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20 of the BEST Dog Halloween Costume Ideas!


Dogs in sweaters are cute but dogs in costumes are even better! This Halloween, why stop at human costumes? These dog halloween costume ideas will have your dog soaking up some extra attention and you'll get your creative juices flowing. Below are some of the most creative dog halloween costume ideas from across the web to help you feel inspired.

A pink piggly Pug

It's a Pom!

Game of Bones

Who can resist this teddy bear?

Taco anyone? 

Ch ch ch chia!

Pope on a rope!

That little stinker!

Just Trumpin' around!

Pantsuits, pearls and Presidents!


Beloved Dr. Suess characters

Authentic French fries!

Chewbacca in the wind

The hipster next door

Aye! A pirate and his booty

A New York City urban legend

Do you want fries with that? 

Indiana Bones

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