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Which Doodle Best Matches Your Personality?


Written by Mel Lee-Smith

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Published: 03/22/2021, edited: 10/05/2022

Poodle hybrids, aptly named Doodles, are all the rage right now. These designer dogs combine the intelligence and athletic prowess of the Poodle with a variety of traits from the other parent breed. Whether you're an outdoor adventurer, an introverted homebody, or anything in between, you'll find a Doodle to suit your lifestyle and personality.

Thinking about adopting a Doodle companion? Just want to find out what kind of dog you are? Read on to discover which Doodle matches your personality "pawfectly"!

Irish Doodle: active and outdoorsy

Irish Setters are intelligent, affectionate dogs with keen hunting skills. Combine the Irish Setter's prey drive with the Poodle's energy levels, and you've got one hyper hound on your paws!

Irish Doodles require a lot of exercise — "ruffly" 90 minutes per day. Irish Doodles excel at just about any canine sport and are capable of learning every trick in the dog training manual.

The Irish Doodle might match your personality if you:

  • appreciate challenges that stimulate the mind and body

  • prefer exploring the great outdoors to vegging out on the couch

  • enjoy a variety of athletic activities, like hiking, biking, and swimming

Goldendoodle: friendly and playful

If the Goldendoodle had a motto, it would be, "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet."

These outgoing puppers thrive as service dogs, thanks to the Poodle's eagerness to work and the Golden Retriever's emotional intelligence. They're also super playful and love nothing more than a long walk or play session at the local park.

The Goldendoodle might match your personality if you:

  • love helping people

  • consider yourself creative, playful, or spontaneous

  • befriend people easily and get along well with everyone

Dalmadoodle: loyal and reserved

Dalmatians are known for being fiercely loyal but also a little skittish at times. These gentle giants don't respond well to harsh training methods and need lots of positive reinforcement to overcome their timid nature.

Cross a Dalmatian with a Poodle, and you get an alert, energetic dog who's protective over their family but might scare easily. Dalmadoodles may not like loud noises or busy environments.

The Dalmadoodle might match your personality if you:

  • value loyalty above all else

  • are protective of your friends and family

  • consider yourself a sensitive person who doesn't like confrontation

Saint Berdoodle: mischievous and social

Are you the life of the party, the center of attention at every event? Would your friends describe you as a wildcard, perhaps a little unpredictable? Sounds like your Doodle match is the Saint Berdoodle.

Most Doodles are highly trainable and eager to please their humans. The same can be said for Saint Berdoodles, but these inquisitive dogs also have a mind of their own. They're affectionate and playful, but if left to their own devices, they just might get into a little trouble to get their humans' attention.

The Saint Berdoodle might match your personality if you:

  • identify as an extrovert

  • crave attention and affection from your friends and family

  • feel best when you're surrounded by the people you love

Shih-Poo: relaxed and charming

If you're up for an adventure as long as you get to chill out and laze around after, the Shih-Poo is the Doodle for you.

Because Poodles are so active, most Doodles need a lot of exercise. But not the Shih-Poo — they're always down for a nap. The Shih Tzu was bred to be a lap dog, so it's no surprise that Shih-Poos love lounging around. Still, Shih-Poos and Shih-Tzus alike appreciate short walks and play sessions with their humans.

The Shih-Poo might match your personality if you:

  • never say no to a good nap

  • are always happy to go with the flow

  • like spending time with your friends but need some alone time after to recharge

Which Doodle matches your personality?

Every mixed breed is a mixed bag of personality traits. And with dozens of Doodle breeds out there, the "pawssibilities" are endless.

So which Doodle best matches your personality? Share your thoughts with us on social media. Hit us up on Facebook, tag us on Instagram, or mention us on Twitter. We can't wait to see your results!

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