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Dog Areas in Mentone

2 Trails
2 Shops
2 Eateries

Mentone is a small, census-designated place in California located in San Bernardino County, just east of San Bernardino city. Apart from clean streets and the beautiful, sunny weather that's characteristic of California, this tiny town doesn't have much to offer pet owners. Fur-tunately, dog-friendly fun isn't far away! Redlands, Loma Linda, and San Bernardino are home to plenty of parks, cafes, and local businesses that are happy to welcome you and your leashed buddy on your adventure. There are about 5 veterinary clinics in the vicinity, including one in Redlands's downtown.

East Mentone is perfect for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts! Put your buddy on the leash and prepare to walk a lot. Ridge Trail is a beautiful hike with scenic viewpoints, calming surroundings, and lush nature set aside from the town’s hustle and bustle. This is a very popular pet-friendly hike in the area, as is Crafton Hills Trail. This hike is a wonderful extension of Crafton Hills Park, located at the Mentone-Yucaipa border.

Aurantia Park in East Highlands is another furrific public park with an area that's gone to the dogs! The on-site dog park is fenced and has a walking loop around the perimeter. There are always tons of visitors, especially in the big dog area, so get ready to socialize a lot!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Mentone

  1. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 1,630/sq mi

    #1 Redlands Heights


    Redlands Heights is a neighborhood in South Redlands featuring residential quarters and a place of interest for lovers of the great outdoors. Ford Park is a beautiful, family-friendly facility with a charming duck pond and a dog park. The doggy spot is located in the northwest corner of the main area. Redlands Dog Park is something! The roomy terrain includes two sections for large and small breeds and features benches and paved walking trails. This is the pawfect place to let your buddy off-leash to play with other tail-waggers. There are benches and trees, but the water fountains may be out of order, so be sure to bring some.

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  2. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 694/sq mi

    #2 Bryn Mawr


    Bryn Mawr is an eastern neighborhood of Loma Linda in California which once belonged to Redlands. Today, it's a small and friendly community with residential quarters, several public parks, and an amazing pooch place! Loma Linda Dog Park is a fenced, pet-friendly facility located at the corner of Mountain View and Beaumont avenues, not far from Hulda Crooks Park. This popular local park is extremely busy in the morning when everyone is out to get a little exercise before starting the day. Get ready to join the fun with your furry baby and forget about the leash for a few hours!

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  3. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 207/sq mi

    #3 Moonlight Rim


    Moonlight Rim is a small, sparsely populated area tucked in the northeastern corner of Moreno Valley in California. Well-known as a place of events, local organizations, and churches, Moonlight Rim also features a wonderful, fully equipped dog park. This park is the pawfect place to hang out with the locals and have a blast off-leash! Finding the entrance may be a bit tricky, but once you're inside, you'll find two separate fenced enclosures for small and large pooches. Benches and drinking water fountains are available on both sides, so you can just relax in the shade and let your barking buddy burn some energy and chase some new tails!

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  4. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 753/sq mi

    #4 Oak Valley


    The Oak Valley area is outlined by Oak Valley Highway in Cherry Valley, California. If you're traveling through the area and need to take a pit stop, you can choose between Oak Valley Park and Noble Creek Park. The latter has a furrific off-leash area with a fence, plenty of grass, and two separate sections for large and small furry babies. Have some fun here for a while and end your day with a plate of steamy sausages at the outdoor tables of Domenico’s Italian Kitchen, an atmospheric, modern restaurant with pet-friendly services and welcoming staff! Don't forget to bring some water and waste bags.

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  5. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 3,410/sq mi

    #5 Wildwood Park


    Located in the northern part of San Bernardino, Wildwood Park is a densely populated neighborhood featuring Waterman Canyon and Wildwood Park. The latter is a nice and pet-friendly place you can explore with your leashed dog. The park also has a small off-leash area where your pup can have a blast with the local tail-waggers! The dog park has two separate sections, lots of grass, and a few benches for your comfort, but you'll have to bring your own drinking water. You can grab a bottle on your way to the park in the commercial area at West 40th Street which is home to supermarkets and small local businesses.

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