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5 Great Reasons to Hire a Dog Sitter During the Holidays



Heading out of town this holiday season? Whether you're visiting family or spending a weekend at a cozy cabin, knowing what to do with your canine compadre can be tricky. Some vacation homes don't allow pets, and traveling long distances can be unnecessary stress on your fur-baby. Leaving Fido cuddled up at home with a doting dog sitter might be the best option. Here are 5 great reasons to hire a dog sitter during the holidays.

No travel stress for your dog

If you have to travel long distances, whether by plane, train, or automobile, your pup might be better off at home. Pups, particularly those who aren't crate trained, may suffer from anxiety when cooped up in a small space for a long period. Flying can be incredibly stressful for dogs — especially if they have to fly in the cargo hold!

Even if your dog suffers from mild separation anxiety, staying at home with a dog sitter is often better for your dog's mental health than long-distance travel.

Peace of mind knowing your hound is happy at home

If Scoob's staying home for the holidays, you'll probably consider booking your pup a stay at a kennel. While kennels are a popular choice, they don't usually provide the best care possible for pooches. Your dog might spend their time in a small kennel, surrounded by noisy neighbors — not the best spot to spend the holidays!

By booking a dog sitter, you'll have peace of mind knowing that Luna is in their home environment, getting one-on-one care from a vetted dog sitter. If you book a sitter through Wag!, you'll even receive video updates from your sitter of Bella having a ball so you can rest easy over the holidays.

Sleep easy knowing your home's safe, too

One benefit of hiring a dog sitter is that they'll look after your hound as well as your home. You can ask your sitter to water your plants, take in your mail, and ensure your home is tidy when you return. Since burglaries are still common over the holiday season, having someone around to watch your home means you can relax and enjoy your time away.

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Save money on traditional pet care

Pet parents are sometimes put off hiring a dog sitter since it can be more expensive than a kennel. However, booking on the Wag! platform works out to be less costly than traditional pet care.

For example, dog sitters in San Francisco through Wag! start from $39 per night on average, while traditional kennels start from $55 on average. So, you'll save a little cash, and your pup will be happier staying in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Your dog will love spending time with a Pet Caregiver

Most importantly, your dog will have a "pawsome" time hanging out with a dog sitter. Your Pet Caregiver will arrange fun games for your dog, give them delicious treats, and provide lots of love. Plus, you can arrange regular walks for your dog so they stay mentally and physically stimulated. 

While you might miss Charlie over the holidays, they'll be happier at home playing with their favorite puzzle toy than traveling hundreds of miles to visit family several states over. 

Booking a dog sitter this holiday season is sure to keep your fur-baby's tail wagging. Download the Wag! app today and find the "pawfect" dog sitter for your holiday hound.

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