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4 Ways to Care for Your Dog with Diabetes This Holiday Season


Written by Kim Rain

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Published: 11/01/2022, edited: 11/11/2022

Guest post by Kali Carryl, Greater Good Charities

With the holiday season on the horizon, it’s important to make sure that your pet with diabetes can safely enjoy all that holiday cheer with you! Do you bring your dog along to friends’ houses for holiday parties? Are you traveling with your pup? Or maybe you just want to make sure that they still get spoiled with some tasty, diabetes-friendly treats while you enjoy your milk and cinnamon cookies!

Read on for easy ways to help keep your diabetic dog safe this holiday season.

Table filled with Christmas cookies - 4 Ways to Care for Your Dog with Diabetes This Holiday Season

Keep sugary treats safely stored and guests informed

When hosting events or having family over, be sure to let all your guests know not to give any un-approved snacks to your fluffy friend! Make sure you pay close attention to where the party snacks are located, and put them in a place out of reach, or just make sure your dog is in a safe area away from harmful treats. Proper barriers will keep your pet away from the temptations of unhealthy treats that could hurt them.

If bringing your dog over to someone else’s residence, make sure they are aware of your pet’s dietary needs, survey the areas where food is set out, and make sure to set up proper barriers between harmful foods and your pooch! It might even be wise to bring along some approved treats, so that humans wanting to interact with your canine pal can do so safely! Some dog-safe foods you might find at the party include plain carrots, broccoli, cooked sweet potato and natural pumpkin puree (check to make sure there are no sugar or spice additives, such as nutmeg, cloves or allspice)!

Young woman pet sitting a small, tan dog

Make sure your pet sitters are well informed about your dog's medication and feeding schedule

When hiring a pet sitter, make sure they know how important it is to not miss an insulin shot. Most dogs will need their shot twice a day, which can be scary to receive from a stranger! If your dog is skittish or does not enjoy being given their shots, you may want to consult your veterinarian about a round of anti-anxiety medications for your time away to ensure that the pet sitter is able to medicate your dog without issue! You will also want to make sure they know the signs to look out for in case anything goes wrong or a shot is missed. And always have your vet's number readily available.

Veterinarian examining a Boxer while chatting with owner

Check in with your vet to find safe, alternative holiday treats you can surprise your pets with

While you’re at the vet, check in with them regarding those safe and healthy treat options to give to your dog. All dogs and breeds are different, and your vet will likely have very good advice on acceptable treats to keep your pup in the holiday spirit!

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Tan Pomeranian sitting in a pet carrying bag on an airplane

When traveling, check your airline or travel providers policy regarding administering IV medication

If you plan on traveling with your pet by, schedule your itinerary around your dog's insulin and medical needs. If a delay happens in travel, you want to make sure it does not affect the timing of your pet’s medical routine, as this could be dangerous for them. If your pet uses IV insulin, check with your travel provider to learn their policy on where you can store needles and insulin during travel. If possible, have that medication and your pet with you at all times. 

Sometimes special accommodations can be made for animal medical needs, but you will need to set that up with travel providers ahead of time to confirm how to follow policy while keeping your pet safe and medicated throughout the trip.

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By taking a few precautions beforehand and watching for possible dangers, you can ensure your diabetic dog has a safe and fun holiday season! 

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