How to Clean a Dog Grass Pad

5 - 10 Minutes
1 Day


You've decided to let your little dog use the potty in your house or possibly outside on a patio using doggy grass. This is an ideal setup for small dogs in high-rise apartments or even cold weather environments. Doggy grass pads are perfect solutions for dog owners who are not home very often, working long hours, and even for older dogs who can't get around or hold it as long as they used to. But you will need to keep this dog grass pad clean in order to keep your dog using it and to keep him safe and his potty area sanitary.

Dog's Perspective

Think about your dog and how clean his restroom is. He is less likely to go where he should go if the area is not kept clean. If you can keep your dog’s potty grass clean, he will be a happy pup and keep going where he is supposed to go.

Caution & Considerations

  • Clean the dog grass pad at least once a day.
  • Consider removing poop anytime your dog poops on the pad.
  • Enzyme cleaners are available at your local pet store to remove odors.
  • If you have a high-quality grass pad, you shouldn’t smell odors as long as you are keeping the grass pad clean on a regular basis.
  • Many grass pads will require a change of the grass on top of the pad every few months to reach maximum effectiveness and stay fresh.
  • If you are using fresh grass on a tray, consider changing the grass at least every two weeks.
  • Many metropolitan areas offer a doggy grass pad service and can change the grass for you on a regular schedule.
  • If your dog is having accidents elsewhere indoors, your dog grass pad may not be clean enough.
  • Remember your dog may stop using the grass pad if it is not kept clean and free of odors.
  • Your artificial grass pad will have a different smell than a real grass dog pad.
  • Artificial grass will have to be thoroughly washed on a regular basis while real grass will need to be replaced on a regular basis.


If your little pooch needs to potty inside, a grass pad is the way to go. But you'll need to keep it clean and ready for use each day. Keep your little guy healthy and happy with his personal piece of grass for pee and poo. He won't be asking for a fire hydrant if he has a clean patch of grass in your home.

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