Top 10 Dog Breeds in Los Angeles, CA

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There are over 460,000 households who own dogs, and a total of close to 1.7 million dogs living in Los Angeles. In fact, the city loves dogs so much that they raised the number of dogs you can have from three to four in 2017. There are 12 pawesome dog parks and 6 dog fur-iendly beaches in Los Angeles where you and your fur baby can enjoy the sun and surf. In addition, the City of Angels has miles and miles of dog fur-iendly trails where you and your buddy can hike and explore nature. You are likely to see some fur babies wherever you go in L.A., but you will probably see more of these breeds, which include the top ten breeds in the city.

#1 Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are happy wherever they are, but in Los Angeles, they love the fact that they can fit right in your purse and go everywhere with you! With all the apartments and other small living spaces in Los Angeles, Chihuahuas can easily be comfy, while still enjoying all the conveniences of this big city!

#2 Chihuahua Mix

There are so many Chihuahua mixes, and they are all so tiny and cute. Some of the ones that do best in Los Angeles include the Chizer (Chihuahua and Schnauzer), ShiChi (Chihuahua and Shih Tzu), and the BoChi (Chihuahua and Boston Terrier) because they are energetic, friendly, and small enough to fit in almost any apartment.

#3 Siberian Husky

These furry and energetic pups love Los Angeles' dog-friendly beaches, where they can romp and play to their heart's content in the sand, and cool off in the ocean. These work dogs can get out that energy at the many indoor dog play areas in this bustling town too! Need a trail buddy? This loyal pup will be happy to explore with you anytime.
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#4 Pitbull

These lovable bulls are just as friendly as any dog in Los Angeles, despite the reputation! They love to romp and play with other pooches and humans as well. The City of Angels has dozens of dog furiendly parks and beaches your buddy will love, so take your bull wherever you go in LA. 

#5 Golden Retriever

Your Golden Retriever will love the fresh air and gorgeous beaches of Los Angeles. These big furballs love to swim and run on the beach, so this coastal city is pawrfect! Los Angeles has a ton of large homes with big yards for your Golden to have fun in and they will love hiking with you on the many miles of trails in the area.

#6 German Shepherd

Due to L.A.'s friendly attitude to its many pups, you can take your German Shepherd with you anywhere you would take your Chihuahua. Since German Shepherds love to hike and have great stamina, take your fur buddy on one of the miles of trails you can find all over the Los Angeles area. 

#7 Terrier Mix

Whether you have a Dorkie (Dachshund and Yorkie), a Borkie (Bichon Frise and Yorkie), or a Staffador (Staffy and Labrador), you can expect to have an energetic ball of fluff if you have one of these mixes. Los Angeles has plenty of dog fur-iendly living spaces for these pups, as well as dog parks to get that excess energy taken care of.

#8 Shih Tzu

As a lap dog to the emperors of China, the Shih Tzu was bred to be family pets. They don't like to hunt, guard, or chase rats, and instead prefer to be your best cuddle buddy. However, the Shih Tzu will love running on a sandy beach or dining at one of the woofderful restaurants in Los Angeles that cater to dogs.

#9 Pug

Whether you live in the country or a busy city like LA, you'll find that the Pug is a furrific house dog. This charming breed enjoys moderate exercise, and what could be a better workout in Los Angeles than shopping? Thanks to their compact size, Pugs make ideal shopping buddies. Let your Pug tag along to The Grove, where many of the stores welcome furry customers!

#10 Boxer

Active and full of energy, Boxers are the pawfect partners for exploring the plethora of trails in the greater Los Angeles area. This breed needs plenty of daily activity, so leash up your Boxer and hit the trails! Dog-approved hikes in the City of Angels include the Lower Canyonback Trail, the Sullivan Ridge Trail, and the Mount Hollywood Trail!