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Is Beneful Medleys Dog Food Best for My Dog?


By Leslie Ingraham

Published: 06/25/2021, edited: 08/10/2021

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Published: 6/25/2021
With so many brands and varieties of dog food, it’s hard to know which is best for your pup. Package labels may contain ingredient and nutritional information, along with data about nutrients, but it can still be confusing when researching pet foods. Your veterinarian may be able to help guide you to the pawfect food for your pup’s nutritional needs. 

One “pupular” brand is Beneful Medleys dog food manufactured by Nestlé Purina Petcare. Is Beneful Medleys the right dog food for your furry pal? We’ll look at the facts about nutrients and pup appeal before checking out what pet parents have to say about Beneful Medleys for dogs.


Nestlé Purina produces a variety of dog foods in the United States, in both kibble and wet formulas. Ingredients are sourced from the U.S. as well as from international partners, whose products are controlled for quality by Purina. 

What makes the Beneful Medleys for dogs product line stand out is that they are wet foods that are made from protein, whole grains and vegetables in three yummy flavors to satisfy any pooch’s palate, including Mediterranean style, Romana style, and Tuscan style. These meals are chopped into morsels that are appropriate for every dog from puppy to senior because they’re easy to chew and swallow. Purina says even doggos without teeth can manage the Medleys meals.


All flavors are served up in 3.5 oz cans that can be purchased as a 3-can sleeve for around $2.25, a 12-pack variety pack for $15.00, or a 30-can variety pack, priced at about $23.00. Many pet stores and online outlets offer Beneful Medleys at various prices, so be sure to check for the best deal for you and Fido. 


Since Beneful Medleys for dogs are soft blends that are easy to chew, this food is perfect for all ages, from puppy to old-timer. They are also great foods for dogs who may have fragile or missing teeth.


Beneful Medleys dog food can be enjoyed by all breeds and sizes of dogs.


Beneful Medleys for dogs use several ingredients for their three delicious varieties. The Mediterranean style features lamb, tomatoes, spinach and brown rice, while the Romana style is made of chicken, carrots, pasta and spinach. Then there is the Tuscan style with beef, carrots, brown rice and spinach.

The high protein sources for Medleys meals are either lamb, chicken or beef, and include chicken or beef broth to improve overall protein intake. Each of the meats offers its individual nutrients along with extra plant proteins. Purina emphasizes that the meat protein ingredients are all real meat with no fillers. There is no sugar in Medleys meals. 

The vegetables in each of the Medleys meals are pieces of carrot, spinach and other veggies which increase fiber and flavor while providing Vitamins A, K and C. The Medleys flavors are also fortified with vitamins and minerals known to be essential for dog health. Each 3.5 oz can delivers about 75 calories. 


In a survey of 50 dog parents who had tried Beneful Medleys for their dogs, 74% gave the food a 5-star rating. Other ratings mentioned that the containers were too small to be practical for any pupper other than a very small dog. About 90% of the reviewers said they would recommend the food, citing the fact that they liked that their pups lapped it up immediately, as well as the convenient single-serving packaging. However, one customer stated that while their dog loved the product, they felt that it was not worth the price.

It appears that Beneful Medleys dog food offers a variety of flavors for dogs who may be tired of bland kibble and smelly paté-style food. Given the percentage of people surveyed who said they would recommend it to other dog parents, it may be a good brand to try for your pooch. Take into consideration all of the factors mentioned above to see if Beneful Medleys are right for your furry friend.


How should I feed my dog Beneful Medleys?

For adult dogs, feed one can per 2-1/2 to 3 pounds of body weight daily, divided into 2 or more meals. Adjust the feeding amount as needed to maintain ideal body weight. If you decide to feed Beneful Medleys with kibble, one can of Beneful Medleys replaces approximately 1/4 cup of dry food. 

Is Beneful Medleys for dogs safe?

While Nestlé Purina has been the subject of investigations and a class-action lawsuit that claimed that Purina’s dog food had sickened and killed several dogs in 2015, the court ruled the following year that there was no clinical evaluation data proving that the food directly or indirectly caused the dogs’ illnesses and deaths. In response to questions raised by pet parents about the purity of their dog foods, Purina referred inquirers to the package labeling that shows no artificial flavorings, dyes or preservatives in the food.

To get real time answers to your questions and concerns about the right nutritional needs for your pup, chat with a vet today!

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