maybe you found out about a stray dog that needs a forever home. Whatever way it happens, your family ends up growing and you just can’t help it. But having multiple pets comes with more responsibilities, and it’s not just vacuuming. One thing that you should consider for your household of pets is insurance. If you have multiple pets and want to insure more than just one of them, then there are some important things that you need to know.

What is Multi-Pet Insurance?

Many people may not have heard or know of the option of multi-pet insurance. In brief, it is a simple way to stay organized for all your pets and can also potentially save you money. Multi-pet insurance allows you to tie all of your pets policies into one, which will reduce the amount of paperwork for you. In addition, some companies can offer a discount for multiple pets. The discount will usually be  between 5 and 15% but it could end up being more or less, depending on the insurance company. This amount will usually be discounted off of the total premium.

More About Multi-Pet Insurance

For most multi-pet insurance policies, each pet that is insured can have a different coverage level and independent additional coverage. Some offer discounts, whereas others just give you the option of adding several pets to the same policy. Many companies will also offer this option of insurance with their lifetime offers. Although the most common type of multi-pet insurance is for a cat or dog, there is also coverage for other types of pets. For example, there are some insurances that offer to cover multiple rabbits, as well as multi-pet insurance for exotic pets. Some insurance companies that do not give the option of multi-pet insurance may still offer incentives if you choose to insure two or more dogs or cats on the same policy.

Do You Need Multi-Pet Insurance?

Multi-pet insurance sure sounds great, but is it the right option for you? If you have more than one furry four legged friend living in your home, and you want to insure them all, then getting multi-pet insurance could be very beneficial for you. Although you could choose to insure each of your pets separately, using multi-pet insurance could be a simple alternative that will help you stay organised. It would also be more convenient for you, as it will allow you to cover more than one pet at a time. Combining multiple pets on one policy in multi-pet insurance could also save you money.

What Does it Cover?

In general, multi-pet insurance is like any other type of cat or dog health insurance. It can cover anything from serious accidents or injuries to vaccinations and check ups, depending on what you choose to add to your pets policy. It can also cover any health costs that may occur if your pet gets lost or goes missing, as well as a third party liability in case any other people, pets, possessions or properties happen to get hurt or damaged due to your precious pet. Additionally, the difference between multi-pet insurance and standard pet health insurance is that your beloved companions will all be included together in one policy.

To sum it up, multi-pet insurance is a way to combine all of your pet's insurance policies into one. These pets can still have independent coverage, but will be included in the same policy, and will also still be covered for everything that they would be in ordinary types of insurance. If you have a whole herd of furry friends, then this could definitely be a very beneficial option for you, as it can save you both time and money. Having a full household of pets means more fur to clean up, but it doesn’t have to mean more paperwork.

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