Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

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Do you like to live life in the fast lane and are looking for a furry companion to share your speedy lifestyle? While some pups were bred to be fast, others just want to get where they are going in a hurry! These pups make great family pets, can perform work or learn tricks using these flying skills! Although most pups can run pretty fast, there are definitely breeds that are built to move, and just may be your pawfect running buddy. Check out the Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds in the World to find your fast, furry friend today!

#1 Greyhound

Taking the top honor for the fastest dog is the Greyhound! They are spectacularly good movers and their tall stature makes for a beautiful picture as they speed by at 45 mph. They are one of the most-gentle breeds ever and are just as happy in pursuit of their favorite small animal as they are lounging by your side.

#2 Catahoula Leopard Dog

While Catahoula Leopard Dogs have been known to tie the Greyhounds with a top speed of 45 mph, they generally clock in closer to 28. This gorgeous Louisiana native can sport different coat and eye colors and patterns. Strong and independent, these herders work hard and play joyfully.

#3 Saluki

Coming in a close third is the Saluki with their top speed of 42 mph. Running is what they have been doing for thousands of years. This sighthound was bred to chase rabbits, but they are happy to just be a family pet as well. Take them for a run or a swim. Either way, they are happy to be the best companion ever.

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#4 Afghan Hound

Another 40-mph mover is the Afghan Hound. But this one has the fur waving in the wind as they pass you at these great speeds. Tall and elegant, this pup will move as quickly chasing small game as they will running to the couch! They love to go, and they love to relax. This great kid-friendly pup has it all.

#5 Vizsla

How about looks, intelligence and speed all rolled into one? The Vizsla is a medium-sized dog built like a rock. Very thin, but full of muscles, this dog can point, retrieve, swim, or just be your best pal. Ask them anything and they will gladly obey. Try to keep up with this 40-mph runner!

#6 Whippet

Thirty-four miles per hour average with a top speed of 40 mph is just a walk in the park for the Whippet. This medium-size dog is full of large-scale charming personality, but better be quick with the hugs before they are off again. This pup loves to chase and was bred to hunt small rodents. They win the prize for the fastest accelerating dog ever!

#7 Jack Russell Terrier

Is a small dog in your future? Do you need a feisty companion that can run like the wind? The Jack Russell Terrier might well be your top pick. Thirty-eight miles per hour is quick enough for most hunters who need a companion dog. They were bred to chase fox, but this little pup can keep up with a jogger -no problem.

#8 Dalmatian

If you think you are seeing spots before your eyes, you might not need to call the doctor. The Dalmation might just be speeding by with his 37-mph trot. This old 1600’s breed is a master at being a trusted companion and protector. Take a second glance and grab that pup as a great addition to your family.

#9 Borzoi

Climbing in the numbers is the Borzoi with his quick speed and agility. This pup can cruise at 36 mph while their long fur flutters in the wind. This beauty is a medium-tall pup with charisma and good looks. When they are not speeding around the yard, they are happy to be lounging on the couch.

#10 Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher has long been used as a security and police dog because of their ability to chase down a wrongdoer with speed and agility. A person on foot is no match for the 32 mph they can reach, without breaking a sweat. Long, tall and lean are their physical characteristics, but love is in their hearts.