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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Cat


Written by Aurus Sy

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Published: 02/03/2023, edited: 03/12/2024

You like to include your cat in everything you do, and celebrating Valentine’s Day is no exception. After all, your feline companion has had your heart since day one, so it’s only fitting that you do something with them on this day of love. 

What are some activities and gifts that your little one might enjoy on Valentine’s Day? Read on for suggestions on how to celebrate Valentine's Day with your cat!

Valentine's Day “date” ideas for cats

Cats are individuals with their own preferences, so not every activity will be suitable for every cat. Here are some Valentine’s Day date ideas for felines with different "pawsonalities!"

Have a movie date night

Do you have a clingy cat who loves to cuddle? Then stay in for a kitty movie night! Cats love watching television, and if you have an affectionate feline, they’ll enjoy the experience even more with you, their favorite human. Not sure what to watch? Check out these top romances, documentaries, dramas, and comedies that will get your cat purring!

Play a game

Regardless of personality, all cats need play. Play provides exercise and an outlet for your cat’s predatory instincts. It also relieves boredom, prevents behavior issues, and strengthens your bond! If your kitty gets the zoomies at night, a play session before bed will help them settle down. For a Valentine’s Day game night, play with your furbaby using their favorite toys, or introduce new games and puzzles!

Siamese cat playing with a puzzle game - how to celebrate valentine's day with your cat

Make treats together

If your little one is more aloof and not very cuddly, then the way to their heart is through their stomach. Show your cat how much you love them by whipping up some tasty homemade treats. They’ll likely approach as you’re prepping the ingredients. Let them “assist” you and taste test the recipes. Try kitty lollipops or a banana strawberry smoothie! 

Build a cardboard box castle

No one loves cardboard boxes more than cats. If you have a bossy feline who thinks they rule the roost, imagine how happy they would be with their own cardboard castle! So, bring out those boxes from your online deliveries, a box cutter, and some tape or glue. Spend some time this Valentine’s Day building a castle for your little king or queen, and watch them reign over their new space with pride. 

Pamper your furkiddo

Got an anxious cat? Treat them to a relaxing massage that will calm them down and get them purring. Aside from reducing anxiety and stress, massaging your cat improves circulation, promotes low blood pressure, and supports joint mobility. You can use your hands, or a feline massage roller that simulates a cat’s tongue for a “purrfessional” massage!

Explore the outdoors

If you have an outdoorsy cat with a sense of adventure, why not take a road trip or go hiking together? Most US national parks allow pets in developed areas and on many trails and campgrounds. Make sure your furbaby knows how to walk on a leash or is comfortable riding in a cat backpack before you hit the road.

Cat on a leash perched on a tree branch

Enjoy dinner for two

Another activity that any cat will enjoy is a nice dinner. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, make it special by serving them something extra delicious instead of their regular food. Some salmon or chicken with a side of veggies, perhaps? Set up a cute picnic or fancy dinner table. Don’t forget the background music too! If you’re using candles, make sure it’s cat-friendly, or better yet, go for flameless LED candles.

gray longhair cat exploring an open gift box

Valentine's Day gift ideas for cats

Wondering what to get your beloved feline for Valentine’s Day? Spoil them with the following gifts!

Valentine’s Day accessories

What better way for your cat to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit than with themed accessories? Think collars, bandanas, and bows with hearts, donuts, conversation hearts, and other sweet designs printed on them. And if your cat doesn’t mind wearing headgear, there are also Valentine’s Day hats for cats that will make your little one look even more adorable!

Carob Treats

Since chocolates are toxic for cats, gift your feline sweetheart carob treats instead. You can buy these cat-safe, “chocolaty” treats from pet bakeries or make your own. Alternatively, you can just take your cat’s favorite regular treats and present them in a heart-shaped chocolate gift box or candy tin to make it more “Valentine-y.” 

Friendship collar and bracelet 

Celebrate the bond between you and your cat this Valentine’s Day with a matching friendship collar and bracelet set. A lot of us like to match with the most important people in our lives. There are couple’s rings, friendship necklaces, and the like—why not match with our cats too? With you and your furbaby donning identical accessories, everyone will know who your BFF is!

Valentine’s Day themed toys

A lot of pet toy companies make seasonal toys for various occasions, Valentine’s Day included. Spoil your furkiddo with catnip-filled soft toys that look like hearts, love letters, conversation hearts, cupcakes, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Some interactive toys such as track toys, tunnels, and wand teasers also come in Valentine’s Day or pink versions.

Cat wine

Valentine’s Day dinners often include wine, which is toxic to cats. Fortunately, there’s cat wine, so your kitty doesn’t have to be left out. Wait, what? Vino for cattos? Cat wine isn’t really wine, but a non-alcoholic beverage for felines. It contains catnip to simulate the effects of alcohol, and sometimes salmon oil for extra health benefits. Brands often take advantage of puns like “meowsling” and “purrsecco” when naming these drinks. Fun!

Cat grass

While your cat will probably turn up their nose at a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers, they won’t say no to a pot of cat grass. Typically grown from wheat, barley, rye, and/or oat seeds, cat grass is a furrific digestive aid that indoor kitties can’t seem to get enough of. It’s easy to grow, and it’ll get your cat to leave your other plants alone!

However you celebrate this sweetest of days, be sure your kitty knows just how special they are! Let the cuddles begin!

How will you and your cat be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments, or post a picture of your furbaby on Instagram and tag #wagwalking or @wag for a chance to be featured!

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