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5 Furbulous Date Ideas for Dog Lovers


Written by Leslie Ingraham

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Published: 03/25/2022, edited: 04/06/2022


Are you looking for something fun to do with your dog-loving significant other? Or maybe you want to find out whether your new date is as passionate about dogs as you are. A pawfect solution is to plan a dog-centered date for the two of you, or even with your pup. 

Whether you’re an indoor person or prefer outdoor adventures, you’ll find dog-centric activities for every taste. Some of them are dog-friendly, while others are best enjoyed without Fido. But they’re all about celebrating dogs! Let’s have a look at a few pawrific date ideas for dog lovers!

small white dog shopping with couple - date ideas for dog lovers

Go on a pet-friendly shopping spree

Most pet stores welcome dogs of all sizes, and pups love the smells and sights in a well-stocked dog department. Stand them in front of a wall of toys and let them choose their fur-vorite, which they can then proudly carry around the store with them. Watch as they socialize with other shopping dogs on leash or in a shopping cart. If you have a tiny pup, consider getting a sling or backpack to carry them in on your adventures.

A way to have even more fun with your dog-loving partner is to shop for supplies and toys to donate to a local animal shelter or rescue. You can spend a little, or you can spend a lot, but the best part is seeing the smiles and wagging tails when you deliver the goods! Make a doggo down on their luck happy today!

two yellow dogs trailing behind two runners in a race

Run a dog charity 5K race

Nothing feels better than a run in the great outdoors, right? Well, there is something else that may add to your good feeling, and your date’s – a race that will benefit a canine charity or rescue organization. These charities rely on donors to keep their doors open to needful pups and kitties, and you can help by grabbing your fur-vorite date and heading out to the course. Friends and family can contribute to your charitable donation with donations of their own as they cheer you on.

Some dog charity runs or bike races even welcome your doggo to run beside you. Well-behaved dogs who need to work off some of their energy are pawrfect for these events! Your dog should be polite with other canines and people, and be well leash-trained so there won’t be any mishaps. Lots of encouraging treats along the way will keep them headed in the right direction!

beagle snuggled up with couple on couch watching a movie

Plan a movie night

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that pooches enjoy movies with dogs and other creatures in them. Some dogs are attracted by the movement and sound and will sit directly in front of the screen. Others will gently jump up and try to smell and touch the creatures they see and hear. 

There are many movies that feature dogs in major roles, such as:

  • The Lady and the Tramp
  • Must Love Dogs
  • Marley and Me
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • Dog Days
  • Best in Show

Of course, no movie night at home is complete without some delicious food and beverages. Bring out dog-safe (low salt or plain) popcorn, cheese, and maybe a few cashews. Dogs can safely eat all of these human snacks. Many dogs will also chow down on raw veggies like carrots and broccoli, though you should keep the dip to yourself. Or rustle up some healthy homemade dog treats before movie night begins, such as Strawberry and Banana Treats or Sweet Potato Carrot Jerky.

You and your date will need something wet to help the snacks go down, and your pupper is no exception to this rule. While you and Mr. or Ms. Right sip wine or beer, don’t fur-get that dog wine and doggy beer make the night fun for canines, too! Serve Fido some Char-dog-nay or ZinFanTail, or pick up a 4-pack of Busch Dog Brew made from pork broth, herbs and veggies. Re-fur-eshing! 

white and black dog catching a frisbee at a dog competition

Check out a dog competition

Take in a local outdoor doggy obedience or agility show and watch as the pups are put through their paces, vying for a Top Dog ribbon or trophy. Be prepared for awesome derring-do, as well as a few laughably funny canine performances. 

Unless you find yourself at the Westminster or Crufts Dog Show, perfection is not always the ultimate goal. Many dogs and their people are competing just to strut their stuff and have fun. Amateur pups and their pet-handling humans will have a barking good time, and so will you and your date.

If doggos having a blast inspires you to someday enter your pup into such a contest, first book a class or in-home training that focuses on agility exercises, lowered distraction response, and tips on how to put your fur baby’s best paw forward.

older chihuahua relaxing on a table at a winery

It may be time to dress up in your best formal duds and attend a posh charity fund-raising event for dog welfare. Not only will you have the satisfaction of contributing to a cause that’s close to your heart, you’ll meet other dog lovers to introduce yourself and your date to. While a formal dinner is without a doubt likely to be luscious, a ticket may set you back a bit. If you’re going “Dutch,” it’s best to check out the costs with your date before committing.

While dinner fundraisers can be elegant and fun, less formal dog benefits and fund-raising events can also include barbecues, wine tastings, cruises, and cocktail parties. Sometimes the events are held at a local shelter where you can snuggle a pup to your heart’s content. Whichever event you attend, you’ll come away knowing more about your date’s love for dogs while helping dogs in need.

For dog enthusiasts, finding someone who shares their connection with canines can be incredibly rewarding. You can find fellow dog lovers by joining the Dig app, a simply furbulous dating app for dog people!

Can't bring your pup along for the date? Let a dog walker keep them company and fill them in on all the juicy details when you get home!

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